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  1. Just looked at some pictures of the waterfalls, they look amazing. I hope you can visit all of them.
  2. That's pretty gross, probably worse than the bare feet on the furniture that Sid is encountering on the Encore. As a big guy, I can still find clothes to cover my stomach. My problem has never been keeping my stomach out of the food, it's keeping the food out of my stomach.
  3. Between the feet on the Encore and Greg's harrowing encounter with a man's stomach getting far too close to the Mongolian Wok on the Magic, I'm surprised we're not seeing ALL drink pictures on both reviews. It does seem like there would be plenty of fodder for a "people of cruise ships" site A couple personal notes: my wife and I were already discussing the timing for a pre-cruise pedicure - so our feet are presentable (they still don't go on furniture bare) and, as a big guy, I've never had trouble keeping my stomach out of the food (see St. Greg's review) only keeping the food out of my stomach. 🤣
  4. I'm glad you managed not to knock yourself out. The ship looks amazing , thanks for the review. I'm trying to give you and Greg equal time, but I don't think I'm reading much else on CC this week 🤣 P.S. I really can't fathom the bare feet and sleeping in the OL. Maybe someone could take pics every sailing and post them, sort of public shaming for truly gross behavior.
  5. Maybe that is the Crème Fraiche? Have fun in Nassau, I'm finally caught up with your review, time to go find Sid's.
  6. I'm sure that you are right, but Carnival could limit the 50% off to one bottle for the table or for each person, if they wanted to. If they don't limit it, people might as well take advantage, and most places where I have sold wine would still be making some money on most bottles even at 50% off the normal retail price.
  7. Jenn has been a CD for a relatively long time, she was the CD on our first cruise in 2011. You'd think that even if she is new to that particular ship, she should have a good grip on the job duties. I'm glad to hear that Grand Turk is rebounding from the damage, we really enjoyed our visit and would love to go back.
  8. If you get 20 drinks out of a liter bottle, which is a reasonable shot, you're coming out ahead of what you'd pay at the bars. And if, for example, your wife might have told you that rum and pepsi sounds horrible and you need to bring some Coca-Cola on your next cruise, you might as well just mix a few in the cabin anyway.
  9. It will vary from ship to ship, but you should be able to see it on the deck plans.
  10. I would expect that their contract with Coke runs through the end of the year and that Carnival will stock Coke products until 12/31/2019. My question would be what happens on cruises that run over the New Years holiday. Will those cruises start with Coke and switch over mid cruise?
  11. Although I prefer Coke to Pepsi, we don't drink very much soda, I did not think that this was a big deal. I mentioned it to my wife and she was pretty upset. She does not want to drink rum and Pepsi. I told her that we could carry on Coke, so I guess we will.
  12. I'm sure a lot of folks that were posting yesterday will be hoping that the Pepsi stays in jail!
  13. Great review, that stateroom looks amazing!! I'm looking forward to the rest.
  14. John Heald confirmed that there are issues with the website a few minutes ago.
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