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  1. Can't believe I missed one of your reviews! I totally just read that hearing your voice. Nice review, going to go check on a Joy cruise.
  2. You should, however, most days it would not pick up my two daughters. At one point when we left a port it didn't even show them on board. Also showed me in the exercise area a lot. Of course my daughters knew that wasn't possible.
  3. Well there is something I've never thought of, a hot flash getting me denied boarding! It's always something isn't it.
  4. Flaunt it!! Just kidding, enjoy your perks! This coming from someone who has only cruised twice with carnival. What is my card color? red? I don't know. I will never make Platinum.
  5. St. Petersburg Russia then Tallin Estonia
  6. Mine screams balcony or inside. My check book always wins with inside. So sad, so sad.
  7. I agree. Although I think it is unfortunate I do believe NCL and other lines are trying to do what is best to keep everyone safe.
  8. Had to laugh when I read this. I have also seen all the people upset by the coke pepsi thing. In our area, Pepsi way out sells Coke. It isn't even close. Also used to waitress. It would surprise these people how often drinks are mixed with pepsi not coke and no one notices. Even those who swear they would.
  9. I would go in the morning, wouldn’t bother me.
  10. are you talking about on COCO cay? On Coco cay... Does each thing cost or do you pay a fee for everything? Is there a free beach to go to?
  11. For those of you that have traveled with small children (5-12) I am wondering what cruise line would you pick between, NCL, and Royal. I have been on both but just looking for others opinions. Of course I would love disney but Just can't afford it. Would like your opinions please. Thank you Vicki
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