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  1. Only five, a very happy crew member told me, but schools are not out yet. I don’t think I’ve bumped into any yet, but again a very small passenger load for this size ship.
  2. Unfortunately you do have to take a ship’s tour to disembark We haven’t seen any tracelet wearing guests, and we certainly don’t have them Hope that helps
  3. I would just like to start by saying that considering this is their first UK staycation on board the Silhouette, Celebrity have been doing everything possible to make everyone feel very special and thanking them for sailing with them. Yes of course there have been a few niggles but nothing compared to welcome we received and the staffs eagerness to please. It was little bit trial and error getting all of our documents and certificates entered into their iPads, but this was the first for all of them and they did their best and we started boarding on time. With only about 1000 guests, the ship is fairly quiet, just how I like it, but service so far has been very good. In Dover this morning looking over the white cliffs and the ferry terminals.
  4. Thanks for the pictures and video of the Silhouette arriving in Southampton. Good chance we might to to sail on her this Saturday. 😃
  5. We did the Atlantic trip on board Queen Mary a few year ago New York to Southampton and were fortunate enough to be assigned to an Officers table, in our case the Chief Engineer. We were only in a modest balcony cabin but after complaining about our table and location on the first night the Maitre d ask if we would like to join an officer hosted table, we weren't sure as it was about 10 people but eventually said yes. It was the best thing we ever did as firstly it turned out to be a great bunch of people and it was was the whole voyage, every night with a change of officer some night, and we had complimentary excellent wine all week, which we normally would have paid for, so all in all worked out great. It seemed that others on the table had also complained about something, I'm sure this doesn't work most times but it's just a thought. I don't know if Cunard still do this as our last cruise with them was in a suite, separate dining.
  6. Hi Everyone, after receiving my link from Celebrity yesterday, for 3rd July Cruise, inviting me to book a PCR test via their partner, I proceeded to register with them. When this was completed it went through to Trustone app page where the available test centres appeared with available appointments for either June 30th or July 1st. There was a fairly big choice of centres across the country but you would need to be lucky not to have to travel too far. I chose a centre near Heathrow and tried to book but was not very successful on my ipad, it would not complete the transaction, so decided to download the Trustone app to my phone and then signed in using registration details. I was then able to choose a centre and successfully make an appointment, it was a bit of a palaver all round. You will need to do each member of your party separately as each link enables one booking for that person. You would probably be better to book your own near to you and claim the money back, which is the other alternative they give you. I hope that might helpful to someone.
  7. Good Sign Maybe Just noticed that Silhouette has moved from its anchorage in the Bahamas to Port Everglades, hopefully to pick up crew and provisions before heading across the pond for its 3rd July sailing. Maybe just wishful thinking, but at least it is on the move.
  8. I think you are right, they do not appear on the US .com site. We are certainly going to be the guinea pigs, being the first of them, but hey ho, hopefully it will still be fun even with the British weather. Fingers crossed
  9. Just booked for the first of these proposed 6 day cruises leaving Southampton on the 3rd July. Fantastic value, if these go ahead as proposed. I do hope they happen. What are the chances do others think. let’s get cruising soon
  10. Back in June I posted a comment on a Topic regarding " FCC beware of the limitations". I questioned the use of FCC's as a deposit for a future booking and received the following reply from BBMacLaird CBO Azamara and I quote; Hello Thameside, don't give up on us just yet! I shared your post and received this reply about soon allowing FCC to cover your deposit on a new cruise booking ... "Our operations teams are working on a process to override this limitation and we expect to have it in soon. I don’t have a date on this yet, but should be relatively soon. A guest will be able to use their FCC for a deposit (taxes and fees still need to be paid separately)." I have not seen or heard of anything since and wondered if any contributors are aware of the current position in this regard. Thanks
  11. Thank you for your reply, let’s hope it’s soon as I was hoping to book a very good suite offer which is only available for a limited period. Would be grateful if you could post, if and when this happens, so I can see if still available.
  12. Whilst on the subject of FCC's, I'm sure many of you are aware, but I wasn't, that you cannot use any of it as a deposit for a future cruise. It's probably in the small print, but again it makes no logical sense to me that I should give them more of my hard earned cash whilst holding credit with them. Paying the tax, I can live with, but not another £500. I tried to book a cruise for April 2021 this afternoon and was hoping to use some credit against the deposit, but no was the answer, so I have decided not to go ahead with the booking and feel that many other may feel the same way. No wonder so many cruises have so many cabins available.Thank you Azamara I have always enjoyed my cruises with you but will probably move on now.
  13. Hi, just to let fellow Azamara cruisers know, I today received a credit on my cc from my agent for our cancelled cruise on Pursuit, departure 23 March, for the full refund requested about 45 days ago. Good news, for me obviously, and for others awaiting refunds, I think I did receive a FCC for 50% of our cruise cancelled whilst onboard, but still await the other half as advised. I am pleased guests are beginning to get their refunds and it gives me more confidence to book an Azamara Cruise in the near future. I hope others get theirs soon
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