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  1. Hello, I just sailed on Spirit(sitting at the airport now) you need an Antigen test or a PCR to fly to Europe, each country has different standards. We were tested prior to boarding yes. It was the Antigen test. They do them at the port. I flew to Lisbon and Portugal requires either test so you don't have to do the 72 hour PCR for entry into Portugal. I have to say when we landed nobody asked for any health forms at all. Only asked for the Passport. Now this morning when I checked in at the KLM counter they wanted to see everything. VAXX card, negative test results (ship did the test before we disembarked) and. Passport.
  2. I am sitting in The Hotel Avenida Palace right now........absolutely beautiful😀 and wonderful location. I paid 202 Euros which includes breakfast tomorrow morning.
  3. Carol, it that you and Steve?.......say it is.........
  4. Hi friends, I am in the hotel in Lisbon. Staying at Hotel Avenida Palace and it is absolutely lovely. Highly recommend it. I got off the ship about 9.45 and had to walk a bit to finally flag down a taxi......it probably took about 10 to 15 minutes. Anyway, the cab ride to the hotel was about 6.5 Euros. So not bad at all. And the room was ready when I checked in........this hotel is about 10 to 12 minutes *with traffic, from the ship. I ended up walking from the hotel down to the the water. It was about a 20 minute walk. Beautiful sunny day and felt like it was in the mid to high 70s. I walked around looking for a place to have lunch and went by a stand where they have cable car rides*trolley car rides....those folks were really nice and recommended an outdoor Italian place......It was delicious😀after lunch I strolled some more and at about 1.15 I took a cable car ride around the city with a few other folks. The ride was about 75 minutes and it was 20 euros. I then came back to the hotel.....it was around 3.30 and relaxed in the room. The bed is very comfy. Going to a local Portuguese place for dinner tonight recommended by the hotel. As for the cruise, yes, we had some glitches and changes but overall I still had a marvelous time and am VERY glad I went😀 If anyone is on board now, please tell Marius *HD.....hello and thanks again. And Michael, who is the Restaurant Manager a big hello too.......He is from South Africa......gotta love that accent😉 Anyway, I get home tomorrow night at midnight.......siggghhhhhh........... Will follow up afterwards.
  5. 👋hi would love to know who you are and thanks for the kind words😀
  6. Hey Wes, yes I had a great time. Lovestx, what are your names? At least let me say hello😀
  7. Hi girls😀 it is the last full day and we are at sea. I am so glad I took this cruise! After visiting Lisbon and these Islands I think this is now my 2nd favorite area of the world( Italy is #1). But I really do love Lisbon. We dock tomorrow and I stay overnight and fly home Thursday.
  8. I don't really like port wine but I love this and so I don't think it is like a port.
  9. I never buy any to bring home with me is what I should have said.
  10. Hello friends, it is a warm and sunny day and I had an exceptional excursion this morning to 2 wineries. The guide was fantastic and in 20 years of cruising I had never purchased any wine before. This has to be some of the best I have ever tasted. It actually does not taste like wine. If you can close your eyes and see a beautiful amber liquid------something to sip like a fine liquor----this is it. The winery is El Grifo and the wine is called Canari. Unbelievable. Best 70 Euros I have ever spent😀
  11. I am on my 3rd cruise since July and having a fantastic time😀. Portugal is a beautiful country😀 and sailing with less than 400 pax. I have my 4th cruise booked for Decemeber so yes, I am sailing again.
  12. Pointers are to sign up after you board the ship😀😁
  13. Hi, I have no clue about the Expedition ships but as for the other ones, they would have to do a lot of drydocking to add the Salt venues to those vessels.
  14. Just thought I would say hello from the Canary Islands since I have not participated in this thread in a very long time. Hope all of you are doing well.
  15. Well we have 2.5 more days to go and for me, it has been a wonderful cruise😀 A few glitches here and there yes. But I love this area of the world! First time I have visited Lisbon, The Azores and The Canary Islands. We are in Las Palmas today and the weather is spectacular! Went on a good tour which included a museum and A 🍷winery. Very good guide too and besides tasting 5 wines we walked through part of the vineyards. It is a small winery and the owner is awesome. He only has 4 types of grapes and really interesting to learn new things. Tomorrow we are in Arricife and Tues is a sea day and Wed we disembark. I fly home on Thursday. Will post more later.
  16. Hi, I don't know if things have changed but when I sailed Moon in July there was no registering in advance and from what I remember there were always spaces available. Just check once you are on board😀
  17. If you don't want to cook then don't. The staff is more than happy to cook for you.
  18. Had a British Pub buffet in Dolce Vita today with a fun music trivia session too. They had fish and chips, peas, some rice and some other spicey chicken as well. All sorts of drinks and everyone seemed to have a good time😀 Tonight is the 2nd formal night. For those who are not into formal I can tell you I wear nice slacks with a pretty top, some jewelry and I feel totally appropriate.
  19. Great news😀 as of this morning we are permitted to sit at bars😀. Marius (HD) received an email from HQ with this positive news! I am happy😁
  20. That is odd. The HD said a protocol email went out to all active ships about this topic. I wonder how Shadow got permission to relax things but not Spirit.
  21. Hi girls😀 just checking in from out In the Med sea. Having a wonderful time, albeit we had some weather issues. You know how Mother Nature has that final call on the whole thing. We missed a port today but I am still happy to be on board again😀 Hope everyone is doing well.
  22. Mother Nature spoke. And the Capt corrected himself and spoke again around noon.
  23. Good morning. The Cd did make his announcement about 9:30. I was sitting in Dolce Vita when he spoke. Sorry you feel things are ridiculous.
  24. Hi friends, we were supposed to be stopping in Ponte Degalda today but due to rough seas and the size of the docking area the Capt felt for our safety to not try and dock there. So we are having a 5th sea day. He announced it this morning after he was in constant contact with the port authority. I had dinner in LA Dame last night and it was fabulous😀 I had Chilean Sea Bass that had to be more than 2 inches thick and was soooo delicious. AND lamb chops. My own version of surf and turf. I can only speak for myself and it was worth every penny. (In my opinion). Anyway, still very much loving the 🚢⚓ and staff/crew are outstanding😀
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