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  1. We, too, are waiting on a $300 refund to a Celebrity Bank of America Visa that is closed. How did you find out about the refund to the closed card? Since we no longer have online access to that closed account, I am calling the bank every day or two to find out if there is a credit balance. Is that how you discovered your credit posted or were you notified another way? And now that your credit posted, have you been able to reach out to BofA for them to issue you a check?
  2. Our TA OBC has never been available for booking pre-cruise, but perhaps it is TA specific. In our experience, however, the excursions are priced higher once onboard, not even accounting for any sales Celebrity may be having. We recently compared our prepurchased excursion prices (no sale) with the brochure once we boarded and found the excursions anywhere from 5-15% more once onboard. Of course, this may be cruise specific and YMMV.
  3. Ok, thanks. Two of my refunds are on canceled credit cards at two different banks, and both banks have told me that the refund WILL go to the cards and I will have to call the bank to tell them what I want done with the credits. The problem is I no longer have any online access to these closed accounts so it means a phone call to the banks periodically to ask if the refund has been received. Funny though, both banks told me, “call the cruiseline and ask them what day they are processing your refund...”
  4. Yes, it is common in the industry. As for booking your excursions now and then canceling onboard to repurchase with OBC, I have found that to be a risk. I was once told when I got onboard that there was a waiting list for that particular excursion and I would move to the bottom of the list. Have you confirmed that your TA OBC is “refundable?” I know it would be a long wait to get your refund, but you could use the refund after the cruise to pay yourself back for the prepurchased excursions.
  5. This is interesting. Still waiting for refund for 4/11 Summit cruise. I still see the cruise listed in my Past Cruises. For those who have received their refunds (or FCC’s) and have been made whole, have you found that your canceled cruise drops off this list? If so, it might be a way I can check that and then know my refund is forthcoming.
  6. Thank you! That's great you received your check. I think you said that you contacted Princess Customer Care after Bottom Line said they hadn't received it? Do you think your communication with Princess through email moved things along? Were they able to tell you that your check was being sent through to Bottom Line? I have an email of customerrelations@princess.com. Is that what you used once you communicated with them? Sorry about all the questions. Like so many others, I'm juggling many balls in the air trying to get refunds from both Princess and Celebrity.
  7. We have now waited over 90 days for our OBC refund from the Grand, disembarking on 2/21/20. Would you be able to share the phone number you used for Bottom Line to determine if they have received anything to process for us from Princess? I figure I can start with them to see if our refund is there, and if not, continue on to communicating with Princess. Thank you.
  8. Please double check your invoices a week or two after you make the move with a NRD. When we first made the move about a week ago, the invoice came through with the price and perks protected. All looked good. Then, when checking today, I noticed my total price had gone up $200. A quick call to my TA and it was discovered Celebrity had gone into the booking and assessed the penalty fee about 5 days after the change was made. Celebrity was not able to remove the fee, but manually gave me a $200 credit to offset it. I'm back to the correct price. I'm sure I'm not the only booking with a NRD that got assessed the fee in error.
  9. Yes, exactly. I just noticed it from the Balance Due amount going up.
  10. Just a heads up, if you recently moved a cruise with a non-refundable deposit under Lift and Shift, check your invoice. We moved such a cruise a week ago (Nov. '20 to Nov. '21), booked through a TA. No problem. The invoice came through and looked perfect. Price stayed the same and all perks were there. Fast forward to a week later, today, and while looking at my invoice in my TA account online, surprise! The total amount is now $200 more. The TA can see in his system that someone from Celebrity "touched" the booking about 5 days after the change and applied the Change Fee of $100 per person as it was a non-refundable deposit. It got straightened out and Celebrity said they couldn't actually remove the fee but gave me a credit of the $200. I'm sure I am not the only one that this happened to, so please check your invoice again a week or so after you make the change, especially if you have a non-refundable deposit. Better to get it fixed now than a year from now.
  11. Our move from a 2021 cruise to 2022 involved same ship, same number of days, and GENERALLY same itinerary (Caribbean). Our new 2022 cruise is Southern (ABC’s) while the original cruise was Eastern. Good for us as our cancelled cruise last month was ABC’s and this will give us a chance to make it up.
  12. Yes, I think you are correct when cards are canceled and reissued with a new account number. in my case, the cards were just canceled and the other cards we currently have with the same banks are not in anyway linked to the canceled cards. I have my doubts that my refunds will find their way to another open card account that is no way linked to the closed card.
  13. Your explanation makes the most sense. Since the canceled cards are not in any way linked to any open cards, I have my doubts my refunds will take that path. Also, a good reminder about losing points on a credit card when a refund processes.
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