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  1. Juneau, the Capitol. We arrived in Juneau over an hour early but the Joy was parked in OUR slot. OH JOY! When we finally docked they first boarded the passengers that missed Seattle. To get ashore we were allowed to use this elevator which some feel is appropriate for Haven guests. We took a pre-booked taxi from Glacier Taxi. I highly recommend using this company. We took it to Mendenhall Glacier and were dropped off just a 5 minute walk away. Fare $38. The Glacier buses now charge $44 PP. Our driver Tom is an Alaska native in that his ancestors were here over 10,000 years ago. If you use him, tell him Ken says "Hi". He took us to see the Governor's Manson as a drive by with no extra cost. The Nugget falls trail is an easy walk of about a mile. It is designated a Bear Trail with no food allowed (you will be the food.) I saw no bears except some fellow Berkeley alums who shouted "Go Bears!". "Not today", I replied. The falls are well worth the hike. Cold refreshing spray from the falls cools you off after the hike in. We met fellow M&Gs Shay and Racelle again. We were saddened to see the glacier had receded since we were last here 5 years ago. You can barely see my tripod on the balcony in this shot Back on the ship we had dinner at Los Lobos. The table side guacamole muy bien. On to Skagway Hasta luego.
  2. see: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2658809-2019-ncl-bliss-alaska-feedback-tips-dailies/?tab=comments#comment-57365918
  3. On one end is the shower window. At the other end is door to the master bedroom. This balcony is sheltered and usable.
  4. Here you go. Note the shower window to this small balcony. Close the screen unless you are an exhibitionist.
  5. We met Johnathan (jonpilk) and Shay and Rachelle (trimom30) @ the Captain's party. Also had Silas pay me off for picking him. If anyone else says, "Hi",they will end up on this TR. Will take a pic of the 2nd balcony and post tomorrow
  6. The ship's photo studio called. They offered to set up portrait session. "No thanks, I said, "Don't look good enough". "We can make you look good", they responded. "Not unless you are plastic surgeons", said I. The meet and greet was fun. Thanks to Kathy(lawdawg04) for setting it up. We talked to Jim and Jennifer there.(jonesnewl) Cruise Director Silas ran "beauty" contest for cruise staff and asked me to judge. I picked Silas. "What do I win?", he asked. I said he already bribed me to pick him. DD Patty came in second in her go-cart race. Sea days are great
  7. If you gotta go and the bathrooms in the suite are too far away, there is a 3rd toilet off of the entrance The 2 showers. My weight varies by 10 pounds on this scale when underway. It under weighs and over weighs you. The front balcony is windy (there are 2 balconies) More later. I promise
  8. Backtracking a bit. On the way down to Pier 66, we ran into a traffic jam. It took us 30 minutes to get past the last 3 stop lights before Alaska Way. We then ran into a train. Not literally. We had lunch @ Magaritaville. Four of us could not finish the volcano nacos although we got down to the magma. On deck a family was struggling to take a group selfie so I offered to help. "You're not going to run away with our phone?", the father asked me. "Don't worry, I'm so old your kid could catch me", I replied. In the Haven Lounge I met Maravit, our butler from our last cruise. Have you ever had a hug from a butler? No workstation space so I've taken over part of the vanity. The sun is just starting to set at 8:50 PM. The ship's internet is best @ 3AM. Going back to sleep now.
  9. We are finally aboard and in our first DOS (not Disk Operating System for you nerds). The cabin is huge, over 3.5 times the size our first apartment in Berkeley when Noreen and I were in college. Daughter and BF are on their first cruise. Our treat. They are having a blast. So are we. I'll post a few pictures. Any questions? Living Room Master Bedroom 2nd Bedroom Tub 2nd Bath More tomorrow
  10. They moved us 2 doors down. Despite what my countdown clock says, I haven't (yet) sailed. Lynette C. who just finished sailing today in the same suite we reserved told me she left me a "surprise" hidden in the cabin. I hope it is not a chocolate covered strawberry.
  11. I was up doing this trip report anyway. 😉 Good thing as I notified the front desk and it got worse really fast.
  12. Other This is not my Tat Cart The Space Needle looks like it was designed by Tesla. Nikola that is. The ceiling of our hotel room sprung a leak @4 AM. We had to move rooms 😞 Boarding soon. Really this time
  13. 🙂 Yes but try taking those after the muster drill or after shows.
  14. Random thoughts. Part of the gum wall, yuck. You touch, you buy. Ordered cannelloni at Barolo Restaurant in honor the The Godfather film Part of an atheist's piece of ground. Boarding in few hours.
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