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  1. Our cruise is in June going to Europe (Norway). We are going unless Carnival cancel it. I'm hoping everything settle down by then
  2. I have a Special Edition Premier Offer, free balcony, $300 in Fun Play, + Free Drinks on us (book between Nov 14/19- Dec 26/19) Ultra Cruise, $ 1,000 in Fun play, + Free Drinks on us ( I can book between Nov 7-Jan 7/ 2020) Have been on several Premier. Never been on Special Edition or Ultra. Which one is a better deal?? Thanks in advance. Marivic
  3. We were on Sunshine Sept 2019 for Premier Cruise. My flyer said Fun Play but when I went to the Casino, they gave me cash.
  4. Yes, that's what we did. It works fairly well. Just a heads up, if it says "Table ready" but doesn't have an actual table number, they won't seat you yet. Somewhat. You get a list of people to check in and they'll seat you accordingly. You may be next to tables that are mid-meal, but generally the your-time seating won't have many big, shared tables like the assigned times. The other members of your cabin will be listed by default. Not sure if you can add others outside of it, maybe someone can chime in if they've tried it.
  5. We just sailed this past Christmas and that was our preferred way of reserving a table, unless you had a particular dining room team you liked. Just go to the Hub, go to Food & Drink, "My Time Dining", and hit reserve. It'll tell you an approximate wait and when your table is ready it shows the specific station. Just FYI though: Elegant night seating estimates are way off!
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