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  1. 4774Papa

    Viva Vino

    We dislike the beverage package and generally drink wine on cruises. If they have the vino deal, NCL makes it hard to find it. On our last cruise to NE and Canada in September, I was unable to book such a package, so I brought my own wine on board and paid the $15 corkage fees.
  2. 4774Papa

    Favorite Drink ON CELEBRITY?????

    James Bond Martini
  3. 4774Papa

    Hong Kong - which port / terminal?

    We were at Kai Tak overnight and did some touring on our own. There was a shuttle that took us to a shopping mall where there was a rail station. Also, when we departed for the airport, we had a shuttle that took us to the main Kowloon rail station that goes to the airport. The train to the airport is very inexpensive and easy to use. You can check your luggage at the rail station as long as your airline is one of those participating airlines. Most airlines are. We were on Korean Air.
  4. 4774Papa

    Transatlantic with 4 perks

    YES, we love Celebrity, but its price bundling with drink packages that we don't want have priced most of their cruises out when compared to similar Royal C. cruises that don't include price bundling. It seems that now all the Celebrity cruises that we take are repo/transatlantic/transpacific cruises.
  5. 4774Papa

    New UBP price list

    We are disgusted with NCL's drink package, its cost (raising basic cost of cruise through price bundling) and outrageous over valued gratuity cost. We had a free drink package on our Sun cruise to Alaska in 2016, but NCL changed and started charging a gratuity and upped it to an absurd 20% of a ridiculous value. On our last cruise on Dawn for seven day, I purchased five bottles of wine locally (better wine than offered on the package) for $8 apiece. Then paid the $15 corkage. Total cost for five bottles $40 + $75= $115. We had a free bottle of wine (Platinum bennies) with our meal in Le Bistro one night. We didn't buy much alcohol at all outside of this. Consequently, our total cost of alcohol for the cruise was way less than JUST the cost of the gratuity. We had declined the drink package. We still compare NCL with other cruise lines and picked Royal C over NCL for a Norway Arctic Circle because Royal doesn't price bundle and its prices beat the heck overall out of NCL's.
  6. 4774Papa

    changed itinerary

    We had a wonderful Japan and China cruise on Millennium in Fall of 2015. We didn't port in Osaka, but did in nearby Kobe. We took a nice tour of Osaka and the Osaka Castle from Kobe. It is a short train ride. You didn't name your ports, so I can't comment further, but here is my review of our cruise and pre-cruise land trip of Japan that included Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara. http://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=518503&et_cid=2531924&et_rid=17221689&et_referrer=Boards
  7. 4774Papa

    Celebrity or Disney Alaska no kid

    Disney is a great cruise line if you have kids, but NOT if you don't. No way would I spend $$$$$$$$ for Disney. Celebrity is our favorite cruise line, but we did NCL for Alaska, because they included Glacier Bay. You don't want to miss Glacier Bay. We had a great cruise on the NCL Sun in 2016. If you don't want to do NCL again, I think HAL and Princess do Glacier Bay.
  8. 4774Papa

    Booking with Celebrity vs travel agency

    I have never used a travel agent. I know that I could gain a bit by using one, but I like to control my reservation and take advantage of price drops. I have read of several persons on cc boards over the years that missed out on price drops because their TA was not available or didn't respond in time. I know that most TA s would respond in time, but I still like controlling my reservation. I still go to a couple of big box TA s prior to booking directly with the cruise line. I usually book early, often as soon as the cruise is announced. I rarely find my cruise listed on the big box website. The few times it was, for a two week cruise in a balcony, the OBC was about $200, which just wasn't worth it to me. On one cruise out of Australia in 2013, we had early fixed dining and all four couples agreed to lay out what each paid for their balcony cabins. Two couples used TA s and one other did not. Our fare was the lowest of the table. One reason may have been that the cruise fare dripped three times. I took advantage of the price drops every time. Perhaps the others did not.
  9. 4774Papa

    port of Miami cruise parking

    Not sure where you live. We live in South Georgia and have used the Holiday Inn Express at the Miami Airport to park our vehicle during a cruise. The area is safe and our car did just fine while we were gone. Another solution is to drive a one way rental car both ways. We did that last time and one way from Miami to South Georgia was about $80.
  10. 4774Papa

    Hong Kong to Tokyo

    We did that cruise in reverse in the Fall of 2015. I don't think it ever gets cold in Hong Kong. It was an excellent cruise. Also, we did a transpacific from Sydney to Seattle in 2018. Fiji was nice. Here are my reviews of both cruises: http://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=518503&et_cid=2531924&et_rid=17221689&et_referrer=Boards https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=620702&et_cid=3065755&et_rid=17221689&et_referrer=Boards
  11. 4774Papa

    Classic Drink Package or Not?

    If you are a moderate drinker, I suggest that you not buy the expensive beverage package, but keep tabs on your spending for alcohol for the cruise. I did that for our X cruises and until we made elite status we would spend about $500 total for a two week cruise, mainly on wine. After we became elite, our average spending on alcohol dropped to less than $300 total for two weeks. We don't drink prior to happy hour, never buy bottled water, expensive coffees or soda. We still enjoy the three free HH drinks and then wine with dinner, which is plenty for us. Also, my doctor is happy that I am not punishing my liver.
  12. 4774Papa

    Greek isles reviews

    Here are some of our cruises that visited the Greek Islands: http://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=70129 http://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=228545
  13. 4774Papa

    Cost of a cruise

    Comparing prices on cruises that we have booked in the last year or two, we find NCL price bundling takes it out of consideration when comparing to Royal that doesn't bundle. Celebrity, which we like a lot, also bundles, except on its transatlantic and repo cruises. I expect that we will only book Royal, Celebrity transatlantic or repo, or NCL cruises that don't bundle the overpriced (especially with gratuities) beverage packages. We are moderate drinkers and don't drink enough to go with the drink packages. Our last NCL cruise was a seven day NE and Canada and I purchased five bottles of wine, paid the corkage of $15 and our alcohol cost for that cruise was less that what we would have paid JUST for the 20% gratuities on the overpriced beverage package that doesn't even have a decent cabernet.
  14. 4774Papa

    Elite Captain's Club Cocktail Hour

    The elite Celebrity HH and the Diamond HH on Royal are great, it saves us $$$ since we don't do beverage packages. We are moderate drinkers, don't drink alcohol until happy hour and don't drink bottle water, soda or expensive coffees. Looking forward to our next cruise in March on Eclipse.
  15. 4774Papa

    Least Favorite Port

    If you do something like that or if you love a baach outing, then Nassau can ;be fine. We live next to the beach and don't do beach outings, and have done enough encounters in the past.