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  1. We find that the perks on Celebrity (free Elite Happy Hour and free laundry) are worth about $300-$350. On Royal Caribbean the Diamond benefits are worth slightly more than that. Platinum benefits on NCL are worth less, they have no free happy hour, but you get free laundry and some free specialty dining meals.
  2. You are correct regarding Delta pilots and dispatchers when the NW merger took place. https://www.nationalreview.com/2010/12/delta-and-unions-robert-verbruggen/ However, I remember that Delta at one time, during the 60s and 70s was non-union. Also, I remember that the employees actually purchased an aircraft for Delta.
  3. Charles, Yes, American is our least favorite of the major three US airlines. We primarily fly Delta and have been happy with them. We did fly US Air a couple of times to Europe, prior to the merger with American. I actually like US Air more than American.
  4. Many US airlines in the past have gone bankrupt. I probably can't remember them all, but here are a few: Eastern, PanAmerican, TWA are major airlines that went bankrupt. Many others have merged and been absorbed by other airlines, for example, US Airways, Northwest Airlines, Continental, Allegheny and more. The bankrupt lines could not handle the competition with others when in the 1970s the US government deregulated the air industry, significantly lowering air fare prices. Airlines like TWA, PanAm and Eastern had overpriced union contracts and couldn't compete with others. For example, Delta, until it incorporated Northwest had no union. Airlines like Southwest, with excellent management once only flew out of Texas, but later grew to be a major domestic carrier.
  5. This policy is probably good. I do wonder where the line will be drawn by doctors. I take medication for mild hypertension and cholesterol, but my doctor says that at 72, I am very healthy.
  6. In my opinion, a lot has to change before most people will want to go on a cruise ship. 1) Travel restrictions by different countries will likely persist for months. Even the easiest cruises to start back (Caribbean) would require several countries in the area to open up to travelers. Also, due to the many cruise ships in the past couple of months that were in quarantine creating huge problems for those passengers will still be front and center. 2) Many cruisers these days are retired Seniors that are at a higher risk from exposure to the virus. 3) Celebrity will open up again May 12, I believe. I doubt if the status of the virus in the USA will be such that even getting on an airplane will be a smart move. Also, South Florida, while not as bad as NYC or California has a higher rate of infection and just going there to start a cruise would be another issue. 4) Yes, prices may be very competitive for cruises in May or June, but all it takes is one infected person on a cruise ship to ruin a vacation.
  7. I am a retired attorney that once did some bankruptcy law. Chapter 11 is a special type of bankruptcy that a corporation would undertake to keep on doing business, under an appointed court representative. It would attempt to resolve its debt issues over time. Not sure about cruise lines bankrupting in US courts, since all are Foreign Corporations. Still, bankruptcy court is open to non-US corporations, but it gets complicated. https://www.abi.org/abi-journal/an-overview-of-us-bankruptcy-law-involving-a-foreign-representative-of-a-foreign Some cruise lines may have subsidiaries that are incorporated in the USA. Still, if the Foreign Corporation goes bankrupt the laws of that country would largely govern. Corporations that go bankrupt that have lots of assents (ships, real estate, equipment) would be prime for takeover by a new buyer, it the cruise line corporation wasn't able to restructure its debt to continue operating. Not sure what kind of debt Royal Caribbean has, but that could tell the tale.
  8. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/26/coronavirus-bailout-could-exclude-carnival-norwegian-royal-caribbean-cruise-lines.html
  9. We don't have a cruise until Rome to Tampa transatlantic on Constellation on 25 October 2021. We don't plan to cruise prior to that.
  10. Transpacific, Sydney to Seattle, via Fiji and Hawaii, also prior to that a NZ cruise. Another Transpacific from Sydney to Hawaii, via Tahiti.
  11. August is still a possibility. Hopefully, the virus will have peaked and slowed down. Other, viruses have decreased significantly with the onset of hot weather.
  12. Every time we visit Europe (the EU) we get stamps in our passports. We don't get stamps in every country, of course, just the entry and exit.
  13. Yes, it seems that Italy is the main problem in Europe. Agree on politics, this matter goes way beyond politics. I think Trump acted quickly banning travel from China, but clearly there was a problem with not enough test kits. That seems to be no longer a problem. Hope the virus slows down with warmer weather coming in North America.
  14. I lived in Saudi Arabia for five years working for the Army Corps of Engineers. Also, I have traveled to the ME a few times since then. The gulf states like UAE and nearby Oman are good places for tourists. Oman is probably my favorite of the area. Of course, Egypt and Israel are even better. Just remember that even though Oman and the UAE have more liberal policies than countries like Saudi Arabia, it is wise for women to dress conservatively, with no short skirts, tight paints or exposed upper torso skin. In any event, due to the damage the sun can do to your skin, it pays to cover your body. This is true for men as well. A wide brimmed hat is nice. Also, for children, make sure that you keep your children close to you and in sight at all times. I would rather not have to explain why. Further, no public displays of affection like kissing, etc. The amazing mosque in Abu Dhabi is worth a visit. Also, we did a wonderful tour of all the Emirates from Dubai. I think they offer a similar tour now, but perhaps not including Abu Dhabi, since our tour was 18 hours long. For Oman, we did a great tour that went out to see a desert fort and other historical sites.
  15. Yes, and RCI has more going for it as well.
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