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  1. Just finished making a sweet potato casserole....made my own recipe. Boiled 2 large ones (cut up in pieces) It made everything easier to peel. Boiled and drained then added some butter and sour cream, nutmeg, cinnamon and some honey and mashed them all up and put in a small casserole dish. I will heat it up later when I am ready for my meal. Not doing anything much else today...well, I will eat and watch football.🙂 I will roast bone in turkey breast though........hoping it tastes good when finished!
  2. Hi Joseph🙂 #4 is fantastic!..........(well the other 4 items are pretty good too) but glad you got to fulfill that wish!
  3. Good morning friends, on this 26th day....Nov 2020 I want to say I am very thankful for all of you. Thank you for the words of encouragement during all my health issues and for the real friendships I think we have on here. I hope next year will be much better for all of us but wanting to just say THANK YOU.
  4. Hi friends.......Mysty, thank you for the Holiday wishes. We appreciate them. (Well, I do). To my friends here around the country..........wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving and with all the stuff that has happened this year, I have to say I am thankful for this group of folks......for listening to me vent and encouraging words during so many health issues I have experienced this year. Thank you all.
  5. Hi Sharon, I forgot.......I bought some fresh garlic too (already peeled) so I will throw a few of those cloves in there as well and I agree, the bone gives it more flavor🙂 I keep watching the news and see all these millions of folks who are flying and I really have to wonder what the country is going to look like in about 3 weeks. I think the virus will get way, way worse (unfortunately).☹️
  6. Hi Spins, sounds like you are at least taking the virus seriously and since you are eating outside and spreading out, it should be pretty safe. Hope you have a good day with your family.🙂
  7. Good morning,🙂 well, it was 1 year ago today I had my lumpectomy............hard to believe really, especially with all that has happened since that time. I am roasting a bone-in turkey breast tomorrow.....tried to find a smaller size but this will have to do......it is about 4.7 llbs. I will just have lots of leftover turkey sandwiches. Making sweet potatoes and some stuffing (from the box) but it will be fine and having some pre-made green bean casserole from Publix. I also cheated and got myself a mini size apple pie from the Publix bakery. I really don't do
  8. Good morning Cynthia......that dessert looks delicious! I must admit I do love a good apple pie. I decided to buy a mini one from the Publix bakery. Well, today is the 1 year anniversary from my lumpectomy........it has been quite a year, that is for sure. I will wish all of you a real Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.........🙂
  9. Hi Chas, this is absolutely AWESOME......I really gave a BIG LOL when I saw it.😃
  10. I think Dr's, Nurses, etc (health care workers) should all be in the first group given the vaccine......whatever their ages might be......
  11. Hi JP, we all have such different types of families. I have one nephew but never see him anymore.......I have no clue what he and his wife are doing these days.
  12. It does not apply to me all...........no kids here.
  13. Hope all of you have fun zooming with your families!🙂 Glad you are all being safe!!!!!!
  14. Good morning, well, I went to Publix and bought a Butterball bone in turkey breast. Now I almost wish I hadn't but I will go ahead and roast it and hopefully it will taste good🙂....I bought 2 medium sized onions......I will cut them up and stuff them into into the cavity. They should give it great flavor. I got 2 sweet potatoes.....I will bake them and then mash them up. I got a small order of pre-made green been casserole too. Oh, I have a couple of fresh lemons in the fridge and will put them in along with the onions. This breast is just over 4.5 lbs......yes,
  15. Hi Terry, sorry you won't see the kids but glad to know you are following what is best. I am sure you will zoom with them, right?🙂 I was reading this morning it said 1 out of 3 parents said it would be worth it to travel even with this large outbreak.....so does that mean 2 out of 3 parents know it is not the right thing to do?
  16. Hi, I have never even used Zoom before so have no clue how to set it up........ Sharon, not sure what I am going to do........probably need to decide tomorrow LOL........I can go to the grocery store in the morning and maybe it won't be too crowded. I have to agree, I am thankful for all of you on this thread🙂
  17. Hi Cynthia, Oh, I would never want anyone to be stalked😮☹️......that is the last thing I was thinking about. We can take a pass and just wish each other a Happy Holiday on here.........
  18. Good morning girls...........Kat, I agree with Melody, glad you are feeling so good about the job🙂 I think I am going to get a turkey breast and cook it for Thursday.......maybe a boneless one. It will give me plenty of leftovers since even a small one is usually more than 2 lbs. But then again, we have various restaurants that are selling holiday meals and you can do take out of course. That is another option. So still thinking about it.😮
  19. Davey, I think you might be right. It does look like Swiss Chard. Good morning everyone.
  20. Looks like it is in the lettuce family to me😀 or leafy greens!
  21. Hi Terry, yes......it was but not sure what happened exactly. It actually was cancelled TODAY. From what I have read, the medical teams of each side could not agree...........
  22. Hi Terry, my Noles were supposed to get the crap beaten out of them by Clemson but the game was postponed this morning😲
  23. Good morning, not sure I understand, it only allows 100 people at a time? We are only maybe a dozen if that many. I have never used it so not sure what you do for it anyway. Log in, register? I just thought it might be nice for everyone to say hello on Turkey Day.
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