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  1. Thanks again, Ombud. Finally managed to get a cabin (Not our first choice but something that will do). Very limited availability. Was able to transfer booking from March 2021 to 2022, and apply both FCD and FCC. OBC also transferred.
  2. Thanks..will keep on trying...we have a cruise booked for Australia for March 2021 which we don’t see happening, for International travellers at least, and were hoping to defer a year. Fingers crossed.
  3. Had read on here that Princess in Australia was opening bookings for cruises from Australia from 14th. September for Elite passengers. 15th for everyone else. Sadly no cruises from Australia for 2022 on UK site until today..15th Sept and now showing either SOLD OUT or PRICING UNAVAILABLE. Maybe Princess knows something about International Borders remaining closed, or maybe for some other reason..?? Interested to know if anyone has any information???? Thanks.
  4. It's unlikely that any cruises will be operating in Australia by then. Even if they are they would be restricted to Australian and NZ passengers only. Our Prime Minister has stated that Australian borders will remain closed to international arrivals through to end of June 2021 except for the possibility of those in specific travel bubbles. Please be kind enough to post a link...we are from Wales, GB and have a cruise ex Sydney booked at the end of March, 2021. Princess hasn’t cancelled yet..but reading this it seems getting into Australia will be the problem. If I am honest, think I would prefer to defer for a year anyway!
  5. Thanks for that. Now waiting for dates, itineraries and when Brits will be able to cross the International border.
  6. Would also be interested to see March 2022 Australian itineraries and ships. Booked for 2021 but have nasty suspicion we will need to defer. Many thanks.
  7. We have booked for ourselves and used Princess flights...depending on which offers the better deal. We have usually found the flights we prefer and asked Princess to quote as a package. However, in these uncertain times, IF we were booking a cruise, would definitely book through Princess for ease of cancellation..
  8. Thank you for all the replies. Looks like we will have to defer till 2022 at least. Will wait to see if Princess cancel prior to final payment and go from there. If itineraries for 2022 are out before then will just switch FCD if that's possible.
  9. Had read that Princess cruises for 2022 for Australia were being released mid August but nothing yet. We have a cruise out of Sydney booked for March 2021 but feel it is unlikely to go ahead and even if it does seems that International borders will still be closed, so hoping to defer for a year. Haven’t seen which ships are likely to be based ‘down under’ just yet either. I appreciate no one except Princess can actually confirm this, but is anyone able to offer an ‘educated guess’ please ??
  10. We eventually received our refund over 100 days post requesting it, when Princess cancelled our March cruise. During this time, I had phoned several times to find updates...both with Princess and the Travel Agent it had been booked with. Several of the clerks were absolutely clueless, promised immediate action which never happened. Princess did agree to speak to me even though it was booked with an agent. I spent long periods waiting for replies each time I phoned. Had the same replies as you mentioned when I phoned first thing in the morning, as it seemed that many people were trying the first come, first answered. I found shorter waits about 2pm. Occasionally left it till 4pm, then ended up holding till the office closed and I was cut off. Friends finally got through at 10 am...so I think it all depends who is phoning at the time you phone.. What I found frustrating was that people who had been due to travel / had cruises cancelled after us reported receiving their refunds before us. Good luck !
  11. I am not an expert so may very well be wrong, but I understood that FCD could be refunded but FCC go back to Personaliser as FCC for future use before their expiry date. Don't know about gift cards. We waited 96 days for our 19th March cruise to be refunded...we chose Option 2. Flights have finally been refunded over 120 days from cancellation by airline. Good Luck getting a refund.
  12. Thanks...very useful to know...we would travel with Emirates or KLM (code share group) but haven't looked into if they are flying yet. Not feeling hopeful. Will see which ships are expected to sail in 2022 and see if it is possible to delay for a year...who knows what might happen before final payment? Thanks again.
  13. We were concerned reading your post. We have booked for March 2021 Northern Explorer on Sapphire and have , as yet heard nothing from Princess. Have delayed booking flights , hotels and ground transportation till things are slightly more stable. However, checked out Princess.com and cruises are still showing on UK Princess site for Australia, Spring 2021. I am not convinced we will be allowed into Australia or if cruises will have restarted by then, but it would be easier to know sooner rather than later. Very unsure what we will do when it comes to final payment as we waited 96 days for our March 2020 cruise to be refunded. Just following up on ANY news !!!!!
  14. We chose option 2 on Mar 14th for a cancelled cruise on the Coral Princess scheduled to leave Buenos Aires on Mar 19. FCC received 22nd May, refund received 15th June.
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