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  1. If you only paid for the deposits, you don't have insurance. Insurance doesn't kick in until after final payment date, and that is when you are charged. It was easy before they started the non-refundable deposits. You would get 100% back of what you paid. Back then if you paid in full, including the insurance, before the final payment date, and you canceled, you would even get the insurance amount back. There was nothing to insure before the final payment date.
  2. I don't get the offers through email, but if I check here I can make a bid. It needs to be 30 days before cruise. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/booked/cruise-room-upgrade
  3. What's next no open balconies on the ships????
  4. I'm thinking about going here through Royal Caribbean. I was going to book the stingray excursion, as that is the cheapest one. Can you just do the beach and not the stingrays? Also is there umbrellas or shade? Some of the private islands have very shallow water, how deep is the water? Are there restrooms on the boat that takes you there?
  5. I hope she comes back to Anthem. Clo is my favorite CD since. Leigh and Erky
  6. They had a lawyer less than 24 hours after it happened. How they could even think straight that soon after, I could never understand.
  7. I've sailed on probably 8 - 11 or 12 night sailings on Anthem and they have always been sold out. More so than the 7 night cruises when school is in session during the winter.
  8. Did you go to Warwick? Was the pool heated?
  9. Has anyone ever done the Deluxe Sailing excursion through Royal?
  10. The OBC comes out of the TA's commission. If you take the reservation away from them, they no longer get a commission, so you would lose the OBC>
  11. I find the fridge on Anthem keeps my water and soda very cold.
  12. I had originally booked the Beach Club day pass for $65-$79. On 11/27 all my cruises went down to $50.99. Cancelled and rebooked at the lower price. Some of my dates were $85 last time I looked. Does anyone know how any passes they are selling for each day?
  13. LA Vation is the band for 2/7/20. There is no Anthem cruise that leaves on 2/8.
  14. As far as I know yes. Royal listed them as Phoenix (Las Vegas)
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