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  1. Thanks Skeeter195 for doing the comparison between programs. I'm sure a lot of CAS players will be exploring other cruise lines and casino options.
  2. Maybe too early to ask this, but will the former perks still be in effect after April 1, if you have already booked your next cruises, ie: free drinks in casino, OBC. I truly love NCL, but RCL is very transparent in their offers and price point is better, so major decisions to be made.
  3. Pretty vague announcement that was sent out. From what I see, they removed the tier Jade, which in turn would change the "points" needed for the other levels. I am currently Sapphire which was 15,000, but think they may lower that and perhaps even Ruby, which was 35,000. Either way, the status everyone earned up to 4/1/24, should still be honored until 4/1/25, if its not, I'll be cancelling my 2 scheduled cruises. I do not get the drink package so I enjoy the "free" drinks in the casino. This is only my opinion.
  4. I have tried to research this subject on every available site and even called NCL. I am booked on the JOY for March 2024, and it was suppose to be an angled balcony cabin 10346. However, during my search it is listed as PrivaSea, and have no clue if this cabin is enclosed or a normal balcony. NCL rep can only say its a hull balcony. Any information/picture would be helpful. Thanks
  5. One of the servers (in casino) suggested I try a watermelon margarita and it was great. Any idea whats in it or it already pre-mixed? Thanks
  6. dbrown84, was told it could not be converted to OBC, that would have been ideal.
  7. Sand and Seas, I am looking at the certificates now, and under terms and conditions it does not list a book by or use by. Just that it must be 3 days or longer cruise. Limit of one can be used, unless during a double up promotion. Cannot be combined with cruise first or cruise next certificates. Help that helps.
  8. This is in reference to my previous post #20. I called today, spoke to a different agent, and the results were so different from what I was told earlier. I qualified for a spa club balcony, unfortunately, not a spa person, nor did I want to be under the pool deck. I took a lesser cabin, aft balcony, and using both of my casino next certificates I paid nothing, in fact had $27 left over, that will be forfeited, but the cruise was literally free. The representative on the phone makes all the difference in the world, from $2600 last week, to free this week. Hooray!!!!!!
  9. Sand and Seas, yes earned 12500 on last cruise alone. The casino staff was very nice and attentive, probably because they knew I had a marker for $8000. All I received from the casino for week was one plate of chocolate strawberries, thought that was a little stingy. At the end did get the certificates and $45 off my bill. That was all the charges I had. Since calling them (NCL) this morning called RCL and got a ocean view balcony with 100 in free play for a total price of $146. Guess I'll be cruising RCL til NCL gets their act together. I prefer NCL but not $2500 worth.
  10. My experience with using CASnext this morning. Just off the Bliss on Saturday, and earned 2 certificates ($250 each) I called and spoke to Keith at CAS reservations who was absolutely clueless. My history is that I am sapphire in casino currently and since April 1, 2022 have 22,000 tier points. That being said my offer from CAS was 20% of a balcony room on the Escape in August. Thats its! My cost would have been $2600 + There is no way. I'll wait and call back I am a solo, but the bliss balcony I had last week cost 350 out of pocket. Have no idea what to think, is it a punishment to have CASnext.
  11. Just off Symphony last Saturday, and Casino Comp Chick is correct. The current points needed for Prime is 2500 and for Signature is 25000. Last year it was 1500 and 15000.
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