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  1. I see Laura likes Dancing Drums in the casino. It is fun, especially when it is hot, but, you sure can pour a lot of cash in them. I tell myself not to play, but if the pot is full, well, that is another story.
  2. I was on the SOTS last week for the NE and Canada cruise out of Boston. You will really be happy with the service and food. It was a great ship and I am sure you will enjoy your cruise. Enjoy.
  3. You deserve a five star gold medal for answering all the postings. I donโ€™t know how you have time to think about packing. You truly are a fantastic person and deserve the best cruise ever. Enjoy and I will read every word. PSโ€” Donโ€™t forget your passport๐Ÿ‘Œ
  4. Pick up the Hop On-Hop off bus, really close to the port. It is not too expensive, and a good tour of the city.
  5. I have been checking for your new post. I met you several cruises ago, and you were as enjoyable and polite as I expected. Looking forward to all your stories and postings on your exciting cruise. Have a safe and fun cruise.
  6. Not to be exact, but maybe 15 days. I donโ€™t remember the day I checked my cruise planner.
  7. We received our cabin assignment, #8525, about ten days ago. Now, if the weather is good, we are all set.
  8. I am sorry, I donโ€™t play cards and did not look to see what the tables had.
  9. Thank you to everyone that responded to my post. We just arrived home from the Mariner of the Seas, with a port call in Nassau. We took the #10 bus to Baha Mar and it was so easy, and the drivers were so helpful. The casino was almost empty, and much better than Atlantis. We has a lot of fun and my husband even won a jackpot.
  10. Has anyone been to Baha Mar in Nassau? What type of transportation did you use, and what is your opinion? Tired of Atlantis and want to try a new casino.
  11. Has anyone visited the resort in Nassau. What is your opinion, and what transportation did you use to get their? Tired of Atlantis and wanted to try a new casino.
  12. We just received our GTY assignment for Oct 20, on the SOTS out of Boston. The ship is sold out, so I was glad to receive stateroom 8525.
  13. Is anyone else waiting for their GTY assignment on SOTS, Oct 20, out of Boston.
  14. My husband and I have a GTY booking on Oct 20, 2019 on the SOTS, out of Boston. We have received the E Docs, but no stateroom or deck assignment. It is 27 days out, the ship is booked full and we have our flight and hotel room booked. Maybe the good fairy will drop in with something special. LOL
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