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  1. Hope the captain is right and it will just be cool with no rain. Enjoy your day in town.
  2. We do tip the staff in the specialty restaurants as it is not included in the cost of the meal on HAL ships. At the end of the cruise we do give extra tips to those people who have made our cruise an enjoyable one.
  3. Many years ago we used to go to the Meet and Greets. But when they started to play games at the Meet and Greet. we stopped going to them. Then they also arranged for cabin crawls at the end of the meeting -- definitely stopped us from attending.
  4. The 2 times that the Signature Beverage package was included for our cruises, the 15% gratuity was paid by HAL. We would never buy any drink package for ourselves as we do not drink that much.
  5. Never got any laundry notes. But I sure like that idea!!
  6. TAD2005 Excellent description of the Lanai cabin!!
  7. Another wonderful excursion. Snacks sounded great. We are also suckers for loving water falls. Great pictures.
  8. Thanks for the pictures of your cabin. We have flown first class on British Airways -- very nice and great food. But the best food we had was on the Concord.
  9. My mouth is watering for those scones. I also think they are sweet pea flowers.
  10. Got a few pictures before the storms hit. The giant white Hibiscus -- the few that are left -- finally bloomed: The bunny eating bread: Not many morning glories left:
  11. Our local news has actually been talking about the fires and all the damage they have caused.
  12. OOPS -- should have said immigration instead of customs.
  13. We have done a ton of back-to-back and Collector Cruises and never had to show any documents. We only had to show our passports.
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