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  1. Does anyone know what the connection is on the TVs on Allure? Is it the same as Harmony. I connect my external device on Harmony using the remote and HDMI.
  2. Thanks guys. That’s what I thought. Canadian passports don’t have addresses.
  3. Can any one foresee a problem where your address on file with Royal and actual id don’t match? I can’t think of any. When I physically check in I show my passport and nothing else. Am I missing anything? Dave
  4. Very sad. I was just on the HOTS and was used to seeing the cast all about the ship. They seemed like a new cast that were all very close and tight. Often i saw them enjoying other shows, amenities and the ports together.
  5. The way they make them on Harmony was pineapple juice, coconut cream, and yellow Red Bull.
  6. Does anyone know the host’s email for the Harmony?
  7. Which is was what I did exactly. Checked in allmost every day after play. Their calculations were wrong.
  8. The mistake has to be made in the hosts calculations of the table games because one can see slot points on the machines. I didn’t receive any large payouts or use any sort of promo chips. Remember the on board hosts told me how many points I had.
  9. I sailed twice in November. First cruise I accumulated 1500 points. So the second cruise I know I needed 1000 more for prime since it would be last sailing for the season. I played tables and slots. On the second last day the host said I was short 2 points. No problem. I went to the nearest slot and acquired 20 more points to be sure. I went back to the host and she said yes I have reached prime for next season. I made her double and triple check. Her assistant even did the calculations one time to ensure. Now i call CR to confirm status and they say I’m short 1 point. I escalated which meant they emailed Miami. I got a response today saying tough luck. Your short a point and that I’m responsible for calculating my own points not their hosts. Their suggestion was to do a short sail to accumulate the balance. Very annoyed.
  10. Harmony doesn’t use hdmi. They use Ethernet for their tv channels.
  11. Yes. Just off the Harmony and worked for me. I bought a Samsung Universal remote off Amazon for $15.
  12. On HOTS right now. Just spoke with the cage manager and host. Both stated that the entire amount is paid in promo chips. It can never be cashed out. This is the dumbest promotion ever.
  13. So do we know if there is any condition on the original buy in amount ($2000)? Is there any requirement to play any of this? If not, you could buy multiple amounts of this, get your bonus, and then cash out the original. You then play with only the bonus. Something doesn’t seem right. I’m leaving on Harmony next Sunday and is very tempted to try this but a little reserved. I called Casino royale and even a supervisor couldn’t answer my questions. I’ve posted this in the casino forum but no replies yet.
  14. Where can one see the brochure you mention? If would like to take a look at that!
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