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  1. There is no where in the letter guaranteeing "good health". It asks if the person, in his or her opinion, fit to sail. How would the Dr. be liable and for what offense?
  2. no you won't, the 70's thing will go away once they start cruising
  3. can you please explain this? Our balcony with taxes and port charges were a little over $1000
  4. We only use credit cards for the mileage. Carnival treats B2B as 2 separate cruises. You must clear your account. I didn't have to do anything they used the same card for both cruises.
  5. We are scheduled to cruise 7/13 from Basel, not holding our breath
  6. let them cancel you, you have better options
  7. Ocean liners use the term sail, as in sail away party.
  8. The timing was really unbelievable. We feel bad for the new owners. We closed the transaction 2/1. 28 years at my Colorado restaurant. 50 years in the biz, since college.
  9. no, my sailboat was built in France and flagged by USCG. There are many French and Italian boats in the U.S.
  10. A statement from your brokerage would be fine. Just black out your account number
  11. I would not invest in a company that is not operating with no cash flow. That's my opinion.
  12. Fidelity answers with a real person, excellent customer service
  13. consider this a company that is effectively closed with no income
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