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  1. Roz-we board a week from tomorrow!!! You’re WAY too excited, lol.
  2. We were actually surprised on our first Celebrity cruise in March. We went for breakfast, killed some time and came back to our suite around 11am and it hadn’t been serviced. We are used to HAL where our cabin was always done within an hour of us leaving. Wasn’t a big deal just surprised us. He must had started at the other end which someone on here mentioned. When we realized just how many cabins he had to do, we would try to just tell him to give us clean towels. Our room is always tidy so we didn’t need much attention and told the butler the same thing.
  3. I did put a comment card in asking who the heck designed the aft pool that goes right into the deep end? I explained how it was different than the other HAL ships we had been on and was catching people by surprise. I actually had to grab a couple people that went under.
  4. It’s funny how some people don’t like the MDR on the Kongingsdam. I loved it. Food is certainly subjective but I have found, on all the ships, it isn’t as good as before but...I’m still on a ship and not having to cook or clean!
  5. Come on the NA ...it leaves Sunday the 28th; San Diego to Vancouver! That’s where we will be 😁 We love the shorter cruises that come to our home port-so easy. They are not typically booze cruises on HAL. Love the itinerary on this one too.
  6. We never tried those ones as I find it a bit claustrophobic. Our first time though on the Kongingsdam at the aft pool we were very surprised that as you go down the steps into the pool it’s at the deep end. Any other of the HAL ships we have been on you go into the shallow part. So for those that aren’t confident in the water they were quite shocked.
  7. We try to go at non peak time. I’ve been on the ship three times, over 40 days and managed. I do wish it was open a bit longer though as we’ve walked by on the way to the pool and it was crazy.
  8. It’s obvious some of us handle depression with a. cruise addiction-and nothing wrong with that at all!
  9. Be careful. That’s how I ended up with 5 cruises!!! Fun way to handle the depression 😁
  10. Be careful with that depression or you could end up like me....5 cruises in 5 months 😁
  11. We are 4 star on HAL and also commented to ourselves how the Celebrity room steward was alone but HAL’s had an assistant.
  12. We did our first Celebrity cruise in March and were surprised that they recorded our cabin number as we left for the excursion giving us the beach towel, but when we returned they didn’t-just had to throw them in the carts after security. We told them they recorded our cabin number but they said it didn’t matter, just throw in bin which worried us we’d be charged but weren’t. To the OP: we found that the cabin stewards were spread very thin and in our opinion, very over worked with very long hours and many, many cabins. We were in a Sky suite and told him on several days to just exchange our towels.
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