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  1. What is it about this man that makes him an exception to the rules? I know that he is Pinnacle and he “cruises a lot”, but many people meet that description. Why is he different?
  2. I used Jiffy Jeff transportation a few weeks ago. It was $15 pp each way, communication was good, nice 14-passenger Sprinter van.
  3. Last year we drove to Boca Raton for a cruise out of Port Everglades the next day, not worried that our driving day would be the Sunday after Thanksgiving. GPS said from Orlando to Boca Raton should be 2 hours 50 minutes. It turned out to be over six hours, as both I95 and the turnpike were parking lots. We would have missed the ship if we had tried to drive 4.5 hours the morning of the cruise. Valuable lesson for us - we do not drive anywhere the Sunday after Thanksgiving, no matter how good the deal might be.
  4. You are right, I should have used quotes around “upgrade”. I was referring to the subject line of the email, “ZoeyVictoria, you qualify for a stateroom upgrade.” Definitely not an upgrade, just Carnival presenting an upsell in a positive manner 😄
  5. One of the best values on the ship, an interior 4J. The cabins on the very front of the ship, usually six across on Decks 6 through 10, have windows that look out onto a “walkway” or almost-secret deck. Nobody can see into your window during the day, at night you need to keep the curtains closed for privacy. The best part is that the door to the almost-secret deck is just a few feet from your cabin door, so you have paid a few dollars a day more for a window and easy access to a deck across the front of the ship that is almost always yours alone. There are usually a few more people out there on embarkation day sail away, after that only the people in those front cabins go out there. The cabins on the front corners are usually set up as partially handicapped accessible; they have two twin beds that do not convert into a king, but they are huge for an interior, about 220 square feet. The other four are the normal configuration.
  6. I got an upgrade email yesterday, also for a 5-night cruise. $340 to move from an interior w/walkway to a balcony. It would be $450 more if we had upgraded on our own. No, thank you, we are happy where we are.
  7. I did the same thing a few years ago. It is fun to go under the bridge on embarkation day with a couple hundred other people, but being on deck with only two other people in silence and darkness is a totally different experience.
  8. I was also on that cruise, as non-Key and Diamond. We arrived at approximately 11:30, were told that Diamond had just boarded and we should walk right on to the ship. We took our rolling carryons with us to Chops, where we had a reservation. By the time we finished lunch, cabins had just opened and we headed there to check out the cabin and drop off the carryons. I have never had an Internet package, as I like to disconnect on cruises. This time we had WiFi at beach resorts in both Roatan and Costa Maya on Monday and Tuesday. We used one free Diamond coupon from Wednesday afternoon until Thursday afternoon, and paid $7.01 plus the other Diamond coupon for service from Thursday afternoon until we left the shop on Saturday. Sharing the “one device” plan worked fine for us. I had made show reservations on the first day they were available. Then I changed a couple of our previously made MTD reservations to allow plenty of time to get to the shows early enough to get good seats every time. We enjoyed spending a lot of time watching others on the Flowrider, but neither of us would be medically able to ride ourselves. Embarkation was the absolute best I have ever experienced. We set the alarm for 6 a.m. and had a quick bagel at the Park Cafe because we wanted to get started on our five-hour drive home. We then walked off the ship without stopping other than the minute or two it took to get a porter and pick up luggage. We had number 8 luggage tags, but it looked like all luggage was available by the time we got there at 7:00 a.m. When the Key was first announced, I didn’t think it would have any value for us. I waffled on that a few times, but ultimately passed on it, and it was the correct choice for us. We spent $44 for lunch at Chops and $7 for internet service. Careful planning and $51 gave us pretty much the same experience as the Key that would have cost $280.
  9. We also ate at Chops on this cruise and completely agree with your opinion. On the Brilliance five weeks earlier, the food was fantastic. On the Symphony it was good, but somewhat bland. My SO, who normally eats anything, refused to eat the mushroom soup. The soup and the mac and cheese, in particular, were barely similar to the versions on the Brilliance. I would try it again, but at lunch rather than dinner.
  10. Some people on our shuttle this morning were saying that the people left behind had children they had left on the ship. I hope that is just a false rumor.
  11. I was also on this cruise and brought home an Abyss souvenir. I held the straps as instructed, but somehow tipped over sideways and went down part of the slide with my forehead rubbing the side. It could have been worse; I have just two spots about the size of a dime each where the skin was rubbed off my forehead. And I will be trying it again next time.
  12. OP here, reporting my experience. i rode the Abyss today, wearing sandals and a short-sleeved t-shirt. A woman wearing a tank top behind me in line was told she needed to change, and the attendant was nice enough to walk back to her right away instead of waiting for her to get to the front of the line. There were several people wearing long sleeves or sweatshirts and one woman who carried a sweater and put it on just before riding. But... There have been some changes since I rode on the Harmony a couple of years ago. This time I was told to cross my arms at the wrist when holding onto the strap, with palms facing up. I found that position awkward and think it would have been better to have my palms facing down, because somehow I tipped over and wound up sliding with my forehead against the side of the slide. I think I could have gotten my head away from the side more quickly with my hands in the other position. Thank goodness my hair partially protected my forehead, as I ended up with just two spots, each about the size of a dime, where the skin was rubbed off. I’ll ride again the next time I sail on the Harmony or Symphony, but I am going to skip it tomorrow.
  13. The question is, how much does your wife enjoy seeing you in a tux?
  14. I will take along a t-shirt, just in case. My cabin is fairly close to the aft elevators on Deck 7. My SO will probably not be able to get past the glass floor and windows to ride (fear of heights), so I am hoping to use it for transportation, having him take my wristlet or card and meeting him in the cabin. I waited until too late in the cruise to start riding it on the Harmony and need to make up for lost time. I never rubbed my elbows, but found that riding it three times in a row, as quickly as I could get back up to the top, resulted in quite a bit of dizziness.
  15. I have ridden the Abyss on the Harmony and loved it, so I don’t want to miss the opportunity to ride on the Symphony. I also don’t want to take closed-toe shoes if I don’t absolutely have to. I read that comment during or shortly after the first sailing, so I was hoping that was a misunderstanding. Thanks for the responses.
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