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  1. We always shower and change for dinner..maybe nothing formal but clean clothes at the least. We take these in our carry ons, in case the suitcases don’t arrive in time..they usually do, though .
  2. Fed up of speculation ! Let’s have a confirmed date before getting excited. Also knowing which tests will be required and where you can get them after transatlantic flight would be interesting. We normally fly in a few days pre cruise, so would probably need one to fly and one to board. Did hear of some people spending fortnight in Barbados before flying into States, as Barbados was Green list and travellers from there were allowed into USA. That was earlier in summer. Certainly hope you are right !
  3. Agree…pet peeve is everyone should have same T&Cs. To answer your question, maybe suck it up and pay deposit this time, but make sure you buy some FCDs for the future. Or take the risk that your chosen cabin will be available following your October cruise. Not sure how quickly FCDs are processed, maybe buy some on the first day of your cruise and see Future Cruise Sales’ Team after a few days and see if you can apply FCD.
  4. We buy FCD (Future Cruise Deposits) when on Princess. These count as a deposit for any future cruise you choose to book, either with your own Travel Agent, or directly through Princess, and give you some OBC (Onboard Credit)- amount depends on type of cabin you book. If you haven’t booked something by the end of the two years’ validity, the cost $100 or £75 is returned to you, to the card you used to buy it. During this difficult time, they are also extending validity , on request. Note FCD is different from FCC (Future Cruise Credit) which you many have received for a cancelled cruise. If you have an idea which new cruise you wish to book, check out prices prior to sailing, then you can compare with price you are offered on the ship. In our experience, our Travel Agent usually offers a better price.
  5. Pre Covid you were allowed ONE change to your cruise..cabin/price/ship/ date at an admin charge of £100 per booking. You did this through whom you booked with..either Travel agent or Princess Direct. So saving £400 might be worth it..is it £400 each or total? You need to consider further price drops might happen or the fare could increase. I read somewhere on Cruise Critic that the admin fee is now £150 for one change. There may be additional rules for changes since Covid. It might be worth speaking to Princess to consider your options…explain you are just looking for information and don’t want to make any changes until you understand what they are offering. Some people have mentioned they were told they would need to cancel and re book..but this is not the case..as long as you speak to someone who knows what they are talking about ! You may have to ring a few times to find such a person.
  6. Yes we have very different rules in UK. Deposits are non refundable, Re faring only allowed once..at an admin fee. Changes of cabin/ cruise…. at admin fee One of my pet peeves that T&Cs are not standard. Slightly different rules in these Covid times and depend on who cancels and when.
  7. Union Castle- Reina del Mar (4) P&O- Canberra (8) Norwegian American- Vistafjord (1) Princess- Emerald, (3) Island, (1) Royal, (1) Majestic, (1)Caribbean(2) Royal Caribbean- Serenade, (1) Liberty, (2) Navigator.(1) Oasis (1) Marella- Discovery II (1)
  8. Princess website has been showing ‘Currently Not Available’ for the Round Australia voyage on Coral , 16th March 2022 since a week after bookings opened. On UK Princess website today, still showing ‘Currently Not Available’. Maybe this is to do with Australian borders being closed to International Travellers. We are booked , but not sure whether to pay at full payment(December) .Speaking to Princess UK, even though we have booked with a travel agent, lady seemed to think a decision might be made, prior to Full Payment date…..but who knows ??
  9. No experience, sorry. Usually buy FCD on board, then book chosen cruise with local travel agent as it’s easier to deal with them. Admin charge to make changes in UK was £100, pre Covid, so has obviously increased recently. Agree calling Customer Services again as another agent may deal with the change differently. Maybe ask to speak with supervisor if you don’t get anywhere. Good Luck.
  10. We would be very happy not having queues to have photographs taken on embarkation and especially getting off the ship in ports. We usually just say “No Thank you or Excuse us’ and walk behind the queues. Not usually an issue but in these COVID days glad social distancing can be maintained. Sorry it’s not directly linked to ‘Live from’ thread.
  11. Have never cruised Cunard but don’t see why people decry tap shoes…it is whatever’s floats your boat(pun intended) I am sure tap shoes weigh no more than snorkelling gear and no one seems to complain about people travelling with that… I take neither tap shoes nor snorkelling gear. There is no need to criticise the choices of others..we all have different priorities.
  12. I think you would be doing well to stick to four pairs of shoes/ sandals. I never seem to manage less than seven. But I admit, I am an over packer who likes to have options !!!
  13. Gosh, I hadn’t even thought of that. We have to wear masks in shops, food shops on public transport, so would be carrying masks. Insurance doesn’t work that way here and we’d have to pay both third party and CDW in USA. Possibly personal item theft insurance. I heard that someone on a four hour flight avoided their mask by saying they were eating a tube of Pringles ! Must have nibbled very slowly !
  14. We have been fortunate so far with Booking.com in UK and USA..but have heard some sorry stories..must speak as you find ! We rented a car to go to Sawgrass from Embassy Suites and were quoted $39.. by the time taxes and insurance were added on, we ended up paying about $100, so wouldn’t do that again. Hyatt have suggested a shuttle from Avanti. We probably will go to Sawgrass as we haven’t been to an American Mall since our last visit in July 2019…..always assuming we are allowed in. Please thank your niece for details of mask wearing…not looking forward to that , but needs must.
  15. Thanks for that. Assuming your niece is a US citizen as Brits are not allowed in for leisure…heard today until possibly November ! We are Hilton Honors members but have this booked with booking.com Should mention Concierge at Hyatt Place was very responsive when I asked about transport to Sawgrass Mills Mall.
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