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  1. Had read some poor reports about Caribbean Princess and wondered whether we had made a mistake booking a B2B on her, but not too many ships sail to the Caribbean in July, so limited choice. In actual fact, Caribbean Princess had recently come out of Dry/Wet Dock (April 2019) and we found everything to be just fine. Would not hesitate to sail on her again.
  2. We used EZ Check for the first time last summer. Agree it was absolutely worth every penny ( or cent, if you wish !) The reason we had not used it previously is that it does not extend to international flights. Last year we travelled to Phoenix post cruise, so it fitted our itinerary. Would recommend the service wholeheartedly and hope it is extended in the future.
  3. It is cheaper to take your £5 bottle of wine aboard and pay corkage (Princess $15) than to buy your £5 bottle of wine aboard at $34 !!!!!!
  4. Saw many people using insulated flasks to take coffee back to their cabins on Majestic Princess last March, in Australia/ Asia. Decided to follow their example for July Caribbean Princess cruise to the Caribbean, as useful to have hot coffee in the mornings without having to order from Room Service, who always seem to arrive 30-45 minutes before chosen time. Fill before bed using white mugs in buffet, then ready when we are next morning..our flasks keep liquids hot for 12 hours. Although we still use Room Service on early morning port calls. Order water package when available..(not in Australia) If we have room in our bags we will take flasks again..use carry on rather than checked bags so we don't get called to 'naughty room'!!
  5. Always find I need a 'heavy duty' conditioner when on cruises...sea air not good for keeping hair in good condition. Worth taking shampoo and conditioner that work for your hair. Also considering taking favourite brand of bar soap since Princess appears to be cutting back /eliminating bar soap.
  6. We cruised Majestic Princess from Sydney in March 2019. We had the same problem..unable to order bottled water. We were staying a few days pre cruise opposite OPT so walked down one day to ask the luggage handlers about taking a tray of water and putting a luggage tag on it. We were told it wasn't possible and that we would need to carry it aboard ourselves. However, others have said it is possible to do this. But that was our experience. We were able to buy a soda package once aboard without having to wait in a long queue.
  7. Thanks for all suggestions. Think it's time to bite the bullet and get son to set up Uber on phone or take taxi. We took a taxi last year from Sydney airport to hotel near OPT and the cost seemed very high, compared with suggestions on CC; so we were looking for something more reasonable this year. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. Sadly not technical enough to use Uber or Lyft and have read Super Shuttle no longer serving LAX. (With effect from 31st. Dec., 2019)
  9. We have booked Crowne Plaza in San Pedro, but are looking for transportation ideas from LAX if anyone has any suggestions, please ???? Princess transfers won't suit as we fly in, internationally, two nights prior to embarkation. Thanks.
  10. Not sure there is a need these days. Sadly the number of passengers following the suggested dress codes is falling. The majority of people I have seen travelling on Princess and Royal Caribbean over the last few years does not wear 'posh' clothes . Quite the opposite in many cases!!!!!!
  11. Layers for daytime..weather could be chilly, wet or warm. Why would you even consider going to dinner without bathing/ showering and changing ??
  12. Crazy but true... Way back in 1970s when I was a teenager, on my namesake cruise liner..T.S.S. Reina del Mar, a drunken crew member decided he wanted a swim. Instead of the crew pool, he apparently leapt into the Mediterrranean Sea. Didn't see him jump. Captain explained someone had been reported to have jumped, over PA system, turned the ship around, lowered a lifeboat and rescued the man. Did see the rescue and man wrapped in blankets as he was returned onboard. ...One very lucky man. Still have photographs but not clever enough to post them ! We were told he was put in the isolation hospital on the ship (AKA jail cell) and his contract terminated when we reached Southampton.
  13. Writing Room, letter writing paper and envelopes with cruise line logo, post cards, cruise line pens ( not those you can buy in ships' shops), Individual shampoos and conditioners, bar soap. Streamers at sail away, Hawaiian Leis for Island Night or Deck parties, Midnight buffets, morning coffee/tea being served in the lounges. Sitting with high ranking Officers in the dining room. Then being invited to their cabins for private cocktail parties. Stewards serving early morning tea/coffee in cabin as a wake up call, stewards having time to talk to guests, Some of these are not environmentally friendly, I know. Some go back many, many years.
  14. Thank you...we don't appear to get the 'bargains'!!
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