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  1. murano - we used to do every other night in tuscan, but after several bad experiences we went every night in murano and have never looked back!!
  2. Celebrity IT at its best.....
  3. When we ate in Murano we would ask them to send a cheese plate to the room the next day (since we never had the cheese after dinner). It was a wonderful treat. I'd imagine you could do the same with Tuscan.
  4. I was referring to the special themed lunches, the murano lobster lunch or the tuscan king crabs leg lunch. One item we noted that we liked better is the RS had a lavazza blue machine which made decent coffee, and we could get morning cappuccino in a lavazza mug rather than a Cafe al Baco paper cup. -jim
  5. Mary Lou, In the past (as of this spring) we were told it didnt include specialty lunches; We were also told it didnt allow ordering from anything but MDR.. I think it depends on how ambitious the butler is 🙂 Good luck! We just had a great cruise with exceptional service and food in Murano on Eclipse. -jim
  6. I expect Celebrity will get the app updated for eclipse sometime around 2025 or 2030 A.D. just after they make the web site useful..
  7. We usually go deck 11 for an RS. We do at times hear the rearranging to the deck chairs above, and I think we had to call twice when they we moving chairs at around 2am. Usually its pretty quiet; never any hallway noise.
  8. murano, murano murano; We used to like tuscan but it was awful last 2 cruises on equinox, whereas in murano Marko (m'd) and his crew went above and beyond. It was truly exceptional..
  9. We usually are RS and give shoreside the times we want, and once onboard we ask our butler for a printout to verify. He then adjusts them to what they should have been 🙂 We've never had issues getting into Murano, but then thats our fav spot and we eat there most nights. We've had hit/miss success at Tuscan.
  10. Looks like inside there is a new green chair (without a footstool), and the low coffee table is mia.. agree on the deck chairs... Butler! we want the old chairs and foot stools!
  11. make friends with m'd and waiter, also being in a royal suite helps 🙂
  12. While the butler on this cruise didnt say it, We've always been told we can do laundry as often as we want; We usually do it 2-3 times in a 2 week cruise. It comes back 2 days later.
  13. jagoffee no problem; we also had edge in port for embarkation, so we were at terminal 29; I think when we came back we disembarked at 25.. I'm not familiar with the Fort Lauderdale cruise terminal since most of our cruises have been out of Miami.. We did look around for an area and finding none I did the unthinkable and asked a guy with a walkie talkie where the luggage drop off was; he didnt know, but he called a guy who said he didnt know either (thus I gave the luggage to a porter) and then he escorted us in...
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