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  1. I have done that at Guest Services, it was not a problem at all.
  2. We have been on the Liberty twice and have a third sailing coming up in three weeks. We enjoy the size of the ship, the violinists in the atrium before dinner, the shows, and listening to music and people-watching outside the casino. When the Liberty was cancelled due to a hurricane in September, we used the refund to book the Sun for the following weekend. For the amount of the Liberty refund, we gained an extra night (5 instead of 4) and two speciality dinners. We booked an interior guarantee and were assigned a huge cabin with an unusual layout. We enjoyed lunches in the MDR and having different food generally. We missed assigned seating at a large table with new friends and the loyalty perks we enjoy on Carnival and Royal Caribbean. I wouldn’t hesitate to book NCL at a low, last-minute rate again, but only on a different ship; something different was fun, but I prefer the Liberty. We went back to the Liberty for our next cruise. We have never been on the Sunshine, but the Victory is my least favorite ship (no particular reason, just find it kind of mediocre) and the reports of crowding on the Sunshine were a turnoff.
  3. I tried it because it was so inexpensive and a short/minor cruise, and I even took a guarantee to minimize any financial damage. Haven’t even decided if this will be a normal “couples” cruise or I will take my sister. I probably wouldn’t have taken a chance with a longer or special-occasion cruise. But, for $672 total (port fees/taxes were also lower than Royal’s), it is a good way to see if that company might be worth using in the future. It appeared on my account with Royal immediately and the credit card charge is correct (and listed exactly like the reservation I made two weeks ago), so I am happy so far. Four days on the Oasis for two people for $672! Plus the fun of watching for a cabin assignment 😂
  4. I kept receiving emails from CC that showed a ridiculously low price on the 4-night Oasis sailing on 11/4/20. I would click on the price, but see the regular price which was more than twice what was shown in the email. I finally went deeper into a booking just to see what happened, and that is what it turned out to be - group rates, $258 (plus port fees/taxes) for an interior vs. $613 with Royal. I kept looking for the catch, reading the fine print, and finally booked it. Anxious to see how it goes.
  5. Thank you! It has appeared on several “Best luggage in 2019” lists and is hard to find. I ordered last week with a delivery date of 1 to 2 months for the 22”, the larger ones seem to be easier to purchase.
  6. IT World’s Lightest 8 spinner. The 22” weighs 4.07 pounds, but is sold out other than a few colors on Amazon. The larger sizes are also very light.
  7. Interiors on Rhapsody of the Seas in November 2020 are $1,055 (total 2 people, including port fees/taxes), ocean views directly across the hall are $2,161. That is a very expensive window!
  8. You could try calling Carnival and ask them to refund the original card and immediately charge the other one.
  9. I bought the same KYSS bag a few months ago, and it has been a game changer. I am able to take things on excursions that normally would have been left in the cabin. I have gotten a few odd looks from people sitting around us, but in all cases we locked the bag before they arrived; I think it is just so unusual that it draws attention.
  10. Did anyone else also use the “Spend $500 or more, get $10 back. Up to 3X” offer? I don’t know why I even added that to my card because I had no intention of spending $500, but I was surprised to see that one Carnival purchase triggered both bonuses.
  11. Thank you, it looks like I will have to play this one by ear. I was hoping to be able to figure out how many workout outfits, SO’s shorts, etc. I could remove from that long packing list if I knew how long to plan for before they could be laundered and returned. At least we aren’t flying to the port.
  12. Which day can I expect to see the wash and fold laundry promo on the Adventure 8-night Southern Caribbean itinerary next month? I am working on final packing lists for both of us, which reminded me of one of the reasons I prefer 5-night cruises 🙄
  13. We found chairs and an umbrella at Chill Beach and spent the morning there. After lunch at the Snack Shack, we spent some time in the pool before returning to the beach. We were on a 4-night Mariner sailing with two stops at Coco Cay, so we headed directly to the pool the second day. We went on a snorkeling and sand bar excursion (which was wonderful), so we had both sea time and pool time.
  14. VOOM Surf and Stream for one device on the Adventure 12/7/19 sailing was $11.99 for a while. I opened the cruise planner yesterday and had a notation that the price on something in my cart had changed. The price is now $14.99; I wonder if it was raised in advance of putting it on “sale” on BF. The rise in the price actually saved me $11.99 a day, as I was undecided and the $14.99 helped me to decide that Diamond internet benefits will be plenty.
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