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  1. I just read that Hawaii has not tested anyone for the coronavirus. Hopefully no one there has it, but without testing, you can not know for sure. I have not read anything that would cause concern about traveling to Hawaii. However, they do get a lot of visitors from Japan. Thanks to the Diamond Princess outbreak, there are a lot of cases in Japan.
  2. They are self-insured for loss of business. They appear to have insurance for most other losses. Here is a quote from Carnival's most recent annual financial filing regarding insurance: XVIII. Insurance a. General We maintain insurance to cover a number of risks associated with owning and operating our vessels and other non-ship related risks. All such insurance policies are subject to coverage limits, exclusions and deductible levels. Insurance premiums are dependent on our own loss experience and the general premium requirements of our insurers. We maintain certain levels of deductibles for substantially all the below-mentioned coverages. We may increase our deductibles to mitigate future premium increases. We do not carry coverage related to loss of earnings or revenues from our ships or other operations. b. Protection and Indemnity (“P&I”) Coverages Liabilities, costs and expenses for illness and injury to crew, guest injury, pollution and other third party claims in connection with our cruise activities are covered by our P&I clubs, which are mutual indemnity associations owned by ship owners. We are members of three P&I clubs, Gard, Steamship Mutual and UK Club, which are part of a worldwide group of 13 P&I clubs, known as the International Group of P&I Clubs (the “IG”). The IG insures directly, and through broad and established reinsurance markets, a large portion of the world’s shipping fleets. Coverage is subject to the P&I clubs’ rules and the limits of coverage are determined by the IG. c. Hull and Machinery Insurance We maintain insurance on the hull and machinery of each of our ships for reasonable amounts as determined by management. The coverage for hull and machinery is provided by large and well-established international marine insurers. Insurers make it a condition for insurance coverage that a ship be certified as “in class” by a classification society that is a member of the International Association of Classification Societies (“IACS”). All of our ships are routinely inspected and certified to be in class by an IACS member. d. War Risk Insurance We use a combination of insurance and self-insurance to cover war risk for legal liability to crew, guests and other third parties as well as loss or damage to our vessels arising from war or war-like actions. Our primary war risk insurance coverage is provided by international marine insurers and our excess war risk insurance is provided by our three P&I clubs. Under the terms of our war risk insurance coverage, which are typical for war risk policies in the marine industry, insurers can give us seven days’ notice that the insurance policies will be canceled. However, the policies can be reinstated at different premium rates. e. Other Insurance We maintain property insurance covering our shoreside assets and casualty insurance covering liabilities to third parties arising from our hotel and transportation business, shore excursion operations and shoreside operations, including our port and related commercial facilities. We also maintain worker’s compensation, director’s and officer’s liability and other insurance coverages.
  3. It is being reported that 4 of the 32 passengers evacuated to the UK have now tested positive.
  4. It was my understanding that only about 20 passengers were tested for the Coronavirus when the ship initially arrived in Cambodia. It is also my understanding that no tests for Coronavirus were conducted onboard prior to arrival in Cambodia, because the ship did not have any Coronavirus test kits on board.
  5. Which calls into question the reliability of the testing being done. I assume the swab sample was taken well before disembarkation, since it takes some to get results.
  6. As people with cancelled/modified cruises are finding out, it is beneficial to use Celebrity Air if the cruise is cancelled or modified. If you use Celebrity Air, Celebrity, not you, is responsible for arranging new airfare for modified cruises, and will refund the airfare for cancelled cruises. If you book your own airfare, you are on your own.
  7. We were booked on a Renaissance cruise for December 2001. Renaissance was having problems before 9/11, I believe due to its rapid expansion. I believe all large cruise lines will be OK, unless the problems get a lot worse than they are now, and they have to cancel cruises other than in Asia.
  8. Ironically, one of the explanations for why the Japanese government is letting passengers off the ship with no further quarantine is that the decisions are being made by bureaucrats, not medical personnel. Seems same thing is happening in the US.
  9. NCL, Oceania and Regent announced yesterday that they have cancelled all their upcoming Asia cruises. There is a current Oceania cruise that changed its ending port from Singapore to Dubai, halfway through the cruise. Singapore has the highest per capita number of Coronavirus cases in the world. It is hard to fault the cruise lines for not wanting to go there right now.
  10. Celebrity posted as recently as February 8. It was in the Millennium roll call for the Feb 15 cruise. Celebrity posted that the cruise had not been cancelled, contrary to what B2B passengers onboard had been told. The cruise was officially cancelled a few days later.
  11. In a financial press release issued today, NCL stated that: "Out of an abundance of caution and as a result of the uncertainty surrounding port entry and berthing availability in various destinations in Asia, the Company has made the prudent decision to cancel all voyages in Asia across its three brands. A total of 40 voyages have been canceled, modified or redeployed including 24 voyages on Norwegian Cruise Line, 10 on Oceania Cruises and 6 on Regent Seven Seas Cruises. Following these changes, the Company will not have any vessels deployed in Asia through the end of the third quarter 2020." http://www.nclhltdinvestor.com/index.php/news-releases/news-release-details/norwegian-cruise-line-holdings-reports-fourth-quarter-and-full-0
  12. https://www.facebook.com/PrincessCruises/videos/783739805479528/ Beginning at 1:46, he discusses that the air is partially recirculated in cabins and public areas. If the air was only recirculated with air from the same cabin, I am confident he would have said so. So I believe the Executive Vice President of Princess over chengkp75 or you.
  13. The air is partially recirculated, not all fresh. Princess has confirmed this. However, it has not been determined if this is spreading the virus.
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