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  1. And no more people guessing what's going to happen when we do sail. Because, they really don't know
  2. I made final payment yesterday for my Anthem 7th Aug cruise. I also applied a fcc to my Anthem 15th Aug cruise. Protocols have changed so much in the last few weeks. The jungle drums are banging all over social media it's unreal. As for Jewel, if we get tested on the plane then tested before we board, I can't see they have a reason to cancel. I'm on 25th Sept and 23rd Oct. I'm optimistic and hopeful
  3. A bit of growth now with the heat. We got up to 75 one day last week. I've played a few times and it's improving. We now have the new W.H.S or world handicap system in place. For some reason I was calculated to 5.1. The Open at St Georges this year is on at this moment. St Andrews next year, so hoping for normality.
  4. Not yet. I'm on Anthem 7th and 15th August and Jewel on 25th September and 23rd October. Weather is better here now after a late start. Nice relaxing 16 days on Anthem
  5. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/.../before-you-board-your... Email today with new protocols for Anthem cruises. Click Southampton sailings
  6. They musn''t like aft balconies. Loads available on most cruises
  7. Anthem leaving Limassol soon. Heading to Tsigeli Greece.
  8. They are doing a report on holiday makers to amber areas like Cyprus on Wednesday
  9. Maybe this is why Vision sailings from Bermuda were cancelled
  10. I'm on Anthem b2b on both 8 nighters and was told it was ok yesterday when I called. I was going to cancel the 15th Aug cruise as I booked a 2nd Jewel . Might just keep it now. Thanks for confirmation. Looks like the guy I spoke to was correct
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