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  1. As all years in November and December
  2. Hi Kathleen and Jim, we are OK and Healthy, X cancelled the New England and Canada cruise so Lupita is missing this cruise for the 2nd time, we also do L&S for the Feb 21 Caribbean cruise to Feb 22, our next cruise is Norwegian Fjords July 21, hope there is a effective vaccine for this cruise, I send a big hug and hello from Lupita.
  3. Before AOL was IRC (Internet Relay Chat), don't remember exactly when I chat with cruise friends for the first time (94 or 95)
  4. I will wait until the results of the massive applications are known, no matter if the vaccine is Chinese, Russian, American or British. An uncle of mine died years ago when he was a child. He received a smallpox vaccine at school.
  5. No I will go swimming to Amsterdam for my Reflection cruise
  6. All October cruises (except Australia) disappeared from the X website, no official communication yet.
  7. @Germancruiser Thank you for sharing your experience, I have one question with the capacity reduced to 1000 passengers, what are the occupied categories? Are there passengers in the interior cabins?
  8. Thanks for sharing and enjoying your cruise, are there only Germans on board?
  9. Maybe it’s Sold out Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. @ the Main dining room onboard Celebrity Summit

    © gerelmx

  11. Onboard Celebrity Summit

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  12. Onboard Celebrity Summit

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  13. @ Quebec, view from Dufferin Terrace, October 15, 2018 9:57AM

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