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  1. That was very tactful! I know we are not allowed to correct the spelling of CC members, but I am not sure if that also applies to Royal Caribbean.
  2. They were still present on the 12th, but not quite as bad. We used the service plaza squeegee once, then 45 minutes later we had to stop again. We sprayed windshield wiper fluid for a while, then used an old towel that we keep in the car and a bottle of water. That worked much better than the squeegee.
  3. Is it possible that the other pilot is also missing, and would be the second person being reported as missing?
  4. I received one earlier this week on the Victory. I brought it home to throw it away in case the steward would be offended. I did leave the Platinum gift behind in the cabin; the lanyard is even cheaper than it looks on the photos posted here onCC.
  5. When my SO died suddenly and unexpectedly, his adult children immediately went through our home to remove anything they thought had any value and interrogated me regarding our joint finances. We had three cruises booked at the time he died; I cancelled two, but kept the third one that was more than six months away. I found out accidentally that my address in Royal Caribbean’s records had been changed to the daughter’s address, probably because she thought any refunds would be mailed. I was able to set up a code word with Royal Caribbean that had to be used before they would disclose any information or change/cancel any cruises. It is difficult to predict some of the things that can possibly go wrong when other people are aware of your plans. In my case, the daughter helped herself to a printed copy of the invoice for the cruise.
  6. We drove from Ocala to Miami on Sunday. The love bugs were so thick that they sounded like rain hitting the windshield. There were cars stopped everywhere at the service plazas on the Turnpike, trying to scrape them off with dry squeegees (used so much that all the fluid was gone) and lined up twenty deep to use the windshield washing stations. We found a car wash as soon as we got to Miami. Fingers crossed that they will be done by the time we return home on the 12th.
  7. Interested because we are boarding the Victory tomorrow. Will you please let us know?
  8. I am cruising tomorrow on a ship that has been sold out. This morning there were some insides available, as well as an aft balcony.
  9. I keep thinking it is too good to be true, but I have used it three times so far and it has been perfect. Glad you are trying it.
  10. Thank you, we will handle it ourselves this time.
  11. We park in the Channelside garage through Park Connect, at half the price. There are several reviews on the embarkation ports forum, but in summary, you pay in advance and are then assigned a parking garage, and it is always Channelside. You show your paid receipt when you arrive, are told which level to park on, then just drive off when you leave.
  12. We are taking a short cruise on the Victory next week and could easily handle our two pieces of luggage. I would be happy to tip a porter if they have a separate line to get through Customs. Does anybody know? Also, this will be our first time using Uber, as I have finally found a stay/park/cruise hotel deal that is worth trying. Can we anticipate it being extremely confusing, or will the area we need to wait in be clearly marked? Does anybody have any Uber tips?
  13. The last incident that I read about had luggage packed by two crew members and in the hallway for pickup before dinner. Also read that the luggage will be the very, very last luggage to make it into the terminal, I assume as a punishment.
  14. Do you think the servers routinely push guests to get so drunk that they will just hand over all the cash they have?
  15. Don’t worry about missing Chops lunch. I did the embarkation day lunch on the Brilliance in January and again on the Symphony in March with non-Key reservations and had totally different experiences. It was almost deserted and absolutely peaceful on the Brilliance, with attentive service. It was totally full with a long line of Key guests on the Symphony, and far from quiet. We were also restricted to the Key menu although we paid full price, servers were hustling, and there were larger family groups present with children who I believe would have been happier in the Windjammer.
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