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  1. Another vote for Alla, but I think all of the well-known companies would do as good a job. Link to my detailed Baltic cruise review is my signature line, and this has details of our Alla tour in St. Petersburg (and Moscow), if you are interested. The Baltic has been our favourite cruise itinerary so far. Enjoy!
  2. The water is glassy smooth -- looks like a lake, but this is a memorable sunset sailing the Inside Passage to Alaska on the Solstice, May of 2015.
  3. Thanks for this advice; it is much appreciated.
  4. Thanks so much for that -- I am happy to be wrong about the surcharge. This sounds like it would be the best option for us. I may check on my roll call and see if anyone is interested in sharing. Would you recommend trying to set up the taxi tour in advance, or would we be likely to find drivers waiting at about 8:30 on a Saturday morning in May?
  5. I am also arriving on the Summit in May and am interested in this topic. Does anyone know if the blue flag taxi tour rate would be higher on a Saturday? I have heard that regular taxi rates could be 50% higher on Saturdays than week days. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to put together this very interesting and useful review. I am loving the photos, especially those gorgeous evening shots of the ship and the sunset.
  7. Thank you Norris and Carol for dropping in on the Celebrity boards and providing us with this wonderful travelogue. Amazing photos as always. I am showing them to DH who has thus far been reluctant to consider Norway. I love your sense of humour and this has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen on Cruise Critic. Stopped me in my tracks and had me laughing out loud. Safe travels to you on your future cruises. Flam (pronounced Flom. The J is silent and invisible)
  8. Well, we followed you to the Baltic and now I am thinking we have to follow in your footsteps again for South America. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to post all of your fantastic photos and insider tips. Notes are being taken!
  9. Thanks for this excellent review. I am so sad that the forward outdoor deck area is no longer available for the common folk. Not sure how much of a difference it will make to my overall experience, but I did not know about this when booking a Bermuda cruise for next May, so I am disappointed. Thanks for taking time to post all the great photos; following and looking forward to more.
  10. afto


    I don't drink Dubonnet much any more but I have always found it hit or miss as to whether you can find it any of the bars on board. The last time I ordered it on Celebrity (3 years ago?) it tasted so vile I thought that the the waiter had brought the wrong drink; he brought me the bottle to show me. In any case, I couldn't drink it and I put that down to the bottle going "stale" since it wasn't a popular beverage and had been sitting around too long. Maybe I am wrong about that; I don't know enough about this to say for sure. I don't order it any more.
  11. When we were on the Constellation in May it was almost impossible to get a drink in the Ocean View, even if it was not very busy, unless we tried physically approaching a waiter. Waving was not successful; we seemed to be invisible. Even after approaching a waiter it was sometimes a problem. We ate one whole meal (including salad and dessert) while waiting for the drinks to arrive that we had managed to order when we sat down. The waiter never reappeared. We had to go to the bar and ask the bartender to find out where our original waiter was; could not leave because he still had our cards. Ten minutes later, the cards appeared. This is not the service that we had experienced on 10 previous Celebrity Cruises; we laughed it off at the time - the "drinks desert" in the OV - but it was surprising to us. Maybe just a staffing problem on that particular cruise, and hopefully not the sign of a new trend. (Yes, we know that the drinks card should be sitting vertically on the table; that was not the problem.)
  12. You could try the Braugasthaus Zum alten Fritz in a nice location on the waterfront in Rostock. It serves German specialties; I had venison goulash, which was delicious. The restaurant is quite large; it has its own brewery as well. There is outdoor seating in good weather. Not sure about how to get there on public transportation but it is not too far from the centre of town.
  13. A couple of years ago, we had a whole DIY day planed for our stop in Warnemunde and then Celebrity switched us to the Rostock port. Transportation from the Rostock port is a bit more complicated unless your cruise line offers a shuttle. We decided just to take a tour instead, which went to all of the places that we had planned to go on our DIY adventure. This was very convenient, with a Rostock port pick-up. We didn't waste time waiting for busses, we had lunch included, and the advantage of a knowledgeable guide. I would recommend this if you are looking to do something other than Berlin. If you plan to stick with a DIY plan, I also second the suggestion above to check travelanni's web site: it is full of useful information. Here is the link to the Alla Tours web site. We chose the Hanseatic Rostock and Molli Steam Train tour. https://alla-tour.com/tours/
  14. Your plan sounds doable. You can spend as much time as you like at Suomenlinna, depending on whether you plan any inside visits. We spent about 3 hours there, going at a very leisurly pace, walking from the main ferry landing to Kings Gate and back again. I have more detail in my review if you want to check it out from link below.
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