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  1. That is great!! Enjoy your shipboard credit.
  2. Wishing all the Oosterdam passengers a great day in Juneau. Beautiful weather.
  3. I see the Oosterdam. But I can't stay -- beautiful outside and that is where we are.
  4. I just heard about this on the "Today" show. How horrible. Prayers for all injured and their families for a speedy recovery.
  5. In a drawer. If it is not strong enough, ask your cabin steward for a new one. I had that happen once a ship where the hair dryer was on its last legs.
  6. You all just have to keep checking with HAL -- sometimes HAL gets itineraries out quickly -- sometimes HAL is slow.
  7. It happened to us a few years ago. We were scheduled to do a Collectors cruise in the Caribbean on the Nieuw Asmterdam the first couple weeks of November. We were notified months in advance that HAL had decided to keep the Nieuw Amsterdam longer in Europe longer and the first week of Caribbean cruise was affected. Yes -- HAL does make changes such as yours OP.
  8. Very sad to hear and read this. Thank you are the link to the article and the videos. You definitely can see the whales in the second video.
  9. We have had so much rain that many of our hosta plants are not doing well. This is a picture of this years pom-pom hosta: And this is a picture of what it looked like in previous years:
  10. This crazy site won't let me add anything to the above post. These are regular lilies but I doubt if they will be around after the 60 mph winds come through with heavy winds:
  11. We were only able to sit outside for a little while. Humidity got bad. We think we had a dragonfly land on one of the salvia flowers:
  12. Dave -- you do have to worry. It is a crazy world out there -- so many evil people. Love those candles!! Happy 13th Birthday to Savannah. Lovely granddaughter.
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