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  1. Thank you for the Fleet report. DH loves clams on the half shell, but sadly we can't get any right now.
  2. I am not surprised -- things are tough everywhere.
  3. Prayers that the Zaandam and now the Rotterdam passengers will be allowed to disembark in Ft Lauderdale.
  4. Thank you for the information. I am not surprised at the decision.
  5. Thank you for the Fleet report. Prayers for all the doctors to get through this mess.
  6. Was just watching the Today show. The mayor of Ft Lauderdale is still not allowing the ships to dock there. The reporter mentioned that it may take President Trump to intervene to allow the ships to dock. The couple they interviewed mentioned how people are using cars and airplanes to go in and out of Florida on a daily basis.
  7. This is the best news of the day -- Zaandam and Rotterdam going through the new locks heading towards Florida. Hopefully they will be able to dock in about 3 days.
  8. Thank you for this link. We had heard on the news that passengers were moved from the Zaandam to the Rotterdam and thought we had heard incorrectly. Now to get all the passengers to a port and home.
  9. Thank you for the information. I don't belong to Facebook either.
  10. Thank you for the Fleet report. We have a Mom an Pop bakery we love. Sadly they had to close 3 weeks ago -- Governor's order. And word of mouth is that they will not reopen once this Coronavirus is over.
  11. Thank you for the Fleet report. Yard man isn't allowed to work on our weeds or any other people's lawn -- by order of the Governor. Have no idea how we will get grass cut. I like pop cycles -- DH has to pick up a prescription -- will have him get a box of them -- of there are any left.
  12. This is a sad situation for the Zaandam. As we were watching the news early last evening they did cover the Zaandam and showed a picture of her just anchoring off the shore of Panama and they mentioned about her being banned from entering the canal.
  13. I just came onto the computer and saw that terrible news. So sad for the passengers and crew.
  14. This is becoming a sad situation for the Zaandam passengers and crew. I just got back on my computer and headline MSN news indicated that 4 elderly people have died and 138 others have "flu like" symtoms.
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