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  1. It would be helpful if you listed your ports. I have taken both a wheelchair and my scooter on many excursions in the Med. I always research the ports before I book. Most ships won’t allow you ashore if it is a tender port. Many ports are not allowing cruise passengers ashore unless they have booked a ships excursion. As long as you can manage the coach steps 5he scooter will fit in the coach boot. some Greek islands are not disabled friendly at all.
  2. I have a small scooter similar to a Pride GoGo. The one I currently have I bought about a year ago. What suits one person is not necessarily matching the needs of another. My current one has suspension, which makes it a much smoother ride than my previous one. you need to see if the length is ok and if the seat is comfortable an£ large enough. Is the battery capacity suitable for your needs. there are quite a few things to consider, so I’d suggest you go to a mobility supplier and try out various models to decide which suits you.
  3. There’s mobility at sea, but I’m sure there are other mobility companies if you Google.
  4. The bus from the airport is accessible and operates about every 20 minutes and costs €8. No need for an overpriced transfer.we were the only 2 passengers on the bus.
  5. The quarantine hasn’t yet been confirmed, but as Spain also announced a 14 day quarantine yesterday, it probably will be. Spain’s quarantine will last for the length of their State of Alarm which is reviewed every two weeks. I think all EU countries will follow suit, although some already have it in place.
  6. I agree with JB that in theory the law states they must refund. However, many companies will make you jump through hoops to get the money.
  7. Yes, there are normally loads of taxis in Barcelona. There is a fixed rate. It’s around €32 I can’t remember exactly.
  8. Yes, the vaporetti are very accessible and the people who work on them were all extremely helpful and ask other passengers to move so you can fit in the wheelchair area. In fact, we found all the locals very willing to assist. i had taken my small mobility scooter . My partner dismantled it a few times and took it across a couple of bridges bit by bit, but quite a few times young men would help him to carry it across. I can walk short distances so managed to walk across the bridges. We’d both been to Venice before and in those days I didn’t have mobility issues. we were there last year for 3 days at the beginning of June. Even then it was very busy with tourists. Just have to wait and see what happens once there is international travel again.
  9. I wouldn’t buy one with a point at the bottom as you wouldn’t be able to use it in most places with wooden floors, which will include many palaces etc throughout Europe. Where are you going? Many museums lend them free of charge. Just look on the relevant website.
  10. Yes, there are a couple of hotels in the Piazzale Roma which are accessible. The airport bus also goes straight there. The accessible Venice website is from the Venice local authority. You can travel all over Venice on the vaporetti for €1.50 which is for a journey up to 90 minutes, plus your companion travels free. The people mover is accessible and goes directly to the cruise port. The museums offer free entrance for disabled visitors and their companion, but you need to show proof of disability. Very few of the bridges are accessible and you will need to plan your journey in advance. Venice is certainly a challenge for anybody with a disability, but it can be done.
  11. Ha, ha my partner agrees that drinking vodka keeps the virus at bay. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be very effective in Russia at the moment. The less said about the orange devil, the better.
  12. I think the one I meant is called the Prins Willem Alexander.
  13. There are always loads of taxis at Barcelona airport and there is a fixed fare. Alternatively, you can take the regular Aerobus which is around €11 return.
  14. Well, tbh I can’t see European borders opening for a long time. The lockdowns are being more lenient, but social distancing is going to be with us for a long time. Countries will start opening up, but for the time being it will only be for the national population. I don’t think tourists will be coming to Europe until 2021.
  15. We did a HOHO bus tour and had a very good official Blue Badge guide. Although she tried to keep her commentary neutral you could tell where her sympathies laid. Nevertheless, it was a good tour. we spent well over 3 hours in the Titanic museum and could have been there longer. We had 3 days in Belfast about 18 months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. There is plenty to see and do.
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