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  1. We have had our first dose of vaccine and have an appointment for the second dose. We also continue following all the guidelines. As you say this has been very hard for many to keep to themselves. Between the variants and Easter weekend, things got out of hand. The number of daily cases with many needing intensive care is putting a strain on our medical system. With this new 28 day lockdown, hopefully we can get this under control, Gail
  2. Oh Ellie, Thomas is such a beautiful little one! Good to know he and his parents live close enough that you can visit often, Babies grow and change so quickly... and this way you won't miss all the wonderful changes. Being left on the beach, as you went home for the arrival of your grandson, isn't so bad. It is much nicer than being at home where Wave 3 of this pandemic has put us back in shutdown! Good thing I brought lots of sunscreen🤣 Gail
  3. We have reserved the Med, followed by a TA and a 10 day Caribbean for this fall -- hopefully all will be a go! If not and we have to wait until 2022, will book the same.
  4. Congratulations to the new Mum and Dad as well as you and your DH as grandparents to this new "big" boy! As one of your cruise friends, I am relieved to hear all went well with the birth. There is nothing more precious than a baby ... enjoy Gail
  5. Great decisions made by your authorities. Ontario is not doing nearly as well. Where we live, restaurants are still closed except for take out. DH and I are scheduled for vaccinations this coming week.
  6. Hi Ellie, Hope you don't mind sharing your taxi this morning in Kauai. On one of our visits here, DH and I took a taxi just as you are doing today.When we returned to the port, we walked over to the Marriott Hotel on Kalapaki Beach. The gardens here were well worth the visit.If I remember correctly, the hotel was built around the Botanical Gardens which made for a beautiful setting. Gail
  7. Sorry to hear the BI cruises have been cancelled for this summer. Now I am starting to think our November B2B2B, Med and TA could be cancelled as well. Thank goodness Ellie is taking us along on her virtual cruises. And right now with snow and cold temperatures here, Hawaii is the perfect place to cruise.
  8. Residents 80 and over (and not residing in LTC or retirement homes) will only be able to start making appointments for vaccinations on or after March 15th in most of Ontario. The way our authorities have handled this pandemic so far, I hope they step up and do a better job when setting up the vaccinations.
  9. HI Ellie, I agree the luaus put on are strictly for the tourists and although everything is not truly authentic it is fun and something we should all do at least once. Your pictures are great (even the ones you describe as grainy) and it appears the audience participants were all enjoying themselves. I hope you had a restful night. I will be waiting dockside for our next adventure! Gail
  10. After the long drive to the luau, that walk along the beach was perfect. We received the same beads when we were there several years ago. The beads made their way to our granddaughter's dress up trunk after we arrived home. She always referred to those beads as her hula beads. I am looking forward to the entertainment we will be experiencing and of course the food. I don't recall having poi ...
  11. Hi Ellie, I had to take a bit of a break, had to head home to deal with a few things.And how I have missed my cruising "fix", so glad I made it back before the cruise ends! I managed to catch up today and thank goodness I made it before the luau! Even moving quickly through the battleships I enjoyed your detailed descriptions, photos and the historical background. Sorry to hear your DH was been unwell but relieved to know he is improving plus I am so happy to know you have both been vaccinated. Our deliveries have slowed down in Canada so we are waiting patientl
  12. We have done this cruise and loved it. The scenery is unique, no beaches. I am not a shopper, but I did appreciate the locally made clothing and art.
  13. Good morning Ellie, Listening to the ocean videos, I can almost smell the ocean breezes😉 I will have the Eggs Benedict for breakfast this morning before heading off to theatre for the lecture. I suggested we go to the Cha cha lessons (to work off the breakfast calories), however my DH nixed that!😝. I guess that means several additional laps around the promenade for me. Gail
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