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  1. At least they’re keeping in touch. 🙄 We have never booked or sailed on MSC.
  2. I got one earlier today fro MSC. They said they are planning to start cruises again on April 30.
  3. We have some limes! If you still need limes, I can bring you a couple.
  4. I agree with you. We are not 70 however, many of the friends we cruise with are. If friends are prohibited from cruising, we will no longer be interested in taking cruises for our vacations. Also, as others have said, even if people are healthy, I don’t believe most, if any, Doctors will be interested in signing the waiver.
  5. The 2021 Australia/NZ and S Pacific sailings came out last year beginning the afternoon of April 1st.
  6. Also a squirrel and a cat & mouse! We were on for 21 days and by the last night, I had a menagerie! We joked that Deck 10 was going to run out of towels! Such a great crew on Serenade! We’re sad that they aren’t working and might be sent home. I know they were worried! 💜
  7. We were also on Serenade and had Gabriel on Deck 10. He was amazing and a very talented towel animal creator! Hopefully, the photos post! He made us the legs too (we were also startled when we arrived back to the cabin and then also had a good laugh. My favorite was the goat, but also loved the giraffe and armadillo! 😍.
  8. Oh John! I am so sorry to hear about your brother. Saying prayers for you and your family.
  9. It is a fairly long walk to the Sagrada from Hotel Continental. We walked there but it was hot, we were sorry we did it, and were glad to pay 6E to taxi back. The Hotel does have AC. We also stayed in a Ramblas balcony room and loved it! When you go back, Spain Day Tours (SDT) offers a wonderful tour to Monserrat that includes a stop at a Cava vineyard for a tasting. SDT also sell tickets to an original Flamenco Dinner Show down La Ramblas that was well worth the cost. Glad you all made it home safely.
  10. Agreed! I am in perfect health and have had the same PC Physician for the last 12 years, however, I can’t imagine she’d want to certify my health on a legal document to a cruise line. How could any Physician know for sure whether there were any underlying health issues hiding in someone’s body? Certainly no benefit for a Physician yet a huge liability risk should something unknown present itself during a cruise vacation.
  11. No GS available but I can book a JS, OS, or RS right now on the Royal website??? Perhaps try looking again?
  12. That’s no help to those that had contact with them before they entered Canada.
  13. Mario was in the DL on Serenade. He left the ship for vacation on 3/2, and was replaced by Norma, who is now in the DL.
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