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  1. For the sailing on 5/3/20, the option to board in Barbados a few days before or after is around $200 more. I keep checking the price on our cruise, sometimes the (more expensive) Barbados option appears and sometimes it doesn’t.
  2. You could self-assist, head to the car, and be ready to pick them up once they get off at their scheduled time and have a porter assist with their luggage. I did this once with my SO and it worked out well. I called him as soon as the porter escorted me to the pick up area, and my SO was there in just a minute or two to pick me up.
  3. I won the free bingo cruise about ten years ago, so my memory might be fuzzy, but I believe that holiday sailings were excluded from the offer.
  4. I have been considering the Liberty for a quick winter break in early February, and was very surprised to see 2462 available this morning. It was immediately time to book the cruise. I have been in that cabin on the Conquest, which had a horrible vibration but was still worth it for the nice cabin. I appreciate your other tips for the Empress, thank you!
  5. I just received an email from Barclays advising that “select cardmembers” will receive a 1,000 point bonus for using the card to purchase $50 or more during October, and the same offer in November. The points are in addition to the normal FunPoints earned. This is probably not a big deal for those who use the card regularly, but I have switched to other cards with better rewards and am stuck with around 2,000 FunPoints that I can’t use. The bonuses will bring it up to a redeemable amount.
  6. We were in Nassau in June and took the bus to a local beach. We knew only that it was a quiet street with public access to the beach between two houses (we described what we wanted to the bus driver and he told us when to get off), so don’t know the name of the beach, only that it is beyond Baha Mar. Eventually we decided to walk down the beach towards the port and look for a way to cross over to the street later. The place that we chose turned out to be Baha Mar. We weren’t questioned, so I assume we looked like guests who had been out on the beach, but we didn’t attempt to use chairs or purchase drinks, either. We are normally not the type of people who break rules or enter places we aren’t allowed, but it was really hot that day, it had been a long walk, and there were no signs related to “guests only”. The worst thing that could have happened was being asked to leave, which is what we were trying to do anyway. The grounds were beautiful and we enjoyed our stroll out to the front of the building.
  7. I upgraded earlier this week with a tiny price difference ($11). I was told that I would not receive a refund because it was after final payment. That was what I expected and fine with me. Glad to see that somebody else benefitted from an error, though. Too many times the errors that are made do not benefit the cruiser.
  8. No, but I had been sheltered in SW Florida for 17 years and Miami was the biggest, scariest place I ever drove. I will probably never get to cruise on the Ovation or Anthem because just thinking about driving in NY or NJ terrifies me 😂
  9. I upgraded to a balcony guarantee for the October 28 sailing of the Mariner on September 30 and was assigned a cabin (spacious ocean view balcony, not obstructed) 24 hours later.
  10. The express lanes are what caused me to hate that drive. Silly me thought that if I was in the leftmost regular lane, with only the express lanes to my left, I only had to worry about the crazy Miami drivers on my right side. The car in the express lane next to me drove right over the dividers and across three lanes of traffic to get to an exit, barely missing my car. Haven’t felt safe on that stretch of road since then.
  11. I left my car in an off-site parking lot at FLL and took a shuttle from FLL to the Miami port for the Symphony in March. Turned out to be one of my not-so-bright ideas, and I would never do it again. It was needlessly stressful to add the airport experience to a cruise; standing in crowds of people while waiting for the shuttle, and making sure my luggage made it on and off multiple vehicles. I was trying to avoid arriving at the Symphony frazzled (we hate driving in Miami), but adding airport madness made it worse.
  12. We are on your cruise, also. We are dressing up (moderately, not a huge amount of extras to take, but enough to be part of the fun). This should be a fun cruise, with two perfect days at Coco Cay and Halloween!
  13. My SO emailed the Department of Marine Resources in Nassau and received a response saying no license was required. We packed a copy of the email with the fishing gear.
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