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  1. They had a lawyer less than 24 hours after it happened. How they could even think straight that soon after, I could never understand.
  2. I've sailed on probably 8 - 11 or 12 night sailings on Anthem and they have always been sold out. More so than the 7 night cruises when school is in session during the winter.
  3. Did you go to Warwick? Was the pool heated?
  4. Has anyone ever done the Deluxe Sailing excursion through Royal?
  5. The OBC comes out of the TA's commission. If you take the reservation away from them, they no longer get a commission, so you would lose the OBC>
  6. I find the fridge on Anthem keeps my water and soda very cold.
  7. I had originally booked the Beach Club day pass for $65-$79. On 11/27 all my cruises went down to $50.99. Cancelled and rebooked at the lower price. Some of my dates were $85 last time I looked. Does anyone know how any passes they are selling for each day?
  8. LA Vation is the band for 2/7/20. There is no Anthem cruise that leaves on 2/8.
  9. As far as I know yes. Royal listed them as Phoenix (Las Vegas)
  10. I saw somewhere on FB that Mercedes, whoever that is, is replacing Mitch.
  11. Sorry I have to disagree with that one. I have requested songs from tribute bands and the house band, and if they knew it it would be played. From the FB page. ROOKIE’S NEW SHOW ROOKIE·THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2019· Rookie is excited to unveil their new show, The History of Rock and Roll! Catch it on select ships. Message for details! Don’t miss this high-octane ride through the greatest rock and roll hits of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s!
  12. Love Led Zeppelin. I had asked for a Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd song. Mikael said he couldn't do Zeppelin because his voice was iffy. He did do a great Pink Floyd song, that they performed for the first time on the 12/8 cruise.
  13. Not RCI's fault. If you go to their FB page. They advertise the show that they do. There are hundreds of songs from the 60's - 80's that they could have done different shows every night.
  14. Sorry, I only know the dates that I'm sailing on.
  15. I wish Anthem had two tribute bands.
  16. The free Prime cruise probably won't be listed in your offers until mid April. I think it was the 3rd week of April this past year.
  17. What I didn't like about Rookie, is they did the exact same shows, including the same moves all three nights. What I love about Led Zepagain, my favorite tribute band, is they do different shows each night.
  18. I've had some where the price didn't go up or actually went down a little. I book all my cruises when they are first released, so most of mine have gone up. If I get a free balcony certificate, I sometimes luck out and it's on a cruise I already have booked in a balcony. Most of the time I just use the $1000 off. There have been cases where the $1000 off turns out to be only a couple hundred off because of price increases, but still better than letting the certificate go to waste.
  19. Yes the cruise will be repriced, and you will lose any promotional OBC that's no longer being offered.
  20. The ones I know of are: Wanted (Bon Jovi) 1/27/20 LA Vation (U2) 2/7/20 Rookie (Cover Band) March 1, 2020 Slippery When Wet (Bon Jovi) March 8, 2020 Phoenix (Cover Band) March 29, 2020 DSB April 5, 2020 Royal Swedes is the house rock/dance band and will be on until April. They are excellent.
  21. Rookie was very good, but they aren't a true tribute band. They are a cover band that plays all different groups, not one group like a tribute band.
  22. Emails have already gone out for those sailing on January 5th.
  23. It was told to my friend by the concierge.
  24. If you just got Prime, your free cruise will be after April 2020.
  25. I’ll also be getting my Pinnacle on 1/27 Anthem. I’m on Anthem now and heard for all the January cruises will be the same.
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