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  1. He was assigned to the MDR on Meraviglia when we sailed her in YC during Thanksgiving 2019. We went to find him on the first night just to say hello, and then my wife complained to the YC Maitre d' that Arthur should really be in YC where the guests know him and want to see him. Voila! The next day he was assigned to YC for at least the remainder of that cruise.
  2. We were on an MSC cruise in Belize when several passengers from our ship and from a Carnival ship were killed in a head-on collision when returning to port from a private excursion. It was not their driver's fault, but the van had no seatbelts. There was definitely a sadness onboard once the news spread--it was the evening before Thanksgiving. Our butler had to help remove everything from the stateroom of one of the families involved before we could set sail. He was really rattled.
  3. Ha! Someone on our cruise last month actually asked Captain Kate at her Q & A how many different styles of chairs were on the ship. She was specifically interested in finding out how she could get ahold of one in particular from Eden. Without missing a beat, Captain Kate replied, “Now that I know—478 different chairs.” Then she paused—“No, not really—I have no idea. Next question.”
  4. So glad you enjoyed it!!
  5. We ate dinner there on July 5. This was one of the finest meals we’ve eaten at sea in 19 cruises. Food was both beautiful to look at and delicious to eat. You can check out my review from the July 3 sailing for pics. Don’t cancel—you won’t miss the “show.”
  6. Here's the morning view and the evening view from our starboard YC suite on Divina in Feb 2020:
  7. We were on the July 3rd sailing and did the same three excursions you did (except we did Maho on our own). We, too, liked the Hilton in Nassau, but also found the food took forever. Luckily, we ordered right at noon (a pizza, some mozzarella sticks, and a sandwich). We finally ate a little after 1 PM. That was really the only negative thing about the place.
  8. Thanks. Perhaps we met at some point. We found everybody on board to be especially friendly. just curious, did you happen to encounter the elderly lady on the scooter who seemed to be alone? She was on our hall and was often seen wearing a bedazzled Elvis jacket. Unfortunately, she seemed to have dementia and should never have been alone. I had to help her find her room at one point because she was totally lost. My daughter encountered locked outside of her room in her underwear. Could not understand how this person could be on a cruise alone. Her room was a disaster when I let her in.
  9. There are no more "Edenists" for the time being (I think that's what they called them). The bartender in Eden said he heard they are looking at revamping that part of the Eden concept and that the entertainers might be back in a few months.
  10. Thanks--I didn't know that. I have the 11 (not the 11 Pro), so I'll have to look it up.
  11. What ship were you on where the butlers said “no?” That has never been our experience in YC!
  12. Don't forget you'll need masks if you plan to get off the ship. We had to wear them out in all three ports on our trip, but not at the beach. I know they are requiring them in Mexico for those on the Western Caribbean itinerary.
  13. Yes, masks were required the entire time we were in the terminal. As a matter of fact, we had to put them on before exiting the ship--they had staff by the exit making sure everyone was masked. During embarkation, we had to have the mask on before entering the terminal. When we stepped onto the ship, however, one of the first things anyone said to us was, "You can take off your mask!"
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