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  1. What if the FCC stood for frequent car credit. Don't you think the car company would lose $$$ if they were used?
  2. But they are not issuing FCC's. They are refunding
  3. Royal didn't cause the problem You think another line wouldn't have canceled? Refunds should be coming, not FCC
  4. I know Z is a guaranty, but what is Category ZI
  5. There is no more to be said. Same opinions and guesses as to what happened for days now.
  6. In 100 % penalty this does not happen. The cabin is paid for period! I don't know where people get this
  7. Nope. Had a group that were all going to cancel if the one person being denied because of BC issues couldn't go. They all would have received FCC's because they had royal's insurance
  8. Royal's doesn't Cancellation just needs to happen before the ship leaves
  9. In the insurance companies eyes, you are not being provided with the cruise you booked. Insurance would probably cover it. We were cancelled because of a hurricane that hit SJU a few years ago. The ship couldn't dock at SJ and eventually docked in Port Everglades. At first Royal wanted to do a partial cruise from there and give everyone a FCC if they wanted to cancel. I called my insurance provider and they told me that since they were not going to provide us with the cruise we booked, we would be covered. They eventually cancelled and refunded all
  10. Total nonsense. The cruiesline can't cancel you and not refund. How can the op bring a friend if the FCC in someone else's name
  11. No they won't. They either do it soon or not
  12. I think that Royal will eventually give them a refund. They are effectively cancelling there cruise. A FCC is not making them whole if you can't use it
  13. If you are worried abut this, you shouldn't even go to the grocery store
  14. Except for things like tips, drinks, and excursions, it's all non refundable. I think you need to call the insurance company as he may have to cancel, not just not show up
  15. Due by the ta, but not the cruiseline until 90 days. TA's can ask for final payment any time they feel like it
  16. You received it because your cruise was more than 90 days away. You were not at the final payment due date yet
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