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  1. We noticed two cabins on Eurodam on deck 10 that are listed as interior, but have a small window that looks out onto the sliding cover over the main pool.
  2. We were on the same cruise, and felt safe everywhere.
  3. We sailed out of Dublin in May. Boarding began about noon, and the life boat drill was at about 7:00. All restaurants and bars were closed for about 45 minutes before/during the drill. We ate in Murano before the drill, and were the last folks out before the drill. The was a line to get into Murano, since it is a muster station.
  4. If I recall correctly, the bathroom outlet on S class ships (pre-Revolution) will not accept two prong polarized plugs, which our portable flosser has. What we did on our last cruise was plug our power adaptor (which has two round Europe type plugs) into the outlet, and then plugged our flosser into the adaptor, which accepts two prong polarized plugs. This worked great for us.
  5. RCCL (and Celebrity) have a provision in the passenger contract that requires a passenger to file suit against them only in Miami. That presumably is why a Miami based attorney is involved. I also assume that one of the family members or a friend googled "cruise attorneys" and found the attorney that is now involved.
  6. Most lawsuits in the US are not frivolous. Big companies, who want to pay as little as possible to victims, have lead the charge in claiming there are too many lawsuits.
  7. Many of the tables for two are very close to other tables for two, so you can easily talk to your neighbors if you/they want to.
  8. We have never sailed on Disney, but Celebrity does try to keep the interior areas cool, especially in hot weather. I am never cold, but my wife often is, so she brings a jacket/sweater with her when we are indoors.
  9. There was a thread a few months ago by a lady who claimed she received a fine for having a substance that was not in a labeled bottle. I believe it may have had to do with CBD oil.
  10. Two more M class ships probably not really for sale. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2396957-two-m-class-ships-for-sale/
  11. I would not be worried about cruises later this year. I recall awhile back one of the other M class ships was included in a similar listing. The thought at that time was Celebrity had not actually listed the ship for sale. Since the Millennium was just refurbished, I doubt that Celebrity would be trying to sell in now. Maybe they will try to sell it after more of the E class ships are in service.
  12. We also prefer sending out our laundry vs. doing it ourself. As you mention, it is a pain to do it yourself, especially when the machines are busy. We have not received a cloth bag in years. Only paper lately, and those do not hold as much.
  13. We did a similar private tour with Carmine of See Amalfi Coast. https://www.seeamalficoast.com It was one of the best tours we have ever taken.
  14. On most cruises, Celebrity offers a $50 special for all items you can stuff into a provided paper bag. If you are Elite, you get 30 items free. If you are Elite plus, you get 60 items free.
  15. I do not believe that the muster drill will be held on the 20th, so you should be able to go to the luau. The drill is required to take place before the ship sails, so I would guess it will take place around 4:00 or 5:00 pm on April 21.
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