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  1. We are also moving, on August 14! We had seven cruises cancelled, and while sitting at home we realized that we should be living in a coastal area that we enjoy. So we purchased a condo in Bradenton, just four miles from the beach. We still miss cruising, but have been kept busy with inspections and appraisals and insurance and the rest of it that comes with moving. By the time we deal with getting rid of furniture and packing what is left, it will be closing day. Hopefully moving in will take us up to the time cruising restarts, but with the beach, parks, and fishing to explore, we won’t miss it so badly.
  2. Got it, thank you. Looks like the same itinerary for me, but out of a closer port. Winner! Unless you consider the fact that I would rather have gone in September (already cancelled) or October (expecting to be cancelled).
  3. Does anybody know what itineraries the Radiance was supposed to have in April 2021? Radiance and Breeze are both grayed out/unavailable for booking this morning.
  4. I have been staying 1/2 a step ahead of the cruise lines by having a Plan B (by now I am up to Plan L or M) for each cruise that could be cancelled. They got me this time. I was going to book the Breeze for April 2021 when they cancel my October 2020 sailing. I am much closer to Port Canaveral and either the Magic or the Breeze are fine with us, so maybe my most recent Plan B will be a positive change.
  5. It is not the beach as much as it is the water (although the beach is way up there on the list of things I love). There is something special about water, along with the shore, the boats, the birds, etc. Literally every time I drive across any kind of bridge (even on I-75), I really notice it. It immediately wipes any less-than-positive thoughts from my head. I want to see water frequently and casually while doing routine day-to-day things; I do not want to see an endless line of banks, chain restaurants, and stores. I enjoy looking at “exotic” cars and palm trees while waiting at stop lights, rather than the same old, same old average vehicles. I would like the option of going to Trader Joe’s and Chicken Salad Chick. I would like to think, “Oh, what a cute outfit” when I see other women shopping, instead of looking at the same old, same old baggy capris with tennis shoes. The horse farms are beautiful on the occasional times we take back roads for a change of scenery, but on a day-to-day basis, what I see in Ocala is just not what gives me pleasure. And I won’t even go into the large percentage of people with canes, walkers, and scooters at our end of town, or the way they drive 🙄 I will just say I would enjoy being around people with a more varied range of ages and interests.
  6. No, it doesn’t even vaguely resemble the Florida I know. I lived in Naples for seventeen years before moving here. I am here because my late boyfriend’s late wife’s best friend used to live here 🙄. He died very unexpectedly two months after I retired and we moved to the house he owned here, and then circumstances kept me here for a few years.
  7. We are living in an area that we do not really enjoy. While we were renovating the house and cruising, we were fine. But once we completed the house and stayed at home for months, we realized that we need to be living in a place where we can really enjoy day-to-day life. So we sold the house and have a contract on a condo in Bradenton, within four miles of the beaches. We are happiest close to the water, and now we won’t need to go on a cruise to enjoy it. We still love cruising and plan to go as much as possible, but I guess we have the current situation to thank for making us realize how much the small, day-to-day things matter.
  8. I moved the money from a cruise cancelled on June 24 to a different sailing and had more than I needed, so I requested a refund of the difference. Received it yesterday, July 3.
  9. I care, and enjoyed it! I could almost close my eyes and feel the sun shine on my skin while sitting on the bleachers watching. It has been so long now that I am starting to forget the little things I enjoy about cruising. Thanks for the reminder.
  10. My SO’s much-older sister has been on just one other cruise and is “kid on Christmas morning” excited about this cruise. She is 85, and while she is in great health now and very physically active, how many more delays will she be able to wait for? We really want that time with her and are quite nervous about disappointing her. The thought of that cruise helped her get through three months of 100% house confinement in NY.
  11. The two August cruises cancelled by Royal last week were finally removed from our Pending Cruises list at different times yesterday. Does this indicate the refunds are being processed and will show up soon?
  12. I received an email two days ago from Royal Caribbean reminding me that I had two things left in my cart that I should pay for, on my cancelled August cruise. Today I got an email saying they were sending me a refund of $0 for those items. I think all of the comments about the bad IT departments just might be correct!
  13. Uh oh, we have two cabins booked on the Fascination for January 2021. That was a rebooking after May 2020 was cancelled. Not a good sign, for sure.
  14. I am holding fast to sailing in October, but I live 3.5 hours from the port, am retired, and a party of only two. Plus the Discover card that I very rarely used offered zero Interest for a year, so I have been booking cruises that are actually refunded before the zero interest runs out in October. I wouldn’t have a problem paying and then waiting for a refund if necessary, but the Discover deal just makes it too easy. If I had to travel any distance, take time off work, or pay for more than two people, I would rebook.
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