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  1. That reminds me - I have a cruise booked for November 2 and have not received upgrade offers, which is unusual. Anybody else get an offer?
  2. My point was that I could take an elevator to my condo at home, or I could walk to my cabin on a ship. I wear a mask and social distance to go to Publix and Wal Mart and, again, I would rather be on a ship. For me, the restrictions will be worth it. I know that will not be the case for a lot of people.
  3. I never pose for welcome pictures and don’t drink until later in the day. I will walk to my desired floor, not even checking for a line at the elevator. Or I could take the always-available elevator to go to my fourth floor condo. Let’s see, where would I rather be? On the ship with whatever restrictions are required is my vote!
  4. We moved close to the beach six weeks ago and have gone to the beach once a week. We get there early and watch as others arrive. There has always been at least twenty feet between groups both on the beach and in the water. We leave by noon, so it is possible that changes in the afternoon. We never wear masks on the beach, but always everywhere else.
  5. I rarely book Carnival excursions, but there is one in early February that we would really like to take. It would eliminate the tender in Belize (picked up from the ship) and is the highest rated fishing excursion I have seen on a ship excursion. I don’t think there will be many slots available and don’t want to miss it, so it is already booked.
  6. This is the number one reason we don’t book ship excursions. We will when it is required to get off the ship, but only as long as that is a requirement.
  7. Do you think there is a possibility that they would open Coco Cay if no locals were involved, just the limited experience that could be provided by crew from the ship working on the island?
  8. It is six weeks away. The cruise lines just might have plans they managed to keep private, something on the level of just one or two ships initially, manned with crew members gathered from other ships rather than bringing them here from their home countries. The resumption of cruising probably means more to them than it does to us, and I am sure they have more than one plan in place. Here’s hoping they surprise us!
  9. I am booked on that cruise. The most I think will happen is that it will be shortened to three or four nights, sailing only to Coco Cay. As a retired Floridian living close to the port, I would definitely be on the ship.
  10. The cruiser in me is delighted, but as a Floridian, I am dismayed. This seemed to happen very suddenly and I fear it is related to pressure from the theme parks and the cruise industry. The timing of just a few days before the CDC no-sail order will expire or be extended may or may not be a coincidence. As far as cruising, I see this as the step just before short cruises to private islands for those who live within driving distance from Miami or Port Canaveral.
  11. That might work for the initial, capacity-controlled cruises. But once capacity is no longer a huge concern, how many former frequent cruisers will stay loyal to Royal after being dumped in such an offensive way? I think it would be an extremely short-sighted move on Royal’s part and doubt that they are that stupid.
  12. While we are on a theme park theme.... Would you feel comfortable going to a water park if you participated only in the lazy river, river rapids, or wave pool (nothing that requires standing in a line, such as slides)? Just two mature adults, no kids, during the week.
  13. It may (or may not) have been true during the first few weeks of cruising. They are apparently confident enough at this point to offer it for cruises 4+ months from now. I going to look at this as a good sign.
  14. Nobody has real answers, but logic and common sense do come into play. There are a few things we have heard hints of more than once, from more than one cruise line. One of those things is that cruising will begin with “short cruises”. We also read that MSC would not permit B2B cruises. I would be very concerned about a B2B as early as February. Would your mind possibly be more at ease if you were to cancel the second leg, with the idea that you could rebook it on board after a few days on the ship?
  15. I am positive my 7-night Harmony from PC on November 8 will be cancelled, but think the Mariner on December 7 and/or Brilliance on December 17 (four nights each) still have a chance. I keep checking for news, but think the longer we go without an announcement, the better a chance for a positive outcome.
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