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  1. Try a Snooze (Sound) Machine on the nightstand between you. They are relatively inexpensive and have different sounds such as the sound of the Ocean, etc. My Sister travels with one when sharing a room with a friend who snores.
  2. We've done the Pop Ups on Zuiderdam (twice), Oosterdam and Eurodam. Have also done Sel de Mer five times between the Nieuw Statendam and Koningsdam. We really enjoy it especially the actual Sel de Mer Restaurant on the Pinnacle Class! We enjoyed the Pop-Ups on Zui and also Odam! However, we were very disappointed with Eurodam's Pop Up and felt it was not that good when we were on her in February but we also felt that way about Eurodam's Pinnacle Grill.
  3. Enjoyed reading your Review. The food looks wonderful! We also enjoy the Open Kitchen experience!
  4. That's been my experience as well! Only offered on Port days when we're off the Ship!
  5. Very sorry to hear about the passing of Host Walt. Thoughts and prayers for his Family.
  6. Wonderful Cruise! We did the 17 Night two years ago with the overnight in Honolulu. This year we went back again on a 16 Night and had one day there. Two days there you'll have an opportunity to go to Pearl Harbor and also do a Circle Oahu tour, etc. As Copper said there are lots to see and do! 😃
  7. We actually like Deck 8 and frequently book it. We’ve been in rooms from the Aft Elevators area to a few rooms Forward of mid-Ship elevators. We haven’t had any issues with noise especially inside the room itself and now and then have only heard some chair movement while sitting on the balcony. One Cruise on Koningsdam we were under Dive-In and heard a chair or a rolling cart now and then.
  8. We also use the Big Box. If you don't see a Cabin listed, there is a "search a specific room" and type in the Room #. If available, it will show it. HAL has the same feature.
  9. We're not fans of "Anytime" and prefer Late (Main) Fixed. We enjoy having the same Waitstaff, the same Table and being able to walk right in and have our Table waiting for us.
  10. We also normally go with the #2 Wine Package although last Cruise we went with #3 which had some nice Wines on it. They have the 4, 6, and 8 bottle packages and if you start out with a lesser bottle one, you can always increase it. If you go with #2, you have the option to also choose from the #1 Package if there’s a Wine your familiar with and like.
  11. The glasses at Lido and Seaview Bar are different style glasses (plastic and different shape) than Ocean Bar and MDR. HAL’s Pour is 5 oz. No overpour at these two bars. If you see the glasses side by side, you can see the difference. We’ve also never had waterered down drinks on HAL.
  12. Don't miss Kilmainham Gaol (Jail). They give a tour and so much history! You can do it on your own if you decide to see Dublin without a Tour. We had it added to our Tour as a stop years ago and so glad we did!
  13. Why are you stating that HAL knew on or before March 12th when the OP herself said there was nothing in HAL's system showing until April 3rd? You posted you received Notification from HAL on the 3rd to the change of Port as well as a notice of cancellation of your Ship Tour for cancelled Port stating they would reimburse your Credit Card. So again, really curious as to how exactly you know that "HAL did know about cancelling the Port before March 12 and chose not to make a big deal about it and didn't notify us" especially when OP said it wasn't showing in HAL's System until April 3rd!
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