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  1. Refurbishments aside, Solstice, Equinox and Eclipse are virtually identical - a few subtle differences
  2. I think it's now similar to Cunard / Princess - their websites make it trickier for you to pick your own cabin - they really want to pick the cabin for you. I suspect it helps them shift the duff cabins early on if people are shown those as suggestions
  3. the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 prohibits the imposition of hidden fees to collect something marketed as free or included in the price
  4. As it's pretty difficult to buy a Celebrity Cruise in the UK without a free drinks package, I expect they will put up prices in the UK by $14 a day pretty soon 🙂
  5. I'm not sure this is correct. UK Consumer law does not allow compulsory hidden extras to be charged on stuff advertised as "free". If you buy your cruise through a UK Travel Agent (including Celebrity's UK Operation) UK consumer law applies. I believe this $14 fee might relate to certain perk packages not sold in the UK
  6. No need to wear a suit or tie on any night, I took a jacket and didn’t wear it
  7. I remember a few years back on the UK site they used a photo which featured a scenic port and in the background was a ship - a Royal Caribbean Ship. I know Celebrity is part of RCC but that was so sloppy someone should have been sent up the road. Looking at the picture of Edge and Apex above, the one of Edge might panic someone who has booked a Port Midship cabin to avoid the Magic Carpet.
  8. Complete mess CEO more interested in other stuff these days. I think the general brief for the website is "put some pretty pictures up"
  9. We came off the Infinity's Adriatic and Med Cruise a few weeks ago. There was very little sign that people were dressing up for Chic Night. Very few jackets worn by men and even fewer Dinner Suits.
  10. Celebrity have pulled a crafty one. For the best of a year (based on UK prices we have been following) Eclipse has been priced above Solstice for the Singapore to Sydney cruises and subsequent Aus / NZ cruises. Priced higher to probably reflect the refurbishment, better Suite facilities etc..... now they delay the refurbishment.
  11. Could be worse, could have been "Living next door to Alice", the mid 90s version with Smokie and Roy Chubby Brown - if you are offended at Go Ask Alice you definitely will be with this
  12. Yup, had the same - a Gimlet got put in a straight glass without asking, no charge
  13. Fake dog poo from Amazon £2.95 will do the trick - can be used to reserve your own sunbed, or an affordable way to signal to others you're unhappy that they've hogged a sunbed
  14. On the Infinity recently we found it depended on who was serving. The person in charge of the bar never charged and I guess just made them slightly smaller or used a slightly cheaper brand of spirits. Other servers charged the $ or so price difference.
  15. Perhaps you can explain how you are in a position to guarantee this one way or another? I think there's some merit to the argument that this thread and the ensuing social media and direct approaches to Celebrity some of which were initiated by the publicity given to this matter on CC) had some effect. I'd put more weight on that than the the sweeping statements on what the majority of passengers think and want based on your self-selecting survey of a few passengers by you and your companions.
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