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  1. True, so hopefully one of the ships will take it over. Hoping to sail this itinerary so fingers crossed that it will still be available. For now it is waiting game to see what happens to the 2021 sailings once the cruise lines start up again.
  2. I wonder if that means the end for the 14 day Alaska itineraries since the Maasdam is scheduled to do it in 2021......
  3. I booked the Legend for May 2021 back in January and like you I am not totally confident about sailing either....for all of the unknowns that you listed 🙁
  4. I agree and if the Millennium class ships go I will be very sad too. My last cruise in August 2019 was on the Millie in Alaska and it was the best Celebrity cruise so far. Loved the updates!
  5. These are from the Miracle which is a sister ship so the views should be the same. https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/topic/1643360-carnival-miracle-cabin-5142-pics/
  6. That is really sad. Is it possible that it was their choice - early retirement maybe? No email from mine so I may call and see how she is doing. I have a booking for May 2021 so I would hate to lose her!
  7. I agree and I won't sail if a mask is required either. And itinerary changes and the possibility of more sea days isn't exciting either although I am sure there will be some. I don't care what ship or cruise line I sail on - I pick the itinerary first and then the best ship/price going there. No loyalty of me since I can't sail multiple times per year or for weeks at a time......
  8. I don't sail on the Fantasy class ships either so thankfully there are other choices out there. I do like the Spirit class and and will be on the Legend next year in the Med. I have to admit that I don't sail the Caribbean anymore - just Alaska and Europe......
  9. There are a lot of ships that do or have sailed from Tampa. The Carnival Legend and Miracle, RCI Brilliance and Rhapsody, NCL Jade and Star, and Celebrity Constellation are a few. Living and sailing from Tampa I avoid the Paradise and much prefer the others after sailing on the Imagination and Ecstasy previously. It will be interesting to see what happens to the Fantasy class ships......
  10. No one has mentioned the blue grotto. Is it not worth a visit? I appreciate the info on the HOHO option to get to some of the sites!
  11. I have a cruise booked for August 2021 so lots of time to see how things go. Hoping for a vaccine.....
  12. The week ended on a good note for me. My $900 credit from Celebrity showed up today and yesterday American Airlines waived the fee to put my award miles back in my account on a web special priced trip I was going to take in May. 😃 I hope everyone gets good news soon and stay safe!
  13. Yes, and I will do that very soon. I haven't had to pay the CC bill yet because I had just booked before this mess started. I only use the card for travel and don't carry balances on any so I don't want to pay and then have a credit that I won't use to re-book. I don't see myself booking anything for 2021 at this point. It is unfortunate to have to dispute charges and I actually think the cruise line is hoping more people take this route so they have more time. 😒
  14. Mine has been fighting but it hasn't done any good yet. She has been calling every couple of days but Celebrity is still holding on to my $900 refundable deposit for an early 2021 booking that I didn't feel comfortable about keeping. I didn't cancel until April 5 so I am caught up in the mess for now....
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