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  1. Based on what I have read from the experts, even 70% effective is darn good. Also, considering about half the population is naturally immune or asymptomatic, it would be enough for travelers that had the vaccine to be able to travel once more. Two years from now, I doubt is masks will be worn by most people.
  2. What I have seen here in Coastal Georgia is the most people wear masks when they go out in public. It is rare to see someone inside (grocery store or pharmacy) not wearing a mask. Of course, those places have signs up asking people to wear masks. During the shutdown period earlier in the years, it was rare to see many people out, even in the grocery store. When we started having problems with COVID-19 spreading was after Memorial Day weekend and Fourth of July weekend. We live on an island with beaches, golf, etc. It is something of a resort area. I remember going out to me
  3. Once all passengers are vaccinated this policy should go away. We rarely take the ship's excursions. Private tours are usually half the cost of the ship's tours.
  4. We are booked on Connie for the Oct 2021 TA from Rome to Tampa.
  5. I will be 73 in a couple of months and both my parents grew up during the depression. I learned waste not want not. Value is what I look for in cruising. I don't want perks. We love Celebrity, but if Royal C. is a better value with the ports we want, we will go with Royal.
  6. I checked the prices on some cruises under the new all inclusive that we don't want. Prices are too Damn High.
  7. We got a call and email from a new NCL rep. The one we had used in the past must have left. It is too early to book anything until vaccines are available and things settle down.
  8. We do a mix of land trips and cruises. Both fill their own niches. Cruises in the Greek Islands, Alaska with its glaciers, Norway to the North Cape, Around the Horn of South America cannot be matched with a land tour. It is like comparing apples and oranges.
  9. Having done 20 ocean cruises, 11 with Celebrity, we don't do the Caribbean (did one in 2012) and rarely do the same cruise we have already done. We have done three TransAtlantics and one TransPacific. We like them, since they are inexpensive and we save on airfare (one way). We plan a land vacation prior to the TA. I look for value and itinerary. Some cruises like Norway, North Cape and Alaska tend to be more expensive, but those are must do cruises. Do not want any perks. Happy with a balcony. Did an upgrade to a suite once, but would never pay for one outright.
  10. I was raised by middle class professional parents that grew up during the depression and taught me to work hard, earn and save, but especially not to waste and seek value when purchasing anything. I can afford to stay in five star hotels and fly first class, but rarely do that. I prefer driving a 12 year old Ford, stay in B&Bs and fly tourist. Regarding cruising, I started cruising on NCL and loved it. However, after a couple of NCL cruises, I discovered Celebrity. Celebrity was special, very little hard sell, well designed ships, great service and better dining. In
  11. If this is common for Celebrity, it will drive up prices. For those of us that want NO PERKS, I may wind up booking more Royal Caribbean cruises.
  12. According to this article, the vaccine will be distributed, as follows: CVS prepared to vaccinate general public by early 2021 As for when the general public will have access to a COVID-19 vaccine remains unclear, but Cox says CVS will be prepared to begin vaccinating the general public "within the first couple of months of 2021." https://abcnews.go.com/Health/covid-vaccine-distributed-approved-fda/story?id=73889186
  13. Pfizer just announced that a 90% effective vaccine is now going to the government for approval. Pfizer has a contract with the USG to provide 100,000,000 vaccines. If this is true, that vaccine will likely be available for most Americans in 2021, probably before Summer. This will make a huge difference in travel and cruising.
  14. I believe that there has to be a balance between the risk of any disease, including COVID-19 and the damage done by imposing harsh restrictions across the board. I read recently one estimate that the shutdowns this year have resulted in increased suicide, drug overdoses and other factors leading to 100,000 more deaths than would normally have occurred. Further, the economic damages have far reaching impacts. I know someone that had to postpone surgery for a serious medical issue for months because of COVID-19. Some people had had cancer treatments interrupted. Some people are
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