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  1. I wouldn’t hold my breath! Depends which cruise line but in UK different T&Cs from America. Often need to pay an admin fee even to transfer to different cruise in normal times. Speak to agent or cruise line..maybe different in these difficult times. We are still waiting for refund, 12 weeks after cruise line cancelled our cruise!
  2. We chose option 2 for our 19th March Buenos Aires to Fort Lauderdale cruise. No FCC and no refund! We were initially told 30 days, then it became 60 days..who knows when or even if we'll receive anything? Very disappointed. Not sure what a credit card 'charge back' is, or even if they can be made in UK but might need to look into it!
  3. Received same email this morning, relating to March cruise. When we cancelled July Alaska cruise, FCD (what we used to secure cruise, not FCC) was back showing in Personaliser within two days. Our travel agent is working from home and was able to cancel and return FCD . It seems it is different with Princess issued FCC and credit card refunds. It seems strange that travel agents can access Princess computers, from home, to arrange refunds, yet their own staff are unable to do so.
  4. Sail date 19th March, cancelled by Princess 14th March. No FCC, no refund. Sail date 11th July, We cancelled instead of paying balance as it was Alaska cruise ( anticipated cancellation and unwilling to tie up further money) had only paid FCD which was immediately refunded. Princess has since cancelled. Originally told refund within 30 days, since then have been told 60 days ! Some people on March roll call have received FCC but no one has mentioned refund yet. We'll see.
  5. I am not totally convinced that this will be true...maybe! Many people have already booked, so not a huge amount of cabins available. Some will not return to cruising until they feel safe that Covid19 is well under control and/ or a vaccine has been found, some have decided never to cruise again. Some will not attempt to book until FCC/ refund is in their account. Some will wait to see if current prices are reduced( mainly non US folk who do not have re faring option) We were lucky that one of our cruises was cancelled very close to departure, so were offered either 225% FCC or 100% refund plus 100% FCC. Sadly, having alerted Princess of our choice on 14th March, we still await the ( promised within 30 days) refund. We had thought to apply the FCC to the Alaskan cruise, but it didn't arrive before Alaskan trip was cancelled. At the moment we will research future holidays, but do not feel ready to book anything until the situation is more secure. We can't even leave the house, ( except for food, medicine or exercise) let alone the Country! i think there is far too much speculation and until there are hard facts, we would all be well advised to wait until we know what is fact and what is fiction!
  6. We haven't rebooked our Alaskan cruise yet, but at an increase of $800 per person, think that it is unlikely. You are very lucky to be able to re fare cruises and have a refund of deposit. Here in UK, we are allowed to make one change to our bookings, at an admin fee of £100. Deposit means just that.....no refunds! Just a personal moan about difference in prices and T&Cs between countries.
  7. We had an Alaskan cruise booked for 11th. July. Full payment was due. Not wishing to tie up more money, as we already have a FCC, we decided to cancel and 'bank' what we'd paid as flight deposit with travel agent's trust fund. The answer is...nobody knows when cruises will start again, but probably after International borders re open fully.
  8. We were also meant to sail on Coral Princess 19th March from Buenos Aires to Fort Lauderdale. Fortunately we did not fly into BA before cancellation of cruise. We chose Option 2 for a full refund, plus FCC. I think this was a generous offer. We have not received either yet, having initially been told within 30 days. When I spoke to Princess UK about this, as had been hoping to use FCC for summer cruise which was due for final payment, I was told probably within 60 days. Would be great to receive full refund for cruise and flights, in cash, but realise it will be refunded to credit card we used to pay.....eventually! Glad the ship has finally docked and wish everyone good health and a safe journey home.
  9. Concerned by number of people who leave restrooms without washing hands....do we really need someone 'standing guard' to remind them? Also refilling personal bottles at buffet..there are signs but some refuse to heed them. Some people just don't accept rules apply to everyone and they are not 'special'!
  10. Can imagine how you must be feeling, but with so many restrictions all over the world, I can’t really see them letting anyone off. Enjoy the relative safety of a Corona Virus free ship !!
  11. Things are changing so quickly, I doubt anyone knows for sure. Suppose they could say what they know at the moment, ( if they know anything) stressing everything is subject to change/ confirmation! Appreciate what you’re saying though, as the fear of the unknown causes anxiety!
  12. Not everyone wants their photo posted online!!!!
  13. Giving it a week or so. Our flights to Buenos Aires and cruise on Thursday 19th have been cancelled over the last few days. Princess very good , promising refund and future cruise credit, but had to fight to get travel agent to get promise from consolidator for flight refund. Need a break from hassling travel agents...fortunately Alaskan one booked with different agency! Think Princess will allow us to cancel this one for future cruise credit, but then will need to fight over flights again! Just interested in everyone's thoughts
  14. Our Alaskan cruise is 11th July. Wondering whether it will go ahead so soon after 1st July . ( Canada cruise cancellations' date) Coming up up to final payment date...bit unsure what to do.
  15. Thanks. That’s good news! Look after yourself and safe onward journey.
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