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  1. I never really cared what happened in this case. Most of the cruise lines will continue with the exact same protocols and procedures. This won't change it. The NCL lawsuit on the other hand is the one to watch for.
  2. Approx. 34 million Americans have had Covid. This is around 10% of the population. If we also assume that a certain percentage of these have/will also get the vaccine, then the "non-vaccinated" that contribute to herd immunity is closer to 5%-8% of the total population. Which means we either need to hit closer to 85%-90% vaccination rates to get a 95% "herd immunity" target, or the virus will keep mutating and infect more and more people until the "non-vaccinated" that contribute to herd immunity is closer to 100-130 million people. Either of those scenarios seems a long way away.
  3. Yeah, I was referring to the CDC bashing that had already started. I hope we keep politics out of it
  4. So we're just going to guarantee this thread gets deleted?
  5. BTW...hospitalizations are up 36% over past 7 days, and deaths are up 26% over 7 days. Not sure why everyone says they aren't. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/covid-data/covidview/index.html
  6. It could change it due to Optics. "Covid cases up 70%...in other news, CDC relaxes mask rules on cruise ships...." yeah, that is not a headline I expect to see.
  7. My guess is they were more waiting for the injunction/appeal than the delta variant. I guess we will see if they update guidance this week or not. Also, hospitalizations and deaths historically tracked weeks behind spikes in positive cases. Seeing a +70% change in 7-day moving average cases is not a great sign. And not a situation that would motivate the CDC to make things less restrictive anywhere, land or sea.
  8. I think the Royal CEO had alluded to this in an interview on the first Freedom sailing, saying that they were expecting new guidance that as long as 70% of the ship was vaccinated, that the vaccinated could go mask-free. This would allow for a situation with more children but still mask-free experiences. Of course, this was before the lawsuit injunction and appeal, and also before the Delta variant picked up speed in the US, so I can see the CDC walking that plan back now, or was at least waiting until the appeal was decided. Now that we are past July 18th, it is possible we can ex
  9. Unfortunately, the last few times I was on a ship with a Freestyle machine they did not have the flavored sparkling waters like the OP is asking for...which is a shame because that is all we drink too! I got the Freestyle drink cup just for the Sparkling Water, had to settle for diet sodas the whole trip. Unless they have updated the choices in the past few years, if anyone knows for sure I'd love to be wrong on this one. Update: I did a quick Google search, and found a video from the Mariner of the seas 2020 (just before Pandemic) and lo and behold, Dasani Sparkling is
  10. Can anyone who is versed in the legal aspects of this comment on how long this court typically takes before taking the case and ruling on preliminary injunctions? My guess is we wont see a peep on this for 2-3 months, right?
  11. Why is a company trying to run their business as they see fit an experiment and/or reinvent the wheel? Everyone here gets so judgmental. Whether their lawsuit has merit or not is irrelevant (and up to courts to decide) but so many people jump straight to condemn (or exalt) for their choice.
  12. Your opinions are no more based on facts than anyone else. Just because you want to ignore it doesn't change the fact that Royal is requiring vaccines outside of FL. Case in point: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center/getting-ready-to-cruise?dPort=galveston Claiming that your opinions are based in the "real world" and other' people "have no idea" is not accurate.
  13. I'm surprised it's that low. This will be #18... Just give it time.🤣
  14. You seem to have a lot strong opinions here, but don't seem willing to allow others to have contrary opinions. NCL believes it is doing the best for their business. If they were to prevail (and I'm not saying they will) shareholders might celebrate the fact that they can sail at higher occupancies. With a fully vaccinated cruise they could be sailing at 100% capacity while Royal is still at 30% to 50% There is no requirement for vaccines out of Texas yet all the cruise lines are doing it anyway. They could have chosen to go the test cruise route just like in Florida but they did
  15. I won't offer a legal prediction one way or the other, but this lawsuit is very different from the other one. While the state may point to other lines as examples that cruising can be done safely without requiring vaccines, the fact that every cruise line IS requiring vaccines outside of FL waters that argument down. If Royal thought that sailing without a vaccine requirement at all was the safest option, they wouldn't be required in TX. Will be very interested to follow, not only to see what happens, but if an injunction is granted, I wonder if Royal and other lines begin to requi
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