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  1. Sorry about that. It was the first time we had been able to use it as we normally fly straight home and can't use on International flights. We were impressed by service and wanted to recommend it.
  2. Disembarked Caribbean Princess in July for flight to Phoenix via Atlanta. We used Easy Check for hold luggage, and wheeled the rollaboards ourselves. We travelled with Delta. Our luggage was first on the carousel in Phoenix. We were through immigration very swiftly, even though we have UK passports, found a taxi immediately. If I remember correctly our disembarkation call was before 8 am ( because of the Easy Check, not our status) We were at the gate by 9 am...long wait for flight at 1pm but it worked for us. If your airline offers Easy Check, I would definitely consider it. Charge is per person and per case, on Delta, you have your boarding passes provided, no need to fuss about overweight cases or additional charge for luggage., ...You will miss out on Platinum/ Elite disembarkation lounge though as you leave early.
  3. Thank you Aus Traveller..just the information I was looking for.
  4. We paid $Aus120 in March for a taxi from Sydney Airport to Holiday Inn on the Rocks in similar circumstances...morning rush hour on a wet miserable morning. Watched the meter. Our fare included a tip ( Yes I know there is no need to tip in Australia.) Our driver did not take the long way around, we knew where we were going. Had been told the fare should have been $50-60 but that definitely wasn't our experience. Would also be interested in hearing about an airport shuttle to Circular Quay area if anyone has recent experience.
  5. Evening bag. As you say, usually ends up on floor in restaurant, but alongside me in lounges.
  6. Medallions come with a cheap looking, fabric lanyard... which serves its purpose.
  7. I was comparing Holiday Inn and Hilton Hotels I have stayed in, in Galveston !!!
  8. Have stayed in Hilton and Holiday Inn on the Seawall. Hilton was better fit for us. Provided a free( maybe that's changed) shuttle to / from port and parking for length of cruise if needed. Breakfast offerings included hot and cold buffet at reasonable charge and free wi fi in public areas. Pool area was clean and well kept with towels available. We had flown in internationally and used shuttle to Galveston. We were able to walk wherever we wanted to..supermarket, Dollar Tree, beach type shops, pier, beach and many restaurants. Carhire was arranged for us by front desk through Enterprise..quite expensive but we were collected from hotel to pick up car.
  9. Slightly off topic..but I would also request a barrel chair from Special Needs Dept, so Grandma doesn't have to sit on the bed / desk chair whilst in the cabin.
  10. Battery operated tea lights, mini first aid kit, sewing set, cough drops, wet/ anti BAC wipes, handbag sized pack tissues, sweets ( candy), torch, clock, clothes pegs, hand washing liquid, Downy wrinkle release, sunscreen, after sun lotion, Ziplock bags, 7 day medication holder, battery charger, handbag sized magnifying mirror, magnetic whiteboard and dry wipe marker/ remover, fold up laundry basket, fold up counter top storage tub, zipped pouches for miscellaneous items, microfibre towel for taking ashore if don't want to carry ship's beach towel, dollar bills for extra tipping, fold up hairbrush, fold up hat, washing line ( although not meant to put anything on balcony), Country or State flag,magnetic clips...... and an extra suitcase to put them all in! Seriously though, there are some useful YouTube suggestions about what you can get in DollarTree or similar, especially for cruises, that you might want to buy and leave behind when cruise is over!
  11. Saw this happen of a lady wanting to catch tender back to ship from Stanley in Falkland Islands. She was talking to security, needed to show other ID and her photograph was checked on their screens. Told to go to Guest Services when back on ship to get replacement card. Seemed something that happened fairly regularly as security treated it as a ' non issue' !
  12. Years ago, when you needed to inform Credit Card companies of your travel plans, we informed them we would be in Seattle and then doing an Alaskan cruise, followed by a road trip to Denver. Few days into the cruise we had a call from Guest Services informing us of an issue with Credit card, as they tried to charge our gratuities every few days. Leaning over the balcony, with a mobile phone, we were able to establish that because we had informed the Credit Card company that we would be in USA, they were not happy to find a British company trying to charge our account ! Once we explained, the card was unlocked and we had no further problems on that cruise. Nowadays they tend to tell us we do not need to inform them, but we still do and repeat the saga that cruise company might be making charges. They note it on the account, just in case.
  13. We were there in July 2019. Tenders were local boats, trip about 20 mins each way . Tips were suggested ( and from what I saw) mostly ignored by majority of passengers!
  14. We have formal wear and will take on our South American cruise in March. However, considering our July itinerary..LA- Alaska-LA (cruise 14 nights) then land tour of Palm Springs, New Mexico and Arizona , we may leave formal wear at home to avoid carting an extra suitcase. We only have allowance of 23 kg each plus cabin bag and personal item. Miss P 'You'll be missing out on some of the better dinners if you don't go to the DR on formal nights. No really formal clothing is necessary, just something decent. ' Not sure MDR food is that much better on formal nights..our last experience was very slow service and fair to average food. (Majestic , Australasia, March 2019). Didn't take formalwear for Caribbean cruise on Caribbean Princess, in July 2019 and certainly didn't miss formal night MDR offerings! Back to my question...black trousers with miscellaneous tops aside, what is 'smart casual' in Alaska in July? I can cope with black trousers and tops ..but not for 14 nights !! Also, can anyone help with first few days out of LA and back into LA, regarding weather ? Can I wear summer dresses in the evenings ? Thanks.
  15. Thanks for your replies. Think I am happy with my original ideas regarding layers for day wear. My concerns are more about evening wear. Like the idea of black knit trousers and tops but not for 14 nights. Would linen trousers be ok for smart casual evenings ? Cardigans/ pashmina ? Considering avoiding formal nights. We are flying into LAX internationally, then travelling to Phoenix post cruise for few weeks, so will need hot weather clothes, with only 23 kg luggage allowance. I know it;s a big ask, but any further suggestions, please ? Many thanks.
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