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  1. This is a serious incident where lives are possibly at stake. How you can make light of this and blabber on again about Edge and how much better it would have coped is beyond me. By your own admission you have been one one cruise, so forgive me if I give zero credence to your opinion.
  2. The one video clearly shows people being injured by a roof falling in
  3. Some videos starting to appear in twitter - looks quite bad
  4. ...yes, for those people who are not following UK and European politics - there is a complete uncertainty about what the near future holds for the UK at the moment. This is of particular note in relation to the mainland and Ireland (Northern Ireland part of the UK and EIRE, not part of the UK). It remains completely unclear whether we will have crashed out of the European Union in the next 7 days or whether it will be in the next couple of months or if it will happen at all. Tensions are also rising in the country with one half of the UK seemingly hating the other half, worrying times. I read a tweet earlier today which seems to sum the current situation up well. "As a nation we're basically at the point in a Scorcese film when Gimme Shelter starts playing and everything goes to s**t".......
  5. We have self disembarked at Southampton 3 times - IIRC we were off the ship by about 6 and in our car (parked on site) and driving off by about 6.15. It's very easy and quick. Under normal circumstances I think there's a very god chance you'll be in a taxi on your way within 15-20 mins of disembarking. It's about 70-80 minutes on the motorway from Southampton to Heathrow. The big unknown is what effect the political upheaval in the UK will have on customs & immigration, and customs at the port.
  6. Ahh The Oriental Bangkok, proposed to my wife there at China House. Wonderful hotel. The buffets in the top Asian Hotels particularly in Thailand and Hong Kong are the best in the world, particularly when the hotel groups get their chefs to travel to different hotels. I recall the buffet at the Island Shangri La in Hong Kong had a Thai chef from Bangkok with them for a couple of weeks preparing made to order Thai salads.
  7. I've stopped in hotels before that offer giant breakfast buffets and the classics (about 1/2 of what is on offer) will be on every day but the rest like a breakfast curries, kedgeree, kippers, haggis or other regional specialties is on a 2-3 day rotation. This can help with keeping breakfast less repetitious. Another thing we will try and do is either change venue - Aqua Spa Cafe on sea days, buffet on port days - cooked breakfasts on long port days, continental buffet on short port days.
  8. This is a good point. It reminds me of a few years ago when we were in Thailand and the hotel had a spectacular evening buffet featuring amongst what seemed like 100s of dishes lobster, fillet steak, octopus. Three of us were in our elements but the fourth person ( a very fussy eater) wandered around and around and eventually after some time returned to the table with some lettuce and tomatoes, complaining that was all they could find and that the buffet wasn't very good
  9. Budget is an important factor for hotels. Three best areas IMO - Honk Kong Island either in Central or Admiralty. Alternatively Kowloon in Tsim Sha Tsui. If you can afford it I think Hong Kong is one of the best, if not the best, cities in the world to splurge. There are several hotels that are are truly world class. For old school luxury in Central I think the Mandarin Oriental (not the Landmark) takes some beating. In Kowloon you have the famous Peninsula Hotel. In Admiralty you have the Island Shangri La. A slight notch down but still 5 star luxury - in Kowloon, the Kowloon Shangri La with excellent large Harbour View Rooms. There's also the Intercontinental (Not the Grand Standford Intercontinental) although that is die to close for a rebranding and refurb soon. I'd personally be wary of the Ritz Carlton - yes it's the 4th tallest hotel in the world but it is in a slightly odd location. Other notable hotels that I've heard are great but I'm less familiar with in Central - The Landmark Mandarin Oriental ad Four Seasons. In Admiralty, The Upper House or one notch down The Conrad. In Kowloon, The Langham.
  10. So sorry to hear of your sad loss, many of us have traveled vicariously with you and your wife over the years.
  11. What? Amber Lager? Boddingtons and London Pride - these are ales. CAMRA will be picketing Southampton as we speak
  12. Red and Blacks pay evens - so effectively if a Red comes in you lose your black bet, but win your red bet - getting your stake back plus same again in winnings (vice versa if black comes in). So you don't win anything but you don't lose anything either and you have converted your non refundable OBC. Sounds fine, but there is a risk of 0 or 00 comes in these are neither red or black and you lose both bets. 36 numbers, 18 red and 18 black and on US roulette tables 0 and 00 - so there's a 1/19 chance you lose your money. I believe this bet used to be frowned upon / banned in some UK casinos as it is an effective way for criminals to launder money. There is a similar bet where you can bet on odds or evens, with zeros losing on all bets - same odds. We play our non refundable OBC slots and on every win religiously print the win out as a voucher as we are playing. This way you never accidentally play your winnings your are always playing your non refundable OBC. It is very easy if you are not careful to start playing your winnings.
  13. I have the perfect Lanyard to end the oneupmanship
  14. No need to do that. Celebrity get people to buy them at a hefty premium!
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