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  1. Good Morning Everyone, well, the start of another week and no end in sight! Hope everyone is well. Lois and Sally, hope the storm doesn’t cause either of you any problems. Haven’t heard the weather report yet this morning so not too sure of its current status. Kat, wow you are well equipped with camping gear-even the fun extras. Hope you find am alternate site but if not, just more time to anticipate and plan. Debbie, we are in the same situation here as we are also on “the list” and no matter how hard I try, I can’t really make much sense out of all the statistics, graphs and tables. Our county is not doing a very good job updating all their info so I have no idea how we are really doing, when we might get of that list and when I can get a hair cut! I have an appointment coming up but I haven’t heard yet if it will be cancelled or if all will be outside. Lois and Cynthia, I hope your shopping quest is a big success. Cynthia, it sounds like your bedroom tv and ours are of the same era! I know that ours is probably almost an antique! We don’t use it much, however. Lois, bed shopping is complicated especially with all the choices. Almost need a 30 night free trial! Maybe they offer that now? Anita, how are the mom and son cooking classes going? You mentioned reading that clothing choices are changing because of the pandemic-more comfy may be the new normal? This morning I was in the closet deciding what to wear and it dawned on me that there are so many summer items that I haven’t worn st all this year. I seem to pass them up because they just don’t seem right now that I’m not going anywhere. I also have figured out which items need to move on to someone else’s closet. Melody, hope you get your results soon, waiting is the worst! redbird, glad you were able to order the jacket and top. Looks like a nice outfit. Alador, best wishes on your new home. I seem to recall that you lived up north at the time of our river cruise. So this move means you have left the colder winters behind? Actually put make up on today, we are doing a family Zoom get together this morning. As nice as this is, I just want to once again gather in person...... Hope everyone has a good week. Sharon
  2. OMG, Kat-I had no idea about the treatment of the athletes. I don’t have HBO so, unfortunately, I can’t watch. It seems especially sad to me because these are young people who have dedicated their lives to something they loved and yet it cost some their lives while others are living with devastating affects of their experiences. I am so very sorry that you also suffered the profound affects of loosing friends that you treasured. Like Lois, I’m sending virtual hugs and of course you know that we are all here for you. Now about grocery shopping yet nothing for dinner. I can’t even count the number of times that has happened here. I just shake my head and say “ how does this happen”? Glad that you are back among us and I’m wishing you much better days ahead. Today I actually put on make up! Can’t help but think about those days when make up was a daily thing and wonder if it ever will be again? Sharon
  3. Anita and Lois, wondering if this new storm with a name I can’t pronounce, is likely to affect either of you. Hoping it will die down or turn out to sea. The Mac and Cheese Sounds yummy But, like Lois, I would pass on the additional spice. I too like well flavored food but not hot-spicy. Also thought Cruisemom’s dinner plan sounds good. The ciabatta with wine would be great-I do have wine but, sadly, no ciabatta. Dinner over hear is a pasta dish with sauce, meat and lots of different vegetables. It just needs to be reheated as it was in the freezer. Will do a spring mix green salad and raspberries for dessert. It’s 102 here today so trying to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen. Lois, hoping you find the perfect bed-there are so many different choices out there. I’m wondering what Kat has been up to. She hasn’t posted in a few days. Hope all is ok with her-she is missed for sure! OOTD more of the same ole, same ole and no make up. Sharon
  4. I’m with you Sally. That is by far the worst part of this pandemic. Then there is the not knowing when it will be safe to be together again. Sharon
  5. Good Morning Girls, hope everyone is doing ok. CK, belated thanks so much for the virtual hug-Those always help! Have had a lot to take care of the last few days and that seems to help out. Also long walks weather permitting. I hope your mom is doing ok. It sounds like she is a bit of a challenge For you when it comes to staying safe. Melody, I hope you scan shows only the best possible result. Cute outfit! Do you have a Chico’s OTR near you or do you shop on line! Our closest one is almost 3 hours away in a huge outlet mall. OOTD-not sure yet. Going to do some cleaning before I decide. No make up most likely.. Yesterday I did put on full make up (seemed kinds strange) because we had a Zoom business meeting and I didn’t want to scare anyone! Sharon
  6. Kat, hopefully there will be another unemployment supplement soon. Isn’t there one under discussion? May not be as much as this time around but maybe enough that you won’t need to dip into your 401k and those who don’t have assets to fall back will still be able to manage. OOTD same ole and once again no make up😊. Sharon
  7. Hi All. All the yummy food talk is making me hungry! CA allows cocktails to-go as long as you also order food. We have a rather new cocktails lounge downtown and ordered from them. The cocktails were already mixed and in Mason jars along with a bag of ice. They offer curbside service and the cocktails must (by state law) be put into the trunk since the jars aren’t sealed. We added the ice at home. It was a nice change from our usual wine. They offer food that pairs well with the cocktails and we ordered a basic charcuterie plate. Yes, CA numbers aren’t good and yet tonight there is a big outdoor religious rally complete with a live band. They are going to pray for a variety of people and causes but the news report showed most without masks or distancing. The organizers are offering masks but will aren’t requiring them. It’s a huge group and apparently these rallies last at least 2 hours. They are praying for the doctors, nurses and first responders which seems ironic since this rally will most likely cause another spike in our numbers and our hospitals and medical personnel are already overwhelmed! So many inconsistencies in what is being done to get the virus under control. OK-rant over! OOTD-older, favorite Talbots tee and 32 Degrees Cool ankle pants, also a favorite
  8. Welcome Sherri-don’t be a stranger-feel free to chime in whenever the mood strikes you! Sharon
  9. Thanks so much, Melody and Sally. Today was much better. Probably because we went for a long walk early this morning. Getting out always seems to help. Sally, you are so right-who would have guessed that this would go on for soooooo long! On March 13 our DS and DIL dropped us off at MSP for our flight home. He said “well, I don’t know when we will see other again” ( we usually see him once a month). I said, “this will probably be over by this summer”. Boy was I wrong! I think that one bright spot in all of this is just knowing that we are all going thru the same thing. Sharon
  10. Good Morning Everyone, thanks for the virtual hug, Lois. It “felt” good! Kat, thanks for the reassurance AND thanks for starting this thread! Hopefully today will be better. We got up early and went for a long walk. We drove to a shady, much older neighborhood which I enjoy because there is variety in the architecture- always interesting to look at. We passed a small, local coffee shop and I sooo wanted to get a cup of coffee (we left before making any at home) but there was a line out the door and no distancing to speak of so we passed it by. Kat, I’m surprised that there is an expiration date on the masks. We don’t have that as far as I know. How can they possibly know now what the situation will be a few months from now? Guess it could always be extended. Yes, always masks at our Whole Foods. But masks are required in all our stores. I’ve been to The Trolly Square Whole Foods. We stopped to get a few things and ate dinner there-on our son’s suggestion-he shops there when he’s in Salt Lake. We were driving home from the Midwest in October ‘18 when a snow storm caused us to change our planned route and we ended up on 80. I remember worrying that the snow would hit Park City before we did. But we did make it “down the hill” as you say before that happened. Curisemom, good to know that you have one less thing to worry about now that your parents won’t have to deal with the convention attendees. Lois, I’m amazed you could actually contact someone at your local post office. Hope all goes well with your delivery. Take care all, Sharon
  11. it will be interesting to see how creative stylists will be setting up outside. I think they have a lot of hoops to jump thru not to mention expense on top of what they spent a few weeks ago in order to open up. Then there is the loss of income during the first closure while still paying for ongoing business expenses. It’s a mess. I didn’t know there are Waffle House locations that far west. I think of it as a southern chain. We are closer to the Bay Area than LA so maybe a trip thru CO?
  12. Cute outfit, Melody. Sorry to hear about your additional medical issues. Good thoughts coming your way. Lois, happy to hear about the cancellation. That will be good for your city and so many others since people would have travelled from all over. I bet you are breathing a sigh of relief. Kat, cooler weather is always welcome-send some our way, please! How is your eye doing? Hope the floaters are clearing up. BTW, I know there is a mask requirement where you are but wondering about Salt Lake? CK. Your mom’s office situation is just unforgivable! Glad your mom is doing ok. I’m guessing that if positive cases weren’t shared among employees, those with the virus may not have isolated or told other contacts, which makes everything that much worse. However, there isn’t much you can do. I don’t know if you can report anonymously. Well, today was not a good day. The months of dealing with this caught up with me I guess. I started out with good intentions but couldn’t get motivated to do much more than some minor jobs. That allowed the guilt to creep in. I feel like I wasted the day. Oh and I napped which means I will be up late tonight. I can’t believe how life has changed since March and not for the better! Hoping for a better day tomorrow. Made a big salad for dinner. Added enough extras to keep DH happy and then fresh strawberries with the coconut whipped cream for dessert. Sharon
  13. Anita, nice job with the ceiling texture! Kat, I have no idea how salons here will manage the water/sink part if they open outside. I imagine that the bucket process would be difficult for some clients to accept. Coloring will be the challenging part because those who just need a cut can go with freshly shampooed hair. My stylist has a separate room as do the 2 other stylists that rent space from him. I felt very safe and believe me, I have been super careful with everything. I also remember the story you linked to about the salon in MO, So we shall see how this turns out. It does put all stylists on the spot because if one chooses not to open or isn’t able to work out the details, he/she risks loosing customers who will turn to stylists that are working outside. My next appointment is in a few weeks so I guess I’ll find out soon how this new normal is working out. OMG! The Waffle House-ate at one when we visited Savannah some years ago. Sooo good! Sharon
  14. Looks like Coldwater Creek msy be going out of business based on the message included with each sale email I have received over the past few days. Another COVID casualty?
  15. Speaking of Covid, we haven’t heard from cruise kitty in awhile. Just hope the virus passed her mom and family by. Time to get going and take care of some stuff around the house. Not dressed up today and again no make up. Sharon
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