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  1. due to the incredible bad handling of Royal Caribbean of the Corona virus situation in Asia and canceled cruises I am stuck with Future Cruise Certificates for Royal Caribbean. is it possible to use an RC FCC to book an Azamara Club cruise?
  2. are you kidding me? financial loss? Royal Caribbean shared were on alltime high in December and have only slightly lost since. shareprice today is about the same as early December before the Corona thing
  3. I did south america a couple years ago with Holland America and went on a HAL shore excursion to see Pengiuns on Falkland. and in Punta Arenas Chile I did a shore excursion with soloexpediciones.com to Magdalena island. there were a lot of penguins (make sure it's not the last cruise of the season; in March they had plenty of penguins in April they have mostly migrated north). back in 2014 HAL used the same company to offer their own shore excursion in the morning for the price X. in the aftenoon the company ran their independent tour for half the price (you had to take a taxi to their office in punta arenas; but even with just one person in the taxi the excursionwas way cheaper then HAL's)
  4. thanks for the info (indeed, I thought it would be odd if the door opens directly into the casino)
  5. on the Cunard floorplan it looks like the KC staerooms (Solo ocenview) are directly next to the casino - the door opens staight into the casino floor. No walls or divider inbetween. is that really the case? I didnt finy any pictures of this online.
  6. thank you all for these details, very helpful.👍
  7. hi, I am looking for any recommendation to see the Northern Lights during a cruise (can be anywhere; Norweg, Island, Alaska, ...) at which route or itinerary do I have the best change to see those beautiful lights?
  8. hi, I will be one Maré and Lifou in April and I am having a hard time finding any tour operators online. not even taxi companies with a homepage seem to exist. can anyone help me out with some info or contacts?
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