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  1. We have a TransAtlantic cruise on Reflection from Rome to Florida booked. Cruise is 22 Oct and I did some research on getting a COVID-19 test in Italy before we cruise home. Currently, the USA required the negative test if flying into the country. Still, I anticipate that we would need the test to board and probably enter the country. Also, we have five ports (in Europe) prior to arriving at Ft. Lauderdale. Getting COVID-19 at a port would be a problem. We both have had the Pfizer vaccine (both doses), but it could still happen. Our main concern now is that wil
  2. I like to book early, when the cruise is first announced or soon after. When I check the big box internet TA firms for deals, most of the time my cruise is never on their list. The few times it was, the benefits were not a lot. One thing that always do with any cruise is check for price drops and call the cruise line to get the new lower fare. I have some friends that have complained that getting in touch with their TA was a problem a couple of times and they missed out on the price drop.
  3. It seems to me that it makes a lot of sense for the cruise lines to mandate a vaccine. Based on the vaccination rates and projected opening of cruising, there should be a majority of American vaccinated. I would venture that most older persons (a lot of retired cruisers) will get the vaccine. The one big issue would be for children under 18 years, unless there is a vaccine for them, would they be allowed to cruise?
  4. Our Governor announced that starting in a few days that teachers and school staff would be open for vaccines, along with those already eligible.
  5. Read an article this morning about NCL and how they blew million on planning to cruise early this year. Also, another article about Celebrity indicated that X will require vaccine and negative COVID-19 test prior to boarding.
  6. Good points about Russia and China having their own vaccines, but India has the largest population in the World after China. Not sure how well India is doing?
  7. Thanks, we are excited about it. However, it appears that the one issue with doing our safari in July is the COVID-19 testing prior to flying back to the USA via Europe. Our safari starts in Nairobi and ends in Arusha, Tanzania. Flying out of Kilimanjaro International Airport we must have a COVID-19, negative of course within 72 hours of departure. KLM says that quick tests (4 hours) are available at the airport, so we could just plan for one extra day after our safari, however, Tanzania requires a PCR test that takes 72 hours for results (some say that results can take even more). The
  8. We would be new bookings and I believe many new booker are very ready to cruise again. We have a TA from Rome to Florida on Reflection booked for October, it was a transfer from Connie that also went from Rome to Florida in October. We have been looking harder in 2022 since we have a safari in East Africa in July.
  9. By 2022, how many people in the USA will not be vaccinated? Some will not take a vaccine, but that percentage seems to be declining according to polls. https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/538198-over-30-percent-of-americans-say-they-wont-get-covid-19-vaccine-poll Only 15% say they definitely won't take one. I had a neighbor that was opposed to taking it, until several in the neighborhood took the vaccines and now the neighbor has changed her mind.
  10. Agree, Cruising should start up by early Summer. Cruise lines can require vaccines to board. Even with the new strains, the risk to people with a vaccination and in good health is very low.
  11. cruise mom, Thanks for the correction. I was told by a teacher that they were prioritized, appears that she was wrong.
  12. Here in Georgia, teachers were prioritized for vaccine appointments, along with over 65. I know some teachers in our neighborhood and they say the incidence of COVID-19 cases among students and teachers is very small. Also, provisions were made for the few teachers that had serious medical issues.
  13. Clearly, there are many opinions on when herd immunity will be reached, if at all. Still, once a significant percentage of the population is vaccinated, especially the elderly and people with serious health issues, this should be time to return to some degree of normalcy. People that refuse vaccination will be at more risk and we may have to be vaccinated every year, however the extreme shutdowns cannot endure forever. The USA and other countries can't keep helicoptering money, likely leading to serious inflation, perhaps hyperinflation. Local teachers here in our area tell m
  14. Interesting article on financial issues for cruise industry as well as vaccinations requirement. https://www.fool.com/investing/2021/02/22/dont-ignore-glaring-problem-in-cruise-industry/
  15. I know several people that have done Hawaii on the PoA. Most were very unhappy with the service. However, most enjoyed the cruise with its many ports.
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