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  1. $$$$. When we Visited the panama canal last year we learned that the price for going through the locks for a passenger ship was inclusive of all the passengers allowed on board whether they were there or not. Before any ship goes through for the first time there is an inspector that comes on board and makes note of every possible sleeping quarter in order to figure out how much to charge for passage.
  2. Please, correct me if I am mistaken. I thought I read in the T &C that one could only L &S once (unless “they” make the change. ).
  3. Since I truly have no idea, may I imagine? Eclipse is heading west to arrive at a pick up point for many crew members. I suppose speculate would be a better word than imagine. Wishful thinking.
  4. Oh my! I've never clicked on something so fast before. Thanks, Kokomo for posting what I'm sure many are wondering. Scanditaly
  5. That's OK, you can crash this one. 😉 Keith; thanks for the reply. It is as I thought, and I will bring plenty of wine, but was hoping for a few snacks along with it. Scanditaly. PS> the photo is amazing. Thank you again.
  6. Hello folks; I have a sailing coming up and we have the aft corner suite D726 on the Regal and plan to have a party (or two). Please share if you have done this; particularly how many persons attended and how the space felt crowd-wise. Also, if there was any special service provided by any member of the staff, I'd love to know about it. I've only done this on Celebrity ships, and it has always been a great event. Thanks in advance, Scanditaly
  7. For you ladies out there who utilize the vanity area, and want good light; I booked the H6 on deck 12 (9 wasn't available) as the bedroom opens up to the balcony, and with the mirror having some mobility, I will be able to have actual light on my face. It was a hard call between the two renditions. Thank you to all of you for the input and information. Scanditaly
  8. Wonderful news from you; and you didn't even have to carry it on. As a fellow wine enthusiast, we have yearned for this procedure, as many years ago, on a Celebrity ship, it worked very smoothly for us as well. Thank you for posting your experience. Scanditaly
  9. FWIW, I called my TA today and she was able to view the Sky Princess itinerary, but could not book because I am not Elite. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ❤️ you tomorrow; you’re only a day awaaaaay.
  10. Does anyone on this board know when the November 2020 itineraries will be released? We are booked on the last 5-day to Nova Scotia, NY to NY, and want to presume Sky will head South on November 5th. We would like to be on this re-positioning. Thanks in advance for any info that might be posted. Scanditaly
  11. We too have a just post college daughter living at home.. We are happily using the "straws" from various pump bottles that are no longer needed, and then place a bunch of them in the dishwasher. I do not view our family as tree huggers, but rather folks who have a raised awareness and are doing small things to make a difference. I'm certain that when she moves into her own place we will continue the practice. Scanditaly
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