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  1. I wish I had the heart to do that, but I don’t. So I am 67 and can’t sail.
  2. We rebooked our cruise on March 27, along with the family members we are cruising with. Our PVP called me, then immediately called the others. They received an email today showing the new cruise and the correct amount of OBC, and also received their refund for excursions. Nothing yet for us.
  3. I was able to bring up June cruises from the Caribbean, all the way past cabin selection, to the payment page.
  4. I believed that at one time and researched it. I read that the stimulus check is a refundable tax credit advanced from your 2020 tax return and “is similar to other refundable tax credits, like the child tax credit”. My interpretation is that there will be a tax credit that will be calculated on our 2020 tax return because the stimulus check should be based on 2020 income. If it is equal to your check, it is a wash. If your check is more than you should have received because your 2020 income is higher, you do not have to repay it. If you do not qualify for a check based on your 2019 tax return, but lose your job in 2020 and do qualify for a check based on your lower 2020 income, it will be added to your refund on your 2020 tax return. This is strictly my interpretation, I have no tax or financial training, and I could be just flat wrong. I hope somebody who understands this will chime in here. I do think that if it really is an advance on next year’s refund, there would have been a huge outcry by now and we would have heard more about it.
  5. It looks like this is going to be split between younger families who appreciate the forced slowdowns of their lives and retirees who want to get the most possible from what time they have left.
  6. I am trying really hard, but just not coming up with anything 😟. Does the stimulus check count?
  7. I canceled online on March 13th. Looks like I just missed the sweet spot. I use a lot of different credit cards, depending on the best rewards. The excursion was on the Carnival MasterCard, to get a 10% discount. Unfortunately, I don’t use the card for anything else. When the refund shows up (someday), I will switch from my everyday 2% off everything card long enough to use up the money. I will wait to book the same excursion on the rebooked cruise on board, to use some of the OBC. I have refunds due on three other cards, had to make a spreadsheet to keep track of what is due to be refunded.
  8. You know, it is possible to be realistic but also cautiously optimistic at the same time. Some of us welcome the escape from the constant, stressful barrage of bad news. Making plans for cruising is a nice break from the doom and gloom for me. I wish there were more realistic but positive posts on CC these days.
  9. I cancelled my excursion more than two weeks before the cruise was cancelled by Carnival. I received the 5-7 day email on March 14 and questioned my PVP about it while we were rebooking the cruise 16 days later. He said the email is outdated and hasn’t been updated to reflect the 90 days that we can expect to wait for our refunds.
  10. My new booking is less than the cancelled one, by $70. Our (temporary) balance due is $430 (the $500 that would normally be the penalty amount minus the $70 overpayment). When the FCC is applied, we will have a balance due of $0 and OBC of $670.
  11. I checked out of curiosity. $398 for 1st passenger, $129 for 2nd, plus $85 port fees/taxes each. I am fine with that being held up as a FCC, and don’t expect to find another cruise for a total of $701 (especially in that type of cabin). It has given us a bit of pleasure and distraction, and we won’t be surprised or heartbroken or furious if the cruise does not happen. For us, it has been a positive experience in a sea of doom and gloom.
  12. We got really, really lucky and were able to upgrade our inside on the Mariner to a corner aft balcony for $12 the other night. I would be thrilled to spend four days on that balcony. Unfortunately, it is the first one booked and the most likely to be cancelled 😢
  13. The amount shown as a balance due is the amount of the pending FCC. It will drop off once the FCC is applied, which might take quite a while due to the quantity they have to work. My PVP was very careful to explain this to me so I wouldn’t worry about it.
  14. I think that the ships going to Coco Cay (especially the 3-4 nighters on Mariner) would be the first to sail, assuming Royal has enough control of the island to make that decision. We would be perfectly happy to be on the water, with meals provided, and a day (or even two) at Coco Cay. Our first and third scheduled cruises are on the Mariner, with the Independence scheduled in between because of the Coco Cay/Labadee itinerary. I think Royal could negotiate with the Bahamas and Haiti and make those ports possible by agreeing to have no locals in close contact with guests (Royal providing lifeguards, equipment rental personnel, etc.). It might not be possible to provide excursions on those first cruises to avoid contact between guests and locals, but I don’t think we are alone in being willing to take that kind of a modified cruise. Edited to add: We aren’t unrealistic and fully expect to have at least some cruises cancelled, but have enough booked to hopefully cruise sooner or later.
  15. Okay, I’m all in for the $20 slot tournament. Waiting to hear the details of the free drinks on the $25 lesson deal, but will most likely go for it if the drinks are different from Diamond drinks and can be used at times other than during the lessons. This reminds me of the short-lived package they tried a while ago with the “bonus” chips for buying in advance. Nice to see fun promos in the casino.
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