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  1. Hank: we love talking to others. We try to only sit at a table for 4 due to hearing issues. We were honoured to sit at a table with a blind couple and read the menu to them. So interesting and they’d been on about 30 HAL cruises! We also enjoy either tables in the MDR, Lido or on the aft deck where we play cards and chat with everyone around us. You are so right, you learn so much from others.
  2. In other words there are lots of choices for people including google searches. Not naming your TA, PCC or any big box agencies is the rule isn’t it?
  3. We have used a PCC, a TA and a big box store. Our PCC got us a cabin that wasn’t available yet but obviously marked it so when it became available he grabbed it for us. On another cruise we booked through our PCC we got a very cheap upsell. The TA we have used several times is fantastic but can’t compete with the big box store for OBC. We vary who we book through. If you’re new to cruising I wouldn’t recommend a big box store until you’re comfortable with all the ins and outs of pricing, cabins, OBC etc.
  4. Our 2020 Europe didn’t go down. Glad you got some discount. I keep crossing my fingers!
  5. We have personally never had an issue with damage to our clothes. However, we met a couple from the Pinnacle suite in the Neptune lounge on our last cruise and chatted with them. They had sent out laundry and the man’s sweater came back shrunk and damaged. He was not happy as it was an expensive item.
  6. Our friends are currently on the NA this week! They did a balcony guarantee and lucked out on deck 5 just aft of mid ship and did the happy dance! Her husband was really looking forward to Skagway. Thanks for your review. We love Alaska cruising but haven’t done it for a few years now. Even then we noticed the difference with global warming from one year to another.
  7. Oh! I don’t like the spray and I also don’t like their hand lotion any longer, I find it too strong (smell wise). I preferred their old yellow Elemis hand lotion much better.
  8. Didn’t mention because we don’t use them so didn’t notice 😒.
  9. This is what we had on the NA in a Neptune in late April/early May. The spray was there but I don’t like it so gave it to a friend on the ship that was with us so it’s not in the photo.
  10. Friends are boarding the NA today for Alaska. They arrived at the port at 11:30 and on board in just over an hour.
  11. Apparently it’s always been available whether you get the email or not. I learned that last year when I saw a thread on this and got it applied. It seems hit or miss if you get the email.
  12. I enjoy the quietness of the Pinnacle. Hubby is fine with the Lido or MDR. Since I book all our cruises and he comes with me I’ll not push the Pinnacle any longer and I’m ok with that.
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