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  1. Please do. I'm on the Anthem Ta and that's what I requested
  2. After this he will be wishing he had stayed at Sandals
  3. They turned P on the Indy ta. Frank missed the presentation. Think he was in the casino
  4. I could change direction Possible tsunami in the Caribbean after an earthquake off Jamaica
  5. He closed a load of restaurants. Big one in Edinburgh and the rest in Scotland are all closed. Hes back on Tv to make money. Makes sense to ditch him
  6. It's probably made up the road from me but don't drink it
  7. You can call it what you want but on here its only 1 posters fantasy
  8. Chair hogs at the pool or solarium or just the DL
  9. I thought it might be you that was number 4 on the ignore list
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