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  1. We are being very bored at home 😒 Supposed to fly to see our grandbaby but not flying for awhile anywhere. We do have a summer place and boat that we can now go to (involves a ferry). I’d still rather be planning a cruise! We had to cancel one for October to Europe so I’m really suffering. Was hoping to get to 5* but doubt that will happen now.
  2. Spot on Roz!! We actually, for the first time last December, chose a Neptune on deck 6 on the Oosterdam. Since we were going to be on for 2 weeks, when we booked we could only get a guarantee (which I don’t like) an aft (which no way because of hubby) or mid ship on deck 6. Figured we’d try it and actually really liked it! I’m so glad we got that cruise in as I’m really struggling with withdrawal from no cruises 😒
  3. We usually stay mid ship only because hubby gets the motion sickness. However we’ve been guests many times of friends in aft wrap Neptune suites and I loved them. The huge balcony is a plus for many people. Everyone has their preference for different reasons.
  4. Friends of ours rolled the dice on a Neptune guarantee on the Koningsdam and ended up deck 10 (10006). The wife was extremely upset. Next to no balcony. Room was a weird shape but it was the very small balcony that disturbed her the most. They did complain and the partition was opened but then it slammed all night so they couldn’t sleep so had it closed again. I personally don’t think they should be sold as a Neptune.
  5. Sometimes the 3rd person is much lower priced and if that is so I’d pick a Neptune especially now you’ve said your daughter is 5’4”. Whichever you decide, have a wonderful time. We’ve done several cruises with our adult children and it’s great memories.
  6. The Murphy bed was pretty impressive in its own area-we didn’t even know it was there until the steward mentioned it and showed us! I think your daughter would be fine on the chaise unless she’s quite tall. I was thinking more of privacy - the Signature suite seemed a bit better for that. However, if you’re a close family I also think your daughter would love the perks of the Neptune suite! It’s a nice way to feel spoiled. Do read posts/reviews about the aft Neptune suites on the larger ships because it seems the balcony isn’t as large as the older ships. We have never stayed in an Aft Neptune-usually pick one closer to the Neptune lounge. (Husband won’t stay in an aft cabin, likes to be mid ship).
  7. Not sure if you’re interested (forgot on my previous post) but this is a photo of the chaise lounge in our signature suite.
  8. We loved our Signature suite #7105 on the Koningsdam for 3 weeks and wished one of our adult kids were with us. The Murphy bed was in basically a semi private area much better than a fold out bed. I sent lots of photos to the website you were referred to but here are a couple of the “room” with the hidden Murphy bed and then when it starts getting folded down. Unless you specifically want the perks of a Neptune suite (which are wonderful of course) your daughter may sleep more comfortably in a Signature suite.
  9. We actually have a boat and summer place on the Sunshine Coast which includes a ferry ride from Vancouver. Years ago I told my husband I wanted a cruise but apparently I wasn’t clear enough I wanted it on a cruise ship not our boat, lol!! I’ve made him pay ever since for that! I think your idea to see the polar bears is awesome! That would be incredible. Either of your choices would be very interesting-hope it works out for you. We will probably focus on flying (when it’s safer) to Quebec to see our little granddaughter in the fall.
  10. lol! We would have been a 5* in no time if we lived there. I guess your friends don’t enjoy cruising-so many last minute deals in the past too from Florida-was always jealous.
  11. Wish I lived in Florida ...for cruising ! We are still not doing International travel. Our border between British Columbia and Washington is still closed to regular travel. As much as I’d love to be cruising I know it won’t happen to us personally for a very long time sadly. I sure miss the excitement of booking & planning a cruise.
  12. I also reached out to our PCC and with his 25 years of working there survived the cut too. I’d sure miss him as he’s been a great PCC.
  13. I wish. It was so depressing cancelling our big Europe cruise. What worries me in future is being a Canadian senior and getting travel medical 😒 Thank you for doing this-I look through & dream of hopefully being on a HAL ship!
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