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  1. I think if the offer hasn't expired yet, you can still change the cruise.
  2. Yes the Prime that shows an expiration of March 2022, was extended by a year. In normal times that would have expired March 2021. Being they extended the benefit by a year, I don't think they are planning on issuing another free cruise in March 2021, especially if you didn't earn the points 4/1/20-3/31/21.
  3. I was also told when I had called, a few months ago, that there may not be another free cruise for 2021-2022. It was explained to me that it was going to be a short year to earn tiers. The reason why you were able to keep your tier until 2022. I was told that unless you actually earn the points before April 2021, you would not be getting another free cruise, even though you get to keep the tier level. Things can change, and this wasn't anything official that I was told, just a casino reps opinion.
  4. I have 6 cruises before the end of the year out of Bayonne, including 12/7 and 12/27. I'm canceling the 12/7 because it get back too close before Christmas and I don't want to take a chance not seeing my grandsons for Christmas. I'm really hoping for the 12/27. It will be my first NYE and it's a B2B with 1/4/21
  5. I'm guessing the first cruise out of Bayonne will be the scheduled Anthem sailing 11/13/20 when she is due to return to Cape Liberty. Providing there isn't another outbreak. Adventure and Empress only sails to Canada and Bermuda except for one cruise on Adventure in August. Canada is closed and Bermuda just started phase 2 and needs to get to stage 4 before allowing visitors. They won't bring Adventure here for one cruise 8/13. (which I'm supposed to be on). Oasis needs a big crew, that they are still trying to get home. So I don't think they will bring her here for half a season either.
  6. There aren't any, never has been. There were a couple repositioning cruises, but that's it.
  7. I was told by a rep that there may not be a 2nd free cruise April 2021, due to the short sailing year. That's why they were extending the April 2020 offer to 2022. I would guess that they will offer those that actually sail between April 2020 an March 2021 and earn enough points for another yearly cruise would get it, but it wouldn't apply to those that didn't actually earn enough points during the year.
  8. I have sailed in March the last 8 years out of Bayonne. I've see two different extremes - from very warm to freezing cold and everything in between, These are two different sailings on the last day coming back.
  9. I read in my casino group on FB that some have tried, but casino comp/certificate cruises were not eligible.
  10. I just got off the phone, as I received 20CCS102 this afternoon. My first offer. I was also told it was for any cruise to Coco Cay, but apparently Cape Liberty isn't included as any port.
  11. I don't blame them for not sending out flyers. They cost a lot of money to print and mail. The offers can easily be emailed for nothing.
  12. I lost 4 cruises that had instant certificates on. I spent thousands on each of the cruises to earn the certificates. All have been lost. I haven't received any of the new offers either. All my offers are currently expired.
  13. My daughter had the summer offer (20RFO104) with $50 OBC, but the fall offer(20ROB104) didn't have OBC.
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