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  1. Hi🙂, oh....I only wear these with socks.........I wear them to walk. No barefeet for me in these type of sandals...they are really a shoe even though they are classified as a "Fisherman's Sandal".
  2. And if it stays the way it is at the moment I would think SS will have to re-think their plans.
  3. Sail, I didn't realize you are in the UK......so close to many historical places in the world!
  4. Hi girls, Melody, beautiful🙂 I had my mind set on those new shoes........one of those things I just wanted. I have a pair of "Earth Origins" they are fisherman's sandals......here is a picture of the one's I own. Mine are pretty worn out.....I wear them every morning to walk. I just found them at Famous Footwear! I decided to get them in Navy and will be bringing them on my cruise to Greece. Normally I am not this fixed on shoes but oh well, I am happy now😀 They are really comfortable.
  5. Looking forward to it🙂 I was in Taormina too!
  6. Good morning, I sailed Spirit back in 2017 and was on deck 6....actually I was in 642. Now, that was 4 years ago so it has been awhile but I cannot recall having any noise issues on that cruise. I don't remember having any negative issues at all🙂.......actually, it was my first cruise with SS and it was FABULOUS😀......can't wait to sail again..........58 more days!!!! Hope you have a wonderful time!
  7. Good morning, WOW😀 awesome fireworks!!!!!! Thanks again for sharing this with us. I LOVE Sorrento and it definitely brings back memories! Funny how when traveling, there always seems to be a wedding go on somewhere on the trip.🙂.....it is like, remember that time in ????
  8. Hi, I am sailing in July and haven't received anything in regard to details about on board protocols. I plan on bringing 3 or 4 masks with me and will just carry one with me at all times.
  9. Hi, I heard about that shooting yesterday afternoon.☹️ and one in Times Square over the weekend too with a 4 year old being hit......and one in Phoenix too.........it is a never ending battle😦
  10. Thanks for the answers to that question.😀 Breakfast is one of my favorite meals so it looks like I will try all 3 venues🙂
  11. Good morning, not on the cruise but what cruise line are you asking about?
  12. Good morning, your food looks delicious and what a wonderful way to have spent your Mother's Day😀 it must be fantastic to be with your daughter again! I saw some videos over the weekend of families coming together and it was amazing............so happy for you.
  13. Good morning....Lola, nothing wrong with wanting to wait to book your dinner reservations. I can understand it. I sail solo and sometimes I just want to wait as well because there is always the possibility of meeting other folks on board and you may want to dine together (not knowing that beforehand). Example is my upcoming sailing.......I booked 3 nights on line...one in Terrazza, one at the Grille and one at Silver Note......figured I would just get myself in those spots at least once. But the other 7 nights? Will just leave them up in the air. I definitely want to try SALT though🙂....it
  14. Hi Kat, I saw the thread you have been chatting on over on that forum..........I have given up on answering any posts concerning the vaccinations.........and Florida and you know who.
  15. Just curious what kind of protocols will be in place in the overall scheme of things. Once I am sitting at the bar, having a drink, hoping other folks will be there too and we can still interact in a semi-fun basis at least😀 Oh, I think a suit will be fine! Have you been sailing with SS over the years?
  16. Guess I am just bored today........I ended up returning the 2 pair of shoes I bought yesterday. One was a lightweight sneaker/walking shoe and I am just not used to wearing lace ups anymore. I have a pair I walk in every day that is nice and broken in so not sure why I bought this new pair anyway. And the ones I own have a velcroe strap that is sort of at an angle. Just going to keep on wearing them and they will do fine for walking on my excursions. The other was a pair of sandals and I should have realized before buying them they have NO support........after walking around the house in the
  17. Good morning🙂 I don't know anything about cruises going out of Italy but I do know Athens is starting up cruises on June 18th. (It might be earlier than that) but I do know specifically June 18th there will be ships sailing out of Greece. I have one booked for July 8th🙂
  18. I sail in July and I agree, it should be a very memorable trip🙂
  19. Good morning, I echo Mysty and wish all of you Mom's, Grandma's, Step Mom's--or whatever role you are in this world of a caregiver a
  20. Good morning.......this is just to lighten up the room a little bit on this Sunday........I want to take a moment and wish all the Mom's, Grandma's, Step Mom's, etc.....whoever is in the role......... and wish all of you
  21. Good morning and To all the Moms, Grandma's and whoever else is in this role, Step Mom's...... Aunts.....etc, etc.......wishing you all the best day ever.
  22. Hi Lola, good morning (afternoon for you).🙂 If Specialty Dining is included, it is new for sure. It is not included in my upcoming cruise unless they have changed policy and still need to update the website. It still shows prices for all the "Pay Restaurants".
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