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  1. UK cruise line P&O (part of Carnival) have announced that they are not restarting operations until October 15th at the earliest, effectively writing off the entire European summer season. In addition UK is announcing quarantine of 14 days for all visitors. I can't see any cruises coming in and out of the UK this summer, and very little or anything in Europe.
  2. You seem quite close to the investigation going on in Australia and New Zealand. Are you in getting full disclosure from the investigators? In the UK we are not hearing from the investigators in those countries, is the situation different in Canada?
  3. Main topic " WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO RESTART CRUISE SHIPS??? Listening to the experts and not deriding them
  4. When you start your statement referring to doctors as "so called experts" I guess I know where you're coming from..... The DOCTOR in question was referring specifically to the tests in development and has probably been the leading media medical voice on C19 in the UK - but hey what does he know compared with someone who goes on cruises and wants to think creatively.... You're right let's will a solution and think positively, that will sort it. Those people under 60 who really want to cruise can get on a ship even if one isn't sailing, such is the power of positive thought. I wonder what Gwyneth Paltrow's take on this is - perhaps Goop should be consulted?
  5. I heard this proposed by someone on TV this morning. The Doctor on the show said it wouldn't work. The quick tests that are being developed only work if you have symptoms. If you are asymptomatic these tests (along with temperature checks) will not work
  6. Feels a bit cynical of Celebrity to sell this cruise in the present circumstances - that cruise will almost certainly not sail and if it does where will it actually sail to? Perhaps a desperate attempt to get cash in. Keep selling cruises to generate cash to pay for the refunds needed to pay for earlier cancelled sailings. If it does sail, on it's return the indication is that everyone will need to go into quarantine
  7. If Social distancing is applied at a port - say 2 metres (as in the UK) then with 3000 passengers a single queue would be 6km long of passengers (approx 4 miles). If passengers congregated in an area then to maintain Social distancing each person needs 16 square metres of space. 3000 passengers = 48,000 square metres or about 7 football pitches. Whilst Social distancing is in force I can't see a large cruise ship sailing.
  8. Interview just now on British TV with 2 crew British crew members (Lauren Carrick and Joseph Harrison) currently stuck on Celebrity Infinity in the The Bahamas. They describe terrible conditions, locked in their cabins for 21 hours a day (for a few weeks it was 24 hours a day). They say the atmosphere on board is terrible and people are suffering health issues. They are concerned because they claim that in a bid to save money Celebrity will not fly them home but is instead choosing to spend 16 days sailing them home. Lauren went on to claim that women are feeling particularly vulnerable on board. They said the only crew who got balcony cabins were smokers. They were moved from their crew cabin to one with a window only after intervention by their Member of Parliament,
  9. In the UK consumers are now being asked to refer the specific issue of Cruise companies offering FCCs that don't cover the cost of a future comparable cruise to the Competition and Markets Authority -they are specifically looking at companies acting unfairly during the COVID 19 outbreak. If you've booked a 1A cabin for 12 nights to the Southern Caribbean, the value of the FCC and future price they pick should be irrelevant - they should offer you a similar replacement cruise.
  10. I wonder how Celebrity would help an Elite or Zenith customer if that customer was running short of cash and unable to pay for their cruises....I'm not sure there would be much rallying around to help them. Interesting suggestion by the OP. I'm not in the business of propping up foreign companies out of loyalty. My holiday with Celebrity is a business transaction. In these difficult times I'm putting money into charities supporting our UK Health Workers not overseas businesses still paying their directors eye watering salaries and perks packages.
  11. You could have all the Social Distancing ideas in place, but for the foreseeable future, the first whiff of any trouble and no port will accept the ship and you'll be in lock-down hell for weeks.
  12. Social Distancing on a cruise ship - (1) keep people in their cabins (2) deliver food to their doors (3) allow them out of their cabin for an hour a day to exercise why would it be different to Social Distancing at home?
  13. After 9-11 the airlines didn't get people back on board by raising fares, they slashed them
  14. That tweet has not aged well. Sadly, we are all learning a lot.
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