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  1. Like Kazu -- no records for me -- mother didn't keep any since no shots were available -- only to keep reminding me that I never had measles, mumps or chicken pox. But when we started to get Hep A, Hep B, diptheria shots, yellow fever shots, etc., we were given yellow cards and we were required to have them on a couple of cruises.
  2. See you all tomorrow for the Nieuw Statendam and the Koningsdam.
  3. Since she is going to have a late departure, I am out of here.
  4. Her late arrival this morning has affected her departure.
  5. This is the first time I have made it for the Sky Princess and no "Love Boat" toots!!
  6. Can't believe that your cruise is over. Wonderful pictures and reports. Have a safe flight home.
  7. Love your reports. We have done King Neptune's ceremony several times. DH has done the kissing of the fish -- not me.
  8. I was born way before 1956 -- never had the measles -- no shots when I was born. Yea -- I can go ashore. Sorry for those that can't go ashore. Wonder why HAL didn't notify the passengers before the cruise?
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