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  1. I’d phone whoever you booked with and ask. Did you check on your roll call if they have the info?
  2. That is strange. For our upcoming cruise our documents have attached the itinerary which shows (at the bottom) if it’s a tender port or not. Have you done final payment? We have so maybe that’s why?
  3. Love signature suites-lots more room. Up to you for cost as it’s a personal decision.
  4. Thanks for your review. We are heading soon to the Mexican Riviera but on the Oosterdam doing a back to back. Done it several times before so, like you, will decide which port we might get off at.
  5. Interesting. We use the NavApp and will again on our upcoming cruise-I’m glad they haven’t changed where it makes a noise when you get a message-I like it silent. Thanks for the update.
  6. Our daughter is a diver and has been to Thailand, Indonesia etc. We stick to snorkeling and loved it when we did a private excursion when docked in La Paz and snorkeled with the whale sharks. That was an amazing experience.
  7. We have used private and was still not good. Been there several times & won’t waste our money again-will wait until Caribbean. Do you have recommendations for certain areas since we haven’t had much luck.
  8. It’s almost like a bait & switch. Promised something then not provided it-very poor decision on their part as now they’ve lost a client. And to say you’re lucky you are 4* and stock OBC-that should have nothing to do with it. To be told your booking price was too low-well, she knew the price when you booked so that doesn’t seem like a reasonable explanation at all. I’d be upset too.
  9. That’s not any way to treat a returning client after saying you’d get OBC. Definitely time to find another TA.
  10. When you’re from a cruise ship you don’t have a lot of choices. And not everyone is a diver-diving is great though.
  11. We gave up snorkeling on the Pacific side-usually rough, not clear, etc. We had several awesome cruises to the Caribbean and snorkeling was fantastic. Loved Bonaire with the drift snorkel. We are leaving soon for Mexico cruise for relaxing only-leaving our snorkel gear at home.
  12. We will be first timers and thank you for all the info. Going to do this on our own!
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