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  1. We booked an Alaska Cruise on Amsterdam about six weeks before Sailing. We booked the lowest Window Guarantee (normally do Balconies or above) because the price was great. Cruise price dropped but Vista Suites were still up there in price (although did drop a little). Called about an Upsell to VS Gty and was told $3000. We passed. Called back several days later (about 2 weeks before Sailing) and told $750. We grabbed it and ended up being assigned the VS in a great location. Our Friends who booked same Category as us decided to wait a few more days hoping for a better price and was out of luck. Timing is everything!
  2. We just got off NS a week ago. We're 5 Stars and my Daughter who was travelling with us is 3 Stars. We wanted to "treat" her to the Specialty Restaurants and was charged 50% for us and Full Price for my Daughter. My Husband talked to Guest Services and was told because she was in a different Stateroom the System couldn't apply her 25%. They ended up taking hers off our Bill and charged her Account less the 25% Discount. Since we wanted to "treat" her we put cash on her Account.
  3. We really enjoy Tamarind so definitely would like to see a Pop Up!
  4. We sailed on Zuiderdam for the Viking Passage a year ago for the 20 Nite from CPH to NYC. I don't agree with the OP's review since our experience was completely different! Captain Bart and Darren Lewis are two of our favorites and have sailed twice with them. They were very accessible throughout the Cruise! In addition, Captain Bart kept us well informed with all that happened throughout the Cruise due to Weather as well as the aiding in a Search and Rescue of a Jumper off an Aida Ship. His "Ask the Captain" was the best we've attended! Captain Bart and Darren were at the Gangway when we would go off in the Ports. In Greenland and Isafjurdur which are Tender Ports Darren would be on land while Crew were handing out Chicken Soup and Hot Chocolate and overseeing the lines getting on the Tenders. As we Debarked the Ship in Brooklyn Terminal both were down at the end of the Gangway saying Good-bye to Passengers. We had Late Fixed Seating and the food was good to very, very good and the Waitstaff and Wine Attendant excellent! Pinnacle was excellent! The Crew was extremely friendly throughout the Ship! This was our fourth Cruise on Zuiderdam and our second after the Remodel. The Ship is in great condition! This was one of our favorite Cruises with a great Captain and HD and a wonderful Crew! I find it hard to believe so much could possibly change in a year with this Ship and this Captain!
  5. Our Friends had an OV with the new Shower last month on Amsterdam. They were in Room #2548. Yes, same as on Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam.
  6. Could you check and confirm if it's in Open Seating as on some of the other Ships? Thank you!
  7. The difference though with Carnival and FTTF they are not putting them ahead of their Diamonds and Platinums. They also don’t receive the “Captain’s Invite” that only Diamonds receive. HAL, on the other hand, is putting CO ahead of their 5 and 4 Star Mariners. @AncientWanderer CO did negatively impact our Friend’s (who are 4 Star) Dining experience recently on the Amsterdam. Since CO is fairly new to the other Class Ships I guess we’ll be hearing more from non-CO and Non-Neptune passengers on whether they, too, felt the MDR has been affected on non-Pinnacle Class Ships.
  8. Our Friends who are 4 Star was Sailing with us on the Amsterdam on August 12th Sailing. We are on opposite schedules for Dining Times. We do Late Seating and they normally do Early Seating. We booked last minute and they were unable to get Early Seating and were Waitlisted which was 5:00 pm so were put in Open Seating. They asked the 2nd Night if they could make a Reservation for a few nights as they did in the past when in Open Seating. They were told only at 5:15 or after 8 pm. They told them they had Tables “in Reserve” and would not be able to accommodate them. They like to dine alone and the one night they were put at an 8-top Table by themselves while smaller Tables around them were empty during their entire meal. These were Tables “in Reserve “ for CO. They dreaded going to the MDR on this Cruise and felt CO negatively affected their Dining experience. Maybe this works on Pinnacle Class Ships but on Ships with no dedicated space if it’s negatively going to impact other passengers...not such a good idea! Also, the dedicated Club Orange line at Guest Services is so Carnival! Only difference is Carnival at least had Diamonds/Platinums included in the Line along with FTTF where HAL has CO only.
  9. This is the New World...sadly! We own a Restaurant and very sad that people come out to eat and don’t have conversations. The young kids have their Tech Devices, Parents on their Cell Phones playing and even the young couples just sit there on their phones and don’t talk. I walked by one Table of a young couple who appeared to be on a date. I thought maybe they were texting each other. She was playing Candy Crush and he was checking emails. The worst thing is they don’t even look up at the Servers when asked for their drink order, etc.
  10. How the Paper Laundry Bags got started is someone on our Roll Call posted about stuffing the Paper Laundry Bag and how it ripped. She mentioned she purchased the Laundry Package for this Cruise. The gal who posted it sails Carnival and Celebrity often as well as HAL. When asked she said it happened on an AK Cruise a year ago on Eurodam. We've sailed Eurodam this past February and had Canvas Blue laundry bags. She may have had her Cruise Line's mixed up when referring to the "Paper" Laundry Bag (or maybe that particular Sailing gave them). At any rate this seemed to be what started the "rumor" if HAL was doing away with the Blue Canvas Bags. From everyone's recent experiences apparently they're not!
  11. I wouldn't be sorry to see ATK go either! Enjoyed the days of the Guest Chefs and also when the Departments did cooking competitions against eachother complete with a panel of Judges. We also participated in a couple of the Cooking Classes where after the Class we then went into Pinnacle and were served the dishes and Wine.
  12. You know what crew members say when people get off the Ship! I can imagine what they say about some people! 😂 I don't consider crew members "such good friends" but have run into Waitstaff and Wine Attendants who we've met on other Ships as well as Officers and Specialty Restaurant Managers, etc. They have gone out of their way to come over to us when they see us (before we've seen them) even though we are not in their Section of the Dining Room or when we have seen them up on Lido, etc. There is no monetary gain for them to do that! @RocketMan275 We do build up a rapport with our Waitstaff and our Wine Attendant through Fixed Dining and have run into them on Debark day and they have not been any different than the day before toward us. We actually have run into them on other Ships and they have gone out of their way to come over to us when they see us. You know what the saying is "We Love all our Customers! Some when they are coming and others when they are Leaving"! 😉
  13. We recently just had the same thing on Amsterdam. Some Decks had it shut off in the overnight hours but one morning the whole Ship had it shut off from 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. to fix a pipe. They gave us a letter the evening before about it. Be sure to run the water in sink and in tub for about 5 - 10 minutes after they turn it back on. You will have some brownish water coming out at first. They set up portable Coffee and Water stations in Lido. We had this done on a Port day so most people were off the Ship when the water was turned off.
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