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  1. I've sailed in forward facing penthouse suites on the Dawn once, the Gem twice and the Jewel once. Also sailed in the forward facing Haven room (with balcony on the side...not sure the name of it) on the Breakaway once and the DOS on the Breakaway (forward and...awesome!!!) once. I'm not one to experience motion sickness but no one who sailed with me on any of these had any trouble. I'm sure it depends greatly on sea conditions and weather....but I've loved seeing where we are going in the front of the ship!
  2. I'm also interested in any feedback! 🙂
  3. My cruise in October, 2020 leaves OC at 7:00 p.m. according the website. Guess no light show/parade etc. for the passengers on that voyage. I wonder how early you have to be on board to leave at 7:00? Perhaps 6:00? Definitely no availability for the late night attractions MSC advertises with that timing. I was interested in the stargazing 'excursion'. Ugh.
  4. Great information! Thank you. Hmmm...$12 ( or free for YC) for shade and a lounger vs. the very high cost of a cabana... Food for thought! Glad I don't have to decide tonight! I'd love to hear from anyone what has actually used a cabana to find out how much a difference (if any) having a cabana made for the days' enjoyment.
  5. Thanks all again for your responses. So, if cabanas close at 5:00 and we don't get on the island til about 10:00 a.m. (if lucky!) then it may be a bad bet to spend the money. I might hang onto it for a while (we don't cruise til 10/20) to see if MSC ups the benefits/perks with a cabana...but I am definitely considering cancelling. Thank you CRAustin for following up after your upcoming cruise! I hope you have a great voyage!
  6. Thank you so much for all your answers! I'm feeling less 'needy' of a cabana, but I will take the advice to hang onto it until closer to departure to see what (if anything) changes about actual time on the island and what is available during that time. As it stands now the extra money for the cabana seems unnecessary but I'll see what the future holds. Thanks again for all the thoughts and observations. Very helpful!
  7. Hi all, So...some of you may remember my struggle to book an Ocean Cay cabana for my October, 2020 sailing on the Meraviglia. Well, now I have one, but after reading that different sailings have different departure times I checked mine and we sail at 7:00 P.M. I'm guessing that means no light show/parade etc. I'm a little disappointed about those things but mostly wondering if it's still worth it to keep the cabana. I definitely want it for shade in the day, but we seem to be losing at least 4-5 hours on the island that day. Thoughts as to whether I should keep it...or if anyone has had a cabana, please feel free to chime in as to the value vs. the cost. Thanks as always!
  8. Thank you Sir Wolf. I get tired of any and all unexpected changes to seemingly everything these days on MSC, NCL and Celebrity. When I saw the 'new' deck plan plans with no furniture in the TSL I just figured they would put more staterooms in there...like NCL did with the Spinnaker Lounge on the Dawn etc. Thanks again....
  9. Hi all... I'm booked on the Meraviglia in October, 2020, and I checked the deckplan to make sure our room in on the starboard side so we can see Ocean Cay and the light show. On the website there is a link that says something like "To view deckplans after summer, 2020, please use this link". The staterooms look the same but is the TSL moving? The deck plan no longer labels it or has any furniture drawn into it! Does anyone have any information about this? Thank you !!
  10. Thank you for this information!!! I too was able to book today!!!!! Very thankful and relieved. I booked a YC ocean view (not ocean front) based on information in other CC threads. Thanks again everyone! 🙂
  11. Thank you Hank, for the above information on the cabanas. I just booked the ocean view vs. ocean front based on your description. Much appreciated!
  12. Hi again... I just called MSC again and shared that folks on CC have reported that their cruise is in September and they have been able to book a cabana. I was told (again) that the policy is that reservations for cabanas can only be made six months out. She 'checked around' for me and spoke to a co-worker but could find nothing. She didn't understand why my "Manage My Bookings/Excursions" was only showing two excursions available. She guessed that people may have been able to book prior to six months due to IT issues.... Long story shorter, I couldn't book a cabana and was advised to keep checking the website. She also suggested I reach out to the casino department as the booking began with them. Hmmm.....will do.... It gets tiring what with all the hold time etc. All I'm trying to do is give MSC more $$ and I'm not being allowed to do that! 🙂
  13. Thank you Shippy... I was afraid of this. I feel like the cabanas are a fixed 'excursion' on Ocean Cay and there's no reason they shouldn't be listed under 'Manage Your Cruise" on the website. I'm only offered the wave runners and the lighthouse climb as of today and I'm paid in full. And that's under "Manage My Cruise". I guess I'll call again and be more firm that others have booked cabanas in advance and ask how to secure one. Or...I can be very happy with an umbrella for $13 ! Whatever happens will be great! It's a vacation....right?
  14. Hi all... Just off the phone with MSC (the phone prompt for YC reservations). The rep stated that reservations can only be made six months in advance. Does anyone have a different experience with when they could book a cabana? He also said he had "no idea" what the jibberish on my "manage my booking" meant. Wish I had better/different/feeling more reliable news!
  15. I just spoke with someone at MSC regarding reserving cabanas. He stated that they can only be booked six months in advance. Does that match or fly in the face of anyone else's experience with booking a cabana?
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