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  1. Probably not since I could only get to my booked cruises; can't get to any of my other information.
  2. I've found a "workaround." When you are in the "log-in loop" that says you're logged in, don't click on your account; instead, click on "Booked Guests" then click on "Manage Booking" and your upcoming cruises should come up. Can't get to any of my "saved" cruises, but at least I could look at the ones I have booked, so maybe I'm "half logged in." Hope that helps.
  3. Except today is actually the 13th (although in other parts of the world it is the 14th, but not yet the 15th).
  4. I'm having issues as well, but I get "You are successfully signed in" but then nothing happens (screen stays the same) and I'm not actually logged in as when I try to access any other page, it just takes me back to the log in screen as though I'm not logged in. <sigh>
  5. Thank you everyone for your recommendations. After talking with my SIL, we are going to stay in Santiago and will book the Plaza San Francisco Hotel. Thanks again! Donna
  6. Thanks for the second vote for the hotel--looks like a good place to stay. Thanks too for the information on the tours you used--that will come in handy as I start researching in earnest. As for the dry air, I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, so I'm used to the dry air, and yes, I always have water with me here too. 😀
  7. Thank you for the information on the hotel and the link to your Blog. I only looked at your first day and already know I'll be going back through it since there is so much helpful information! Thanks so much!!
  8. I have a cruise booked out of Santiago (San Antonio) Chile for March 2022. Just starting some preliminary research and wondering if it is better to stay in Santiago, Chile or in San Antonio, Chile pre-cruise. I'll (probably) have 2 days pre-cruise, and not sure what to see, so not sure which city to stay in. Any specific locations you recommend staying in at either of these cities. Also, if you have any hotel recommendations to include, I'd appreciate it. I'm traveling solo, so safety is a big concern as well. This will be my first time in South America (and I don't speak Spanish at all)
  9. If you're cruise is cancelled (I think all the TAs were cancelled, but not sure as I'm not tracking those), you could try to book the roundtrip cruise from Southampton on Island Princess. It goes to Iceland and Greenland in August. Of course, there's no guarantee my cruise won't be cancelled, but at least it's further out and not subject to the CDC restrictions (less than 8 days through November). If you do decide to join this cruise, please join our roll call as well. Good luck and stay safe. Donna
  10. I had EZ Air booked for our northbound Alaska cruise in August. After getting off the ship in Whittier, our group of 12 were staying in Anchorage for a family reunion in September. Since the cruise was cancelled, we needed to rebook the air to get to Anchorage and back to wherever everyone was coming from. Unfortunately, although the cruise was cancelled, nothing was done, and when I tried to cancel the EZ Air, nothing happened and it wasn't cancelled (it's as though when they cancelled it, they turned off making changes, but didn't actually do anything else since the cruise is
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