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  1. No problem with opposing opinions. However, that post was over the top.
  2. When cruising one of the things that I enjoy is not worrying about the internet, because I rarely use my free minutes.
  3. Spif, Never have I found a post on these threads that I disliked as much. You didn't need to insult cruisers like me that point out X's lack of respect for its loyalty program. Loyalty programs include perks for cruisers that come back to a cruise line. The perks are modest incentives to encourage more loyalty. I haven't found a Celebrity cruise that has a competitive price, since AI has largely wiped out our loyalty benefits. I still check Celebrity against other lines, but book based on itinerary, value and price. The loyalty benefits did tip the balance before when I would find cruises where Princess or HAL (never cruised on either) were about the same cost as X. The loyalty benefits were the item that tipped the balance. Also, I love cruising on X. No Celebrity doesn't owe me anything, but their pricing decisions don't demonstrate that they care whether I cruise with them or not.
  4. We haven't done Princess, but I have heard good things about their cruises. We prefer Celebrity, Royal C. and NCL in that order. Service and dining are better on Celebrity and Royal. NCL is inconsistent. We have had great cruises on NCL, but we have had others where the staff seems to be untrained. Royal and NCL excel in entertainment, Celebrity is just good. Ship design Celebrity wins, with Royal second. COST, now Royal wins hands down, both Celebrity and Royal have gone to price bundling that forces perks on you that you don't need. Also, Royal's Diamond loyalty benefit program is the best. Unless Celebrity and NCL change their pricing, we may never do cruises again with them.
  5. I have never booked or cruised on Princess, but now finding their cruise prices more reasonable than Celebrity. Royal C. is still cheaper, but Princess is more competitive than Celebrity.
  6. I am so uncertain about 2022, we like to fly to Europe, spend 2-3 weeks touring then take the TA home. It is hard to predict the restrictions, testing requirements, etc. I am not keen on cruising where we have to wear a mask outside our cabin or forced to take expensive excursions from the ship.
  7. We agree and love the ship design of all the Celebrity ships. Unfortunately, Celebrity has, like NCL gone with price bundling and their prices are even higher than NCL's.
  8. The service charge on drinks with the FREE AT SEA is ridiculous. We liked NCL better BEFORE FREE AT SEA.
  9. I like paying for what I get, not overpaying (for things that I don't get).
  10. We did Eclipse in 2019 from Chile to San Diego and had members of our group that first met on the TA from Southampton to Miami in 2017. I miss Celebrity, but won't pay what they are asking now.
  11. Celebrity hasn't always been this expensive. Until it went with Always Included, it was competitive with NCL, Royal C. and Princess. Not anymore.
  12. Iike you, I am a moderate drinker and punished by AI.
  13. This subject does focus on pricing. Also, regarding people posting their opinions here on this tread, I expect people will post their opinions, as well as facts known. I don't resent opposing opinions. I appreciate everyone's facts and opinions.
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