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  1. Arrival is clearly visible on the MIA port webcam
  2. Ha! We were on that same cruise with you.
  3. One lady had been sitting there forever and gave up the bench just a few minutes ago. Somebody else grabbed it!
  4. Divina at Ocean Cay, Feb 2020 Seaside in the Atlantic, Sept 2018 An Anniversary surprise from our butler, Meraviglia November, 2019 Embarkation Day: one of our favorite parts of the cruise!
  5. Loved our time on these two ships!
  6. Celebrating New Year's Eve on Grand Turk Koningsdam welcoming us back after a day at Amber Cove Oosterdam docked in St. Thomas
  7. We were in 15030. Such a nice suite considering it was the same price as the smaller rooms. I will say, however, the bathrooms on Meraviglia were nicer. Since the room is wider, the balcony is as well!
  8. Oh no! I see you had to cancel. Did you get your money back? I'm so sorry you didn't get to go. We were just on Divina 3 weeks ago--can't believe it now. Seems like forever ago. We got back just before it all hit the fan. I hope you get to Ocean Cay eventually--it's worth it.
  9. Many of the people who are working on the island while the ship is in port--lifeguards, shuttle drivers, etc. live on the island. Our shuttle driver told us they live in those buildings that look like a hotel for 5 weeks at a time. On the 6th week they get to go home for a week and then return for another 5 weeks.
  10. Yes, you are correct. The "shade" provided by the glass panels is not nearly enough to protect someone with skin cancer, but too much for those who are looking to get a tan (and many of the Europeans on board were looking for sun). One man pulled his chair out into the pathway just to find some direct sunlight. We rented one of the cabanas on the day we were in Cozumel, but they are located so far away from all of the action that we found it boring. Plus, the servers forget you are even over there, so we ended up having to walk around to the bar or grill whenever we wanted anything (which isn't really a problem, except the fact that we paid for extra perks and services and ended up getting less). I would only recommend the cabanas on Mera for people who want total isolation or who need more shade.
  11. There were several sun lovers on our Mera cruise who voiced frustrations about how hard it was to find a spot in the sun! If you want shade, this is the ship for you.
  12. We were on the same sailing as you. I had to fight hard to get the discount, but finally spoke to a very helpful MSC supervisor named Jazmin who knew about the credit, and was able to apply it to the cruise I was attempting to book. I booked the cruise back in mid-January, and we just got off the ship yesterday. Saved us over $800, so don't give up. Best time to call is first thing in the morning when they open at 8 AM EST. You'll probably get one of the phone reps who works from home, but when he or she cannot answer your questions, you need to ask for a supervisor. I've read where some people were told they'd see the credit applied in a few weeks. Don't fall for that. The credit showed up within two hours of my call.
  13. Divina made it on Thursday, and the island met all of our expectations and more. We arrived at 7 AM, but it took them 2 hours to unload all of the provisions for the day. Sailed at 11 PM. Perfect weather. We missed the stop on our Thanksgiving cruise because of the delayed opening, but it was worth the wait to enjoy it this time. Many people onboard said they wished we had skipped Freeport and just spent two days at Ocean Cay.
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