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  1. Guess I won't give my opinions any more. Sorry to have irked you.
  2. Doesn't make any difference which cruise line it is. Closed cabinets could also be considered a safety feature. No comparing cruise lines but Celebrity has had closed cabinets and it worked great in rough seas. Having sailed Edge I can tell you that I would not have stored anything on these shelves, or removed items, if the seas were rough. Just an observation but I wonder how many agree. Also, that safe is useless. Meant to say that in my last post. Way to small.
  3. Having sailed on numerous Celebrity ships I can tell you that the officers and upper crew members may have "served" on other ships but the regular crew and staff were not well versed on how Celebrity operates. They tried their best and after reading this report, it is very clear they were not the "top of the crew lists" for this ship. Sailing on Silhouette right after Edge we found that the best crews were on the older ships by far. They were offered Edge and refused. They were happy to have done so because the crews on Edge talk and they are also not happy. Bottom line is that this ship was rushed out, big fanfare and is now not doing well at all. Yes, many will love the concept but those of us who know what to expect from the true Celebrity brand have seen the light and for us, no more Edge for us! Too pricey, way out of sight for us. Yes we are old but not only us "older people" sailed Celebrity all these years. Hopefully the power that is will wake up and make corrections to the next ships being built, Still miss the beauty of the Meyer Werft class ships.
  4. You got it! This Hoppen woman has no clue about cruising, especially in rough weather when the shelves in the bathroom are open with no way to stop things from crashing down in a swell!!!! Those little doohickies that supposedly keep the shelves safe for articles are funny. I agree about the shower products. Bring you own. Whoever hired these folks to do the interiors of these ships went way off the deep end. Time to get back to the Celebrity brand basics. Sorry, MY OPINION. Best part was the size of the cabin (forget those so-called infinite "balconeys") and size of the bathrooms. We loved the shower and lower step into it. Also liked the colors but that is a matter of choice.
  5. Agree. Those paper leaflets every single night and all the baloney from Park West has become increasingly annoying. Save the Waves my patoot - SAVE ON THE PAPER that hits the circular file even before we look at what it is.
  6. This is just a stupid thread! My husband is in a chair and can't be reaching into his pocket every time he needs his card! Some people are careless and loose their cards. What difference does it make. We are not "newbies" in any sense of the word but you really have to think hard about why those people wear lanyards. What a foolish thought to even have Pat C
  7. We sailed on January 20th in 2114. Loved the location and it was quiet, other than rolling carts above in the cafe but that was seldom and didn't bother us. Friends were in 2116 next door and there is a vent protrusion from the wall on one side of the bed. If you are not careful you can walk into it if you need to get up during the night in the dark. Loved it.
  8. Ours also but very loud, very intrusive and so enjoy if you like it. No more Edge class for us. MY OPINION
  9. On Edge there is no place for them to really go! No library, no game room, no quiet retreat. You can't alienate those passengers either.
  10. While on Silhouette a few weeks ago we were in suites. The crew were saying that when Luminae moves you will no longer be able to choose from the main dining room menu because of the new location. On Edge the "Retreat" was locked and all suite passengers had access. We did not. If they take away the Sky Lounge, only half of it, that would make it impossible to keep those other than suites out. We will wait and see what happens.
  11. Right on! Have sailed in the IV balcony cabin and it is NOT a balcony and should be re-marketed as cabin with a large window that opens. However they want to spin it, we experienced it and it is NOT a balcony. Loved the decor, larger cabin, larger bathroom but will never sail another Edge class because of those windows.
  12. Prices are not dropping yet but the "perks" and on board credits are already there. Sailed Edge, not our cup of tea at all. Loved the larger cabins, bathrooms and color schemes but overall, not our "idea" of a Celebrity product. Too drastic to quickly. AND she does not sail full. Hoping they can take the comments and criticism and use it for their future builds.
  13. Qsine has completely changed across the fleet. No longer that long menu that we can see. Le Petite Chef is nightly in Le Grande Bistro on Edge and on Silhouette half the menu is Le Petite Chef and the other half a menu for "Qsine".
  14. Music all over Silhouette. Live and great. Of course if the Sky Lounge goes away after the S class refurbs. then that venue is useless to those of us who can't afford suites. BUT, the Silhouette was wonderful and we can all thank Sue Denning for keeping things status quo, at least for the time being. The atrium and all decks looking down were hopping every single night because the band was absolutely wonderful. Folks were coming from the theater and dancing their way to dinner. Loved it. Edge, not so much.
  15. Prices were dropping on the Edge for weeks. We sailed her on January 13 to 20th and then boarded Silhouette. Future Cruises told us that the Edge was not selling well. The perks were $400 on-board credit and all 4 perks if you booked her. This was not a smart innovation for Celebrity doing it so completely different. Seeing here that they have already made changes. The Jersey Boys show was not on board and they now have them doing so many more shows because they demographics are still not changing. Many did walk out of the shows nightly and the theater is way too noisey. The acoustics are strange. Hope they can make enough changes to make this totally different ship at least pay for itself.
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