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  1. What address do you use on the ESTA for the cruise?
  2. Thanks all. That's what we thought. However the deck plan in the latest 2020/21 Celebrity book has it the other way round.
  3. Hope someone who has been on the Constellation recently can help. I'm trying to find out which restaurant is on which deck. I've seen several sets of deck plans and even those on Celebrity's own website and brochures contradict each other. So the question is, which restaurant Tuscan Grill or Qsine is on which deck, 3 or 11?
  4. We are doing a similar cruise shortly. Did you have select or traditional dining? Was their any wait for a table in the MDR? We usually do select dining but are considering traditional late dining at 845pm but have heard that select dining is now overrsubscribed and busy. Any thoughts?
  5. I know this has been discussed elsewhere, but I haven't seen a complete answer hence this post. If you have the Classic drinks package included in your cruise, this will show on the Celebrity invoice under various different codes but more than likely not in the Cruise Planner. I emailed Celebrity about this, and they advised that the drinks package will be added to the Cruise Planner 1 month prior to the cruise by their staff in Miami. However, if you ask, it can be added to your Cruise Planner before one month out. Once added you will be able to print out confirmation from the Cruise Planner, and also upgrade your drinks package to Premium in advance of the cruise.
  6. We're sailing on the Constellation and have downloaded the app. We've already booked 3 specialty dinners and 3 excursions, but only 1 dinner and 2 excursions show in the app. Anyone else experiencing missing info in the app? By the way, all bookings show when logging in to the Celebrity website.
  7. We received an email and so logged in to the cruise planner. Got all the way through the booking process but it kept failing on the last step. Phoned Celebrity and got 20% off the price to upgrade classic to premium. Paid £150pp for a 12 night cruise so it was like not having to pay the gratuity. We worked it out to be same as 20% off upgrading onboard (the largest discount we've experienced or heard off) or cheaper than get 12 days if upgrade for the price of 11. Other friends didn't get the email or have the 20% discount banner in the website, so phoned Celebrity and managed to wrangle the same price. Sent from my Hudl 2 using Forums mobile app
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