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  1. Oh it makes me really happy they have live music (and dancing I assume) again in the Ocean Bar! We really missed that. Glad they had the 4* & 5* Mariner reception and what a treat having the ship under 50% full. Enjoy the cruise! I’m pretending I’m with you, lol. Will be following along.
  2. I was excited once as well when it worked properly for 2 days! I seem to always have to clear most times I try to sign in now using safari on iPhone.
  3. Well like others have said, it may work for awhile or even sometimes 2 days then back to square one. Such as now-I had to clear my data/cache to be able to post this plus of course had to sign back in.
  4. For the first time on our next cruise we will have the drink package so I’ll definitely try it! Thanks 😁
  5. @Vict0riann I really appreciate all your posts and photos. I’m glad you were spoiled the first part of your cruise with less people. Smart of you for being very careful now too. Your afternoon tea looked like a delightful way to relax. Thanks again for taking us along.
  6. No dessert? Yes, very disappointing lol. I remember my first time ordering the lobster bisque not know how it was served. I was in shock seeing the little bit of it in a bowl and the server said enjoy. Sucked me right in. Then laughing he poured the liquid in. Too funny. SO good though. Yum. #1 looks refreshing-ultimate raspberry lemonade. Let us know which you try! Enjoy the day. Thanks again for all your reporting and photos.
  7. It was such a lovely cruise in 2015 and at that time was our longest. Yes, I wondered how many different ones they could do too! We’ve also had such excellent room stewards.
  8. Such wonderful special memories of the “good old days” of HAL. So much has changed.
  9. I personally love seeing the towel animals before we turn in. On our 19 day Panama Canal cruise (seems years ago now) I had put the towel animals up on the ledge behind the couch (we were in a Neptune so lots of room)-they kept adding to it everyday never taking them down until just before we got back to Vancouver. I took a panoramic photo of them all lined up. Was so cool seeing all the critters in a row, lol.
  10. If we go on our long South Pacific cruise I may pick up postcards but bring them home to mail, lol!!
  11. I was going to ask the same about sending postcards-it’s a great idea. My parents used to do that many years ago for my kids.
  12. Sounds like a great day in Aruba! Nice to be able to see friends there too.
  13. So excited to see this! Thanks for taking all of us that are stuck at home with you virtually on this cruise. Bon Voyage!
  14. We love Cabo! Hope your excursion is wonderful-looks like a perfect day.
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