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  1. Still good a good deal. Not many booked Jc and Andrew can get a flowrider each
  2. Beautiful weather here. Played the Old Course today
  3. Hi Jc Don't know how I missed this. Following now though
  4. It didn't stop. Probably too big to stop.
  5. E.T.A is 18th April at 8am in Cadiz. I find it strange why it passed Madeira on the bottom side.
  6. I don't eat in the MDR now. Plates are stacked high. Food sometimes isn't hot, just warm. Wndjammer has a different theme each night. Chops has been good and Giovanni's was ok. Solarium Bistro was good on Harmony Yet to try CK on Oasis class yet and looking forward to Anthem next year
  7. The group I was with was all English speaking. The guide stopped and we gathered round and she spoke to us making sure we can all hear.
  8. I did see French and German, but English was the more popular. If I remember correct, we had about 10 which was good. I left the ship early and was at Pompeii before the crowds. We got the 2pm train back and walked through Naples and was back onboard at around 3.30pm. I do think the guide did show enough and you have to make a decision if you want to continue on your own or head back early to see Naples. The train station is about a 15 minute walk. Try and have a look on Google Maps before you go. It's called Napoli Garibaldi which is the local one and Napoli Centrali is the main one. They are both together, buy a return ticket and remember to validate it before you get on the train at Naples and Pompeii
  9. As above, lots of different ways to do it. I can only say what I did. This was 2017 on Freedom. Walked to the train station. 2.25 Eu each way pp At the gate it was 25Eu pp for tour guide and entry fee. Once the tour was finished, you can stay in and walk to things that you want to see again. You can spend a day easy. We left at around 3pm as it might get busy and make sure we were back in time. When you get off the train, have a walk through Naples and get a slice of pizza where it was first made. I think a lot of tours offer Vesuvius and Pompeii. Personally, that's the next visit. Naples is one of the places that has a lot of attractions. Amalfi, Vesuvius, Sorrento, Capri and Pompeii and a lot more. Not an easy decision, but I'm sure you will enjoy what ever you choose
  10. I've been checking prices on the Uk Royal site to see if they would drop. 5th £1089pp 12th £699pp 19th £875pp 26th £749pp A few weeks ago the 5th was cheap at £499pp, but for some reason it went through the roof. The above prices were from Wednesday. Sunday morning now and they are now 5th £899. No Inside or Outside left 12th £772 No Inside or Outside left 19th £873 No Inside. Balcony cheaper than Outside 26th £599 Usually with a cruise in danger of cancellation, the prices jump up. Looks like they are confident it will be sorted in time for the 5th sailing.
  11. Thanks Cheng for the explanation. I just find it strange that a relatively new ship had this problem. I would imagine the oil levels are constantly checked and why the computer didn't flag it up earlier. The ship was very lucky it didn't ground and the anchor held only feet from rocks.
  12. I only quoted the Uk press release. Technically, the same bottom line, low oil levels. You just explained it better than the press. However, if I had paid the money to buy that ship I would expect it to withstand rougher seas than that. My son is working in Alesund and close to where the ship almost grounded. They were never stopped due to conditions. I just wonder if this might happen in the Caribbean during hurricane season.
  13. And it has been confirmed VS engines failed due to low oil levels
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