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  1. I Nebraska - the virus hasn't gotten here , YET. But, it is getting closer now in communities 100 miles away. Stores have plenty of food, except TP, bread, flour and potatoes. All of those you can get if you are patient and just check back if you need. People stayed home the first week and a half but are starting to venture out more. Unfortunately this is happening as the virus is getting closer. I want to go on a cruise so bad I can taste it. I was just on a cruise in January so maybe a year would be the soonest but since I can't boy do I want to go now. The weather here is beautiful but chance of snow Thursday. Hope all are well. Vicki
  2. First cruise was on the Elation. It was our first real vacation (a trip that wasn't to my sisters house) My kids and I went on a 5 day Western Caribbean and we were hooked from the start. 3 of my girls had graduated high school and my two boys were in high school. We had so much fun. That was in 2011. Went to other cruise lines after that but the Elation has a place in my heart.
  3. Thanks, I don't think I've missed one of your reviews. They are great!
  4. I would really like to cruise right now but as you know, we can't. Would love to read some of your reviews that I may have missed. Love to live vicariously through your beautiful pics. Please let me know if you've written one.
  5. Since I can't cruise now, I really really want to. I would love to read some reviews, I love to see the pictures everyone takes. Let me know of your reviews so I can read the ones I have missed
  6. spending the week with two of my daughters and sitting on my balcony watching Alaska go by, beautiful!
  7. I would book Princess no problem. Well, except that I don’t have the extra money at this time or the time off.
  8. Can someone tell me.... Do NCL, Carnival, and Royal all offer on board credit if you own stock? I thought I read you needed 100 shares for Carnival but I can't find that online but that was with a very quick search. Are NCL and Royal 100 shares also? Thank you for your time. Vicki
  9. We cruised on the Magic in the beginning of January. We were also disappointed with the entertainment and I would say I agree with the rest of your review also. My husband really likes Princess and so do I. I also really like NCL when my husband stays home and I go with my adult children. Enjoy your next trip!
  10. My roll call was not acrive
  11. Join a facebook group for your sailing. As soon as it is available and they have booked it someone will post.
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