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  1. Just a quick catch up being as I was the OP. Finally we got our money back in refund our credit card, plus money in FCC. I don't know if I will ever use the FCC as my faith in Princess has gone completely, and the FCC isn't a huge amount anyway. Good luck all.
  2. I never loved Princess, I tolerated them for some extended journeys. I always preferred smaller ships like Oceania and Azamara. Now, despite being a CCL shareholder, I will never cruise Princess again. Too big, too much lying to customers (both in relation to COVID outbreaks and refunds). I'm out and I'll sell my shares as soon as/if they are ever worth anything again. Although the smaller lines are more expensive I will cruise less but more expensively. Not that we have a lot of choice about the 'less' part just now anyway.
  3. Wow! I started this thread on March 14th. It's now April 28th and it's really grown. For some reason notifications hasn't been working. I'll have to scroll back and read all the comments. Just FYI, my money still hasn't come through. Grrrr...
  4. Interesting to read all the responses, and thanks everyone. It seems that there are a lot of differences, some of them possibly based on country of residence. Those you in Australia seem to be in the same situation as me - no money refunded and no sign of FCC on my Princess Account. I’ll keep waiting - if anyone in Aus actually gets anything back it would be great to know - I will also share. Meanwhile wishing health and access to victuals to you all.
  5. Hi, I cancelled under the new cancellation policy on the day it came out. I received an email but the money has not hit my account. Obviously I know things are terribly unusual and Princess and Banks are no doubt terribly overburdened. However, I was just wondering if people are starting to get their refunds trickling through? My bank has - in the past - been very slow with refunds so I’m curious. In Australia by the way.
  6. Hi, I would be really interested to hear if anyone planning a trip here actually did it, and how it went in terms of access. I have balance AND knee issues and am worried about the zodiacs, I even freak out getting into tenders on ‘normal’ cruises.
  7. I don’t ever use TA’s for anything, and this is why. It’s another level of bureaucracy and misinformation. Taxes and Port Fees are not the property or even under the purview of a TA. AFAIK if a tax is paid to a government entity and then that is not used it is refundable. In the past month I have cancelled three air flights and one cruise across three different countries. In every case the taxes and fees have been immediately refunded in full to my CC. I would be challenging your TA in the strongest way if I were you. Good luck. Not meaning to sound like a smart A but this sort of thing is just wrong and it makes me angry on your behalf.
  8. Further to this - I must now congratulate the service person on the phone at Princess in Australia. She got back to me late today and said that this morning when she spoke to me they didn’t know what had hit them but during the day she learned and she therefore updated me and also sent me an email. Kudos to her and to Princess.
  9. For people in Australia: If you’re wondering what will happen when you try to get through here is my experience. Last night, the same minute that the email arrived I got through on Chat after a five minute wait. The person on chat said I couldn’t cancel over chat because it’s not encrypted so had to phone this morning (Saturday). The call centre in Sydney is open 8-4 today (Sat). Phoned this morning at 9am (slept in). 45 minute wait. Call centre person sounded extremely confused and contradicted herself three times before admitting that they were inundated and not coping very well. She told me she has to enter a code because they are not allowed to cancel (huh?) and that I won’t get an email, but then later told me I will get an email. Don’t ask me to explain, she couldn’t, clearly she was learning as she went or - more worryingly - making it up as she went. After going around in circles and her becoming more and more embarassed/defensive I figured she had entered the code and all I can do now is wait to see the credits appear on my account. If they haven’t shown up in ten days I’ll call back.
  10. Where are people reading this detail? My email (in Australia) said nothing about this and nor did the website when I last looked. We are at 75% cancellation stage. I guess it doesn’t matter much to me whether i get credits, money refunded or a combination, but I’m interested to know which. EDIT: Never mind, I get it. Early morning brain. I was assuming we would get the full fare as FCC, but it’s most likely 75% of full fare as FCC and the rest as a refund.
  11. Of course I did that, and also checked the email they just sent me. No advice about how to actually cancel, which is a bit of an oversight. Anyway, I answered my own question. Spoke to someone at Princess on ‘chat’ - the answer is that you have to phone up as ‘chat’ is not encrypted. Bummer. But better than nothing.
  12. Great news. Does anyone know how to cancel online, or in some way that doesn’t include waiting on the phone for three days?
  13. Australian guests also issued Visa for USD$6 on the ship, about four weeks ago. Much cheaper than getting the visa in Australia.
  14. Just to let you all know it ended up costing me nothing, because post dry dock it was in pieces and remained that way for the entire cruise. Read ‘Quest...sleeping on deck’ post for more info. We were compensated admirably but I had a miserable cruise. Never again.
  15. Hahaha! That’s sad though, that we will most likely never meet Phil. And I just googled YMMV - so I learned something today too 🙂
  16. They jolly well ought to learn from it. If they don’t then they deserve a shocking reputation which would be well earned.
  17. Hi all Remember me? The person who nearly got bumped by Azamara last year and was given a 100% compensation? It was a loooong thread so I know some of you regulars do remember. Well guess what? I was also on this cruise! I think it’s actually me that’s the problem, not the dry docking. I am cursed when it comes to Azamara. And clearly they don’t want my money. 🤣 (fine by me). In all seriousness it was hideous, and that comes from someone who has lived in very hot countries (e.g., Malaysia, Singapore). I slept on deck along with many others. There was actually a fight near me with two men wrangling over a deck chair, the words used were AZamazing and not in a good way. People’s tempers were really very frayed and many were quite unwell in other ways. Having just arrived, being jet lagged and then faced with another two days with no sleep in horrid conditions meant that my immune system was shot to shreds and I promptly got a bronchial infection, so that even once the aircon was fixed I had a miserable first week. Never again....and not because Azamara is bad once you get on board (the staff are incredible, including Bonny of course) but as a result of these two experiences I really don’t have any respect for their US-based company at all and I do not trust them. Does anyone out there know how long it usually takes Azamara to process a refundable OBC? Last time Ryzard organised it for me while I was onboard. This time, as there are so many people, I’m not sure what to expect. Oh, and finally one more bad and one good that I should mention: 1: The Thalasso spa wasn’t working for the whole trip and every few days I was assured it would be. It was still in pieces when I got off. 2: The GOOD THING: Phil, the kind hotel manager, organised a better room for us, with a balcony. That was very much appreciated.
  18. Thanks all, I am happy with the thal. pool, and from there a larger shower. I don’t sunbake any more so the chairs are not an issue. And yes, I like to lounge on deck chairs on the promenade on deck 5. A week to go, can’t wait. 🙂
  19. Hmmm, sounds concerning. I have every intention to pay so I suppose that the ‘keyed access’ won’t be a problem unless it doesn’t work, but thanks for letting me know. As for the sun beds, don’t care so much about that, I just LOVE a Thalasso spa and a wee bit of privacy
  20. Thanks folks, exactly what I wanted. Cheers.
  21. Hi everyone, just working out my cruise budget. Can anyone please share the latest costs for use of the T-pool area for a non-suite guest for a 16 nighter (one person and couple charges would be much appreciated). Thanks in advance, the only actual costing I could find on here was from 2011.
  22. Thank you for finding out Bonnie. That’s very disappointing and inconvenient, but not your fault of course. Cheers, Lyn
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