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  1. Then you better never breath on anyone ever again in your lifetime if you believe you are a danger to other humans.
  2. My point is “stupid decisions” and completely unnecessary. We as a society have assimilated and accept the risk.
  3. You could be writing about every car accident due to cell phone use. Of which there is reported 1.6 million annually and 390,000 injuries. (Statistics attributed to the National Safety Council)
  4. I have eaten at GC but not recently. How long did it take you to collect all your food? Did the current protocol discourage you from returning for seconds?
  5. I don’t appreciate the judgment. You need not concern yourself with how much food I consume. I am for the most part out of patience with MDR served meals that takes 1.5 - 2 hours. When eating alone, it is an unwanted waste of my vacation time.
  6. Additional plans to restart, subject to change. ================== The working plan that we have today is in month One ... it would be three Norwegian vessels, one Oceania vessel and one Regent vessel," with the number of ships sailing increasing gradually as momentum builds, he said. As for when that might be, Del Rio said that "reasonable expectations" pointed to late in quarter three (September) or early quarter four (October through December). He said that it would take six months or so to get the entire company fleet back into service. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5340/?source=132415&fbclid=IwAR3X_vlqG70KFHUHH-c8di7tN8TBGUTqdBIIWfWT1w55za8_IzsI8b3qWcg
  7. Curious. Could not find any cruises matching "Galveston" departure point on the second search screen, but it is active as a search parameter on the home page.
  8. I will lay money this meeting will be more interesting than most. Wonder if a video of proceedings will be made available. Does anyone know?
  9. My concern is with the Future Cruise Credits (not CruiseNext certificates which expire four years after issuance).
  10. And hypothetically, when cruises do not commence in 2020, the life of said FCCs has been “shortened” by 8-9 months.
  11. I will be interested to see whether NCL extends the “life” of all the Operational Pause FCCs. The six currently in my account expire one year from date issued, so March and April 2021. The latest FAQ indicate the FCCs can be applied on cruises until December 31, 2022. But mine will have expired long before that. As of now, they are essentially useless on bookings through June 2020. Don’t even get me started on when a viable NCL cruise (that actually sails) will happen. Royal Caribbean has extended and aligned the expiration of all Pause FCCs, no matter when they were issued.
  12. DBP is $39/day for November Jewel sailing.
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