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  1. When I researched Japan cruises only Princess had one focused on Japan and its cruises were in the dead of Summer. Didn't want that, or first booking was in Spring and second on in September. The China and Japan cruise was in October and the weather was great.
  2. Celebrity has cancelled two cruises that we booked. This was in 2015 and we booked a cruise Around Japan. It was on the Century and the Century was to be sold to an Italian company, so the options we had included a Singapore to Dubai cruise on Century (later X didn't sell to the Italian company, but to a Chinese company). The Singapore to Dubai cruise was great, no problem. The second cancellation was (guess what) another Around Japan cruise in September of that year. Apparently, our cruise was chartered. One of the options was Japan and China with the cruise ending in Hong Kong. We transferred our booking at no extra charge, even though the Japan and China cruise was $400 pp more. That turned out to be a fantastic cruise. Our other cancelled cruise was on Royal Caribbean, out of Sydney, Australia to New Zealand. Cancelled because one of the azerpods failed. Cancellation was 3 days prior to boarding. We were already in Australia. We got a full refund for that cruise as well as credit for another future cruise for the exact same amount. We were told that we had to use that in one year, but we already had our travel plans booked for the year, so we asked Royal if we could go beyond that year. They agreed and we booked a cruise to Norway, Arctic Circle next month. We were satisfied with our compensation for all three cancellations. However, we were a bit miffed when is seems that those Around Japan cruises get chartered frequently and there are very few of them every year. Hated that X seemed to prefer chartering to its loyal customers.
  3. Wrong, the cruise from Civit (port for Rome) was on the Royal C website.
  4. Nice, you are comparing pricing from a TA. What did the TA have for Royal C? The prices that I posted were all from the company websites.
  5. I just went back to the Princess website and the cruise I mentioned before is now $2,310 pp for a balcony, only $300 more pp than Celebrity's comparable cruise. When I checked earlier it was $1000. It is the Island Princess departing Civitavechia on December 4, 2020. The Royal Caribbean cruise was less Explorer of the Seas departing Civi in November 2020 and a balcony costs $1300 pp.
  6. We had the Yellow Fever vaccination back in 2011 prior to going to South America. It said it was good for 10 years. We are going to Kenya and Tanzania in 2020 for a Safari, pushing the 10 years. However, I read somewhere that the vaccination was good for life, not 10 years. Anyway, we are in our early 70s, so hopefully we don't need another vaccination for YF.
  7. I was looking at a TA cruise from Rome to Miami in 2020 and Celebrity's was $600 pp more than the same cruise on Royal Caribbean for a balcony. Looked at Princess and it was $1000 pp more than Celebrity.
  8. We spent far more time on the balcony than on other outside decks. We had three persons in that aft balcony, but we all got out on the balcony and loved the glacier.
  9. My price is the very best "zero." With the wonderful Diamond benefits, we never spend a nickel on booze or wine on a Royal cruise. We never do the drink packages.
  10. I can't help you as to whether or not it is better to have a no show or notify the cruise line in advance. Personally, I would err on the side of not hiding that your husband is not coming on the cruise. Perhaps the cruise line will give you a small discount on a future cruise?
  11. We picked NCL to do Alaska, since Celebrity doesn't do Glacier Bay. Glacier Bay is amazing, we spent most of a full day there. You do see Hubbard, which we saw as well. Celebrity is our preferred cruise line, but its prices have mushroomed in recent years and I am so glad we did Glacier Bay. Also, we had an aft balcony that was fantastic.
  12. We did a cruise from Tokyo to Hong Kong in 2015. Great cruise. We caught a direct flight from Atlanta to Tokyo and returned from Hong Kong via Korean Air Lines from HK to Seoul/Inchon then Seoul direct to Atlanta. I don't remember finding any direct flights from HK to the east coast, particularly not Atlanta.
  13. We did a river cruise of Russia that included several days in Moscow and St. Pete. This was in 2011. I used my visa card a few times and never had any problems. AmEx is generally not an option, although we did see a couple of places in St. Pete where you could use you AmEx. If you are really that paranoid about hackers, then you would never use a credit card in many places.
  14. We did Russia on a wonderful river cruise that included 5 nights in Moscow and 4 in St. Pete, as well as a 7 day river cruise. Great trip. I recommend not doing a quickie excursion like this. You need more time in Moscow to enjoy the city. In particular, I would never do the ship's excursion like this. We were on the Eclipse from Chile to San Diego and did a four day tour of Cusco and Macho Picchu for $799 pp while the shorter ship's excursion was $3700 pp.
  15. We have done 11 cruises on X, 7 on NCL and 1 on Royal I would rate the dining as follows (100 pt scale) 90 for Celebrity 85 for Royal 80 for NCL NCL has improved in the last couple of years. Also, their specialty restaurants are excellent and not as expensive as Celebrity's.
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