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  1. On at least one of the Cruise Elegant nights there is usually an opportunity to meet the Captain somewhere on the ship for a photo and a quick word.
  2. I'm so sorry. We've had fog issues 2x in Tampa and that is no fun. I hope that you are able to enjoy your cruise.
  3. We felt that Glacier Bay was the highlight of our cruise, a 7 night round-trip from Seattle, on Holland America. I don't think the Carnival ships have permits to go there. HAL will give you 1-star status because you are a past cruiser with another line in the Carnival family. In addition, a weekend departure made more sense for us. We love Carnival and are headed to the Western Caribbean this weekend, but Alaska might be a destination where you might want to look at other options. If we can go again, I might look at a Vancouver departure, since a Seattle departure requires a stop in Canada to fulfill requirements and ours was so short that you really could not do much.
  4. I just remembered that I booked with a 10% off code, maybe that factored in to the decision too. Regardless, best of luck to others in their price-match efforts!!
  5. The response I received was from Scott too. I’m not going to re-submit. I’d hate to ruin this for everyone else by trying to get $22 OBC and making Scott mad. 🤣
  6. Thank you for your review and the beautiful pictures.
  7. We've climbed one of the temples at Uxmal a couple times, but this looks a little higher (plus if your guide at Uxmal takes you in from the side you can start half-way up). We're really looking forward to this excursion, it's one of the primary reasons that we booked this trip.
  8. I thought so, I was already happy with my purchase - given the duration and distance from the port of the excursion, I wanted to use a shop's tour anyway, I just figure it was worth a few minutes of my time to see if I would qualify for the credit.
  9. I tried to price match for this one, but was denied. I still think it was worth a try, but thought I'd share.
  10. We use a small rolling suitcase as our carry on, and can fit a 12 pack in there. It really make embarkation easier! We check most of our bags with the porters, so just having the one to keep up with has really made our embarkation days less stressful.
  11. I got room decorations and a cake a few years ago, and they were already in place when we boarded. I am also embarking a cruise on my birthday this year and ran in to the same issue. I was planning on bringing up the dilemma to John Heald, if we were embarking on one of my family member's birthdays, I would definitely like Carnival to know and, as programming changes go, that should not be too major. I'm sure that of you mention the birthday to the wait staff, they will come up with something fun, but if you let John Heald know, I bet he'll supply something fun for your son.
  12. There should be plenty to do in Boston, even if you don't take an excursion from the ship. It's a major city with plenty of historical significance. You might look at some popular travel sites for ideas.
  13. Looking forward to your review! We will be sailing on the Legend in a couple weeks.
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