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  1. Anita, sounds like you and DH had a really good time. Next time will be even better because you won’t be so stressed beforehand! Sharon
  2. Margaret, I am so sorry to hear about your good friend’s passing. He was so young! We too have a close group with whom we have been friends for many , many years. We are always thankful for each get together and as we get older we realize how precious that time is. Love the dress! Sharon
  3. Hi Lois, I think you made a great choice for your celebration trip. Combining an ocean cruise with a river cruise and a land trip-awesome! Will look forward to reading all about it when you return. In the meantime, you will have fun planning. Hope that makes November and December pass quickly. Sharon
  4. Bon Voyage! Safe Travels! Have a fantastic time! Guess that should cover it all. Sharon
  5. Anita, last May when we did the Norwegian Fjords Cruise, our DS and DIL, who love really good coffee, brought their traveling bean grinder and pour over cone. They also bought an inexpensive carafe(left this they left behind at the end of the cruise) and each morning we had fresh brewed, really good coffee. Of course we got a lot of strange looks in the buffet at breakfast! Sally, I hope you feel better soon. Glad that it’s a mild case. Sharon
  6. News reports on the California fires say that the winds that are complicating the fire fighting are the result of the snow and cold that they are experiencing where Melody lives. I’m not sure just how that can be but I’m not a meteorologist so have no idea how that works. I think I’d rather have the snow and cold than the fires and in so many cases the lack of electrical power. We don’t live anywhere near the fires but we are getting the smoke and hazardous air quality so inside activities only here also! I too have been meaning to go thru’ nail polish so will add that to my list of things to do. Worked on one side of our walk in linen closet yesterday. I, like some of you, need to really par down all the accumulation. Already did my closet, the Christmas decorations, some decorative things but have a lot more to go. For me, it would be easier to let go if we were moving but we aren’t so it easier to just put things back. That’s the part I need to work on. Sharon
  7. No need to apologize. I did see that you said “non stop” in your first post and then “direct” in a post further down. So just wanted to clarify. Have a good flight, whichever you choose.
  8. Just a reminder-a direct flight is not the same as a non stop flight.
  9. Wow Melody, that is quite a story! Good that you stood to your ground and didn’t let the rental car company take advantage. It looks like a fun car to explore the island in but I guess not! No snow for Halloween here-just temps in the 80’s-ugh-not fall at all! However, I’m not sure I’d want to shovel the walkway for the tricker treaters. Sharon
  10. Wondering if Norwegian is part of an alliance?
  11. I should add that we booked our cruise 2 weeks before hand and the Nutshell was not offered thru the cruise line or perhaps it was fully booked. Of course, meals were additional. We completed the tour with a little extra time so we enjoyed the brewery right there by the port before returning to the ship.
  12. Norris, I just binge-read your great review! I really enjoyed your amazingly good pictures because they brought back so many happy memories. We did the Norwegian Fjords on HAL last May. It was a family cruise (all adults) and we did visit some different ports. However, Flam and Stavanger were on our itinerary. We also did Norway In A Nutshell but on our own. It took pre planning and pre purchased tickets but worked out well for us. Then in Stavanger, DH and I did the Fjords Cruise, again on our own, buying tickets as we boarded the boat. Our children wanted to do the Pulpit Rock hike and opted to book thru the cruise line. (timing is everything with this kind of excursion) They loved every minute of it and took some amazing pictures. I mention this for those who are planning a Fjords cruise and are exploring possible port activities. So, thanks so much for taking us along-I’m enjoying every post! Sharon
  13. Hi Lois, well it sounds like you have this retirement thing well under control and have lots to look forward to. Sharon
  14. I’m excited for you, Lois! Which TA crossing are you planning? Lots of choices for January. Is that a good time to cruise in Asia or Australia/NZ? Lots of fun planning and it will make the next 2 months go quickly. You are so right, not having to think about returning to work while you are on a vacation is just the best feeling! Sharon
  15. Congratulations Lois! You did it👏. I bet you are feeling relieved. Just think of all the travel opportunities you will be able to take advantage of! Sharon
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