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  1. We recently cancelled our cruise for Oct. 2021. Fully refundable, $1,800 deposit. I've had heart surgery and won't consider cruising for a few years till the vaccine is proven and things are under control. I waited to cancel as I felt X was over whelmed with rebooking, cancellations when Covid first started. I am please to say that from cancellation to refund - 5 DAYS! Way to go Celebrity!!!!!
  2. We have done 1 short cruise and I wasn't a fan. It was pretty much a booze cruise for many, not your typical X crowd - I've never seen people so far gone on a Celebrity cruise before or since. One guy kept sliding down the wall in the Martini Bar, would crawl back up and down he'd slide. Very entertaining but not our cup of tea.
  3. I'm following along as I will need ideas for 9/22/21. I have never been to Boston so will fly in 2 days prior. We will plan to grab a cab from the airport to the hotel. I'd like to be in the heart of site seeing and will take a cab to port the morning of the cruise. Sounds like hotels are crazy expensive but when in Rome .... so I'll spring for location, I'd love to be out walking the city. I don't need the Ritz but something fun and nice close to good restaurants. 2 people. Is it possible for around $350 a night?
  4. I'd appreciate some help please. I'm in an area where getting a connection is spotty at best (so reading through all pages is near impossible) and I'm needing to know when the Canadian fall itineraries are due to drop? Last I heard was 11/26 - is that correct? Also if anyone has done that one and would tell me if they have a preference for port or starboard, that would be great. Thanks so much.
  5. We haven't had a Sky in a while - we do have one booked for next year - can you explain how the experience is being downgraded? We love the Celebrity suites but thought to save a little $ as we want a Royal for the cruise after. You have me thinking that maybe we should upgrade now.
  6. The worst that I have seen was in the buffet on embarkation day. So many people with food trays and no place to sit, packed to the max and there were the card players with several tables in a group. None were eating but there were a few half full glasses, they were unconcerned about the lack of table space for those wanting to eat. Me, if I'm in a restaurant and there are people waiting for a table, when I'm finished eating - I move along. We need more common courtesy not I got here first so I own it.
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