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  1. I have found that the Carbonara varies greatly by ship. On Jewel, it is amazing! On Adventure, not so much! In my experience, it can only be found on the “newer” Giovanni’s menu which many ships don’t want/have.
  2. That is correct! I recently booked a Next Cruise while on a cruise that had a TA listed. I made absolutely sure the Next Cruise booking belonged to me and did not automatically go to the TA. In my experience, prior to finalizing a Next Cruise transaction, the Next Cruise Agents require your signature on an agreement that clearly states the rules of the program.
  3. Their website suggests they will do times based on requests. We’ve done their tour twice (very different each time) both times at an unadvertised start time. It never hurts to ask! 😀
  4. I think the Tru Bahamian Food Tour will do a 1:30 start if you email them and ask!
  5. Just off Mariner yesterday and the Hotel Director was Adrian Theodoru.
  6. Is anyone familiar with Nibu? We will be sailing on Serenade in February and are curious. Thanks!
  7. You are going to have a wonderful cruise! Best wishes for smooth sailing! 😀
  8. We did not like him (found him stiff and boring) but did not like the Blairs either so perhaps he’ll be a good fit for Grandeur. I think he came to Royal from Norwegian last year. His first cruise was the Serenade TA to Copenhagen.
  9. Glad you are having a different experience. I was describing OUR experience with that same Hotel Director on the the Rhapsody.
  10. That is 100% the policy of this Hotel Director. We had him for 21 Nights including the TA on Rhapsody in 2018. No drinks were allowed out of the Lounges. It was so wasteful and staff were miserable! On the way out of the Lounge, there was a “wall of shame” where every night, all night, rows of full drinks were lined up to be thrown away. Staff were forced to patrol the exit and take drinks. People were very unhappy, but then could just walk to the Schooner Bar, a short distance away to get another drink which overloaded the staff there. Wasteful and made no sense. Sad to hear he is now on Jewel, one of our favorite ships.
  11. Although we’ve probably been to Nassau more than 50 times, we still enjoy it and are never bored. Different strokes for different folks.
  12. I just hope they get to keep their JS and enjoy their vacation.
  13. I’ve considered the “We Pick Your Room” option but nope, I’m with Moltar, I also have to pick! Always! It’s really sad to see folks bumped and downgraded.
  14. I don’t think you read my posts. No where did I say I didn’t like it. Simply responding to the poster who got gypped out their JS GTY. But hey, thanks for your valuable input. 😀
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