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  1. Their shuttle isn’t free and a charge is advertised. When checking out you may be asked if you used the shuttle during your stay , if so you are charged a one off fee, irrespective of the length of your stay and how many times you used the shuttle. it’s not very much at all - currently advertised at 8.5 euros / person - a bargain by Venice standards - even if use it only once. i suspect some people answer no, or aren't asked. We were aware of the charge and thought that as we were never asked for room details on the shuttle it was perhaps being waived, but on check-out the clerk did ask and billed us accordingly
  2. We enjoyed our stay at the Hilton Molino Stucky. It's on Giudecca island not far from the cruise port and about 10 mins from St Mark's square They run their own shuttle service to St Marks Square 1-2 times an hour (there's a very small nominal charge per stay for the shuttle that seems to work on an honesty basis). Prices in the hotel for food and drink in the hotel are quite pricey bit when we were there they were handing out Executive lounge passes out quite liberally which saved a bit. There's several very well priced and good restaurants a short walk from the hotel. The hotel is also a stop on several vaporetto routes which means it's very convenient if you have luggage - No bridges and crowds to navigate
  3. Worryingly, people who have supposedly previously tested negative are now testing positive which raises doubt about the efficacy of the testing regime and / or the quarantine procedure in certain locations. As this spreads more widely around the world the impact on all forms of travel is concerning. If Cruise ships become perceived as breeding grounds for the virus or people think the risk of enforced quarantine on board is a significant I can see many choosing to change their holiday plans. Interested to find out if anyone who was on board the Norwegian ship quarantined in Hong Kong, that was released after everyone apparently tested negative, have now tested positive.
  4. I guess this is a "factual" posts.....that then turn out to be largely an opinion piece
  5. It's now 542 - In some ways 70% not showing any symptoms is worrying. It could mean a significant number of people will be unaware they have the virus and maybe passing it on. Very sad to hear the Abel's have both tested positive. Many in the UK have watched their updates, initially upbeat and chipper, it has been sad to watch the despondency gradually setting in. Disappointing that we have heard very little from our government in the UK. We have major flooding in the UK and an invisible Prime Minister.
  6. Might be better to mothball ships - there's only so much demand to cruise these limited locations. Instead of running ships relatively full and profitable you risk adding so much capacity that prices are forced down and more ships sail with empty cabins
  7. I certainly don't see it as official advice. Depends what advice I'm after - where to dine in downtown Umberlunga, options to get from the airport to my hotel in South Upper North Shore - yes, but I usually check advice with other sources. As for acting on unattributed tables and graphs or blogs being presented as proper research....no
  8. I'd heard that all passengers are getting a minimum 90 minutes deck time with those in Inside and non balcony cabins getting more. It must be terrible for all passengers but absolute hell for those in an Inside Cabin. I wonder what arrangements are being made for food and drink. I guess they're getting more than the room service menu.
  9. Not at all 🙂 We've been looking at a lot of Australian itineraries with various cruise lines and several ships make the journey to and from Australia via Asia. Some of the ships in Australia are ships that have been designed with the Asian market in mind (Majestic Princess). I just wonder if a cruise company puts less ships in Asia whether or not it will ultimately impact on the number of ships being deployed to Australia / NZ as a knock on effect .
  10. Yes! A contract doesn't give the right to someone to make it a condition that they are allowed to break the law with respect to you and your rights and neither can you give permission to break the law in your case. If Paragraph 14567 subsection 85(J)(i) said "By signing this contract you give then operator permission to hit you on the head with a cricket bat" the fact you signed not knowing this condition wouldn't make it lawful for them to do hit you with a cricket bat. EU Law (Article 50) places wider requirements with respect to fairness and transparency of contracts not individually negotiated with a consumer https://europa.eu/youreurope/business/dealing-with-customers/consumer-contracts-guarantees/consumer-contracts/index_en.htm In this case I think Celebrity have tried to rely on the Bluff and Panic Act
  11. 2000 extra passengers trying to get to Dubai, maybe a lot of them from Singapore, maybe all within a small time frame - there might not be that many seats available. Abu Dhabi is very close that could be an alternative.
  12. Of course not, but poor action they take as a result of that can be.
  13. Because you were treated poorly in the past is no justification for it to be repeated. Moving the port of embarkation by almost 6000km to a different country is completely unreasonable and this has been done at very short notice - Celebrity are in the cruise business and they should deal with and treat their customers properly, they have no right to profit in all circumstances. They are telling customers to rely on their insurance policy, Celebrity could do the same.
  14. I'm interested to see what happens for next seasons Asia / Australia cruises - I can see a definite softening on bookings - we were interested in going back to Asia for a holiday and then perhaps onto Australia for a cruise. I'm fairly relaxed about booking for the future, my wife significantly less so
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