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  1. I did not say cruise, vacation at a resort with no seaweed or cruise ships. Not sure what you are saying, never seen much seaweed
  2. many, many people complain about buying water and think $4.95 for a 12 pack is expensive.
  3. sorry to disappoint, there is no Kokomo in the Florida Keys We did a week land trip in Curacao and had an excellent time, the people are so charming
  4. Of course we did, just messing with you 😀
  5. because I'm not cheap, i like bottled water
  6. However, if you got off the ship without a passport and were questioned by the Gendrmerie, you would be arrested
  7. we always vacation on the Yucatan side, lovely, also think the people are more traveler friendly
  8. fresh oysters packed in ice will stay fresh and closed all week
  9. because a bottle has a cap, even at home we use a water filter and still buy bottles and refill them. I like to have a bottle of water on my night stand and not a glass.
  10. We are not fans of Mexico's west coast. We are divers and the water is cold and Caribbean crystal clear. The weather in L.A. and Cabo can be iffy. We also find Mazatlan pretty dirty.
  11. I'm not sure this is true Sparks, passport scanners do not scan DLs
  12. agreed, some people get one week a year and cruising is surely a great option.
  13. my wife has her margaritas poured in her cold cup, no problem
  14. unless cruising is your only vacation and never plan on leaving the country, you don't "need " a passport. I, personally would not leave U.S. soil without a passport. Kind of the same reason we always buy travel insurance.
  15. did the OP even mention a wheel chair? It is logical to assume though.
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