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  1. We were cruising with Azamara when they still had the folding bicycles. And, we enjoyed several excursions before those bikes were jettisoned in favor of local tour suppliers. Then, the age restrictions were imposed and we fought those (with Bonnie's help), only to have most of the bike tours cancelled - some, mid cruise. So we then booked and enjoyed the local offerings - Cycle Gisborne! - having the best possible time even at my advanced age of 70. If private tours are not available when we finally cruise again, well, we may rethink sailing. Sigh.
  2. ... and however long that road is - so long as it leads us onto an Azamara gangway!
  3. Back in the day... I expect your question would have been addressed by our wonderful, former, Chief Blogging Officer: Bonnie. She was employed by Azamara in a communications/ombudsman type role and regularly took on issues, providing a channel for posters on this forum. The new Azamara would do well to bring her back, IMO.
  4. Loved this! And not at all surprised to see the engineers ace the conga line : )
  5. Here in Hawaii, what you describe is called Vaccine Tourism and is not allowed. Visitors to the island are not permitted to access this resource. I thought each state had its own allotment, and each county, jurisdiction as to delivery. Are you a resident of Florida, ellbon?
  6. Thanks, ECCruise. I appreciate the opportunity to vote.
  7. Again I say, as I've been bleating ever since 2009, why doesn't Azamara send marketing emails to me?? Confirmations of products purchased, yes, but no generalized emails. If anyone has an extra ballot, go ahead and toss my vote towards Discovery. IMO it's the best fit with Journey, Quest, and Pursuit. Thanks!
  8. I would love to receive some love regarding 2022. We haven't sailed with PG since... 2005? But, have plunked down a deposit for Fiji-Papeete. Looking forward to these islands - old friends + new - and so are now watching these boards. Teri
  9. We came very close to booking the last, available aft cabin for the 10/08/22 Fiji to Papeete. It's been since 2005 that we cruised with PG, and after I looked at posts re. refund cancellation - we opted out. After numerous cruises with Azamara and a successful refund for their cancelled cruise, we were unwilling to take a chance on Ponant's policies re. their much larger deposit. Sigh. It was fun to think about...
  10. Does anyone know if the refurb will include changing the five, deck 7 aft cabins into two suites? As was rumored last year ... ? Thanks -
  11. We're with ECCruise; have successfully booked B2B via ChoiceAir with a simple phone call to them. We had our preferred flights, saved money, and enjoyed very good service.
  12. We stayed at the Athens Gate Hotel prior to an Azamara cruise, several years ago, and found it to be perfect for us. Lovely ruins just across the road; easy stroll to Plaka for food and Acropolis with new museum mere steps away. Hotel staff were helpful, and the view of Acropolis from their rooftop during the ample breakfast buffet could not be bettered.
  13. What I wonder about are the 2021 New Zealand cruises Azamara plans for next Jan and Feb. With kiwis looking at a potentially years-long international travel shut down, how will international visitors be dealt with ashore, during these numerous, Azamara port stops? Three months and counting....
  14. Here on Kauai we are waiting for the proverbial flip flop to drop. Zero cases of Covid, but expectations are that will change when the state opens up to to transpacific visitors Oct. 15. Officials have deemed the tanking tourist economy a greater risk than the virus, and so if you secure a negative Nucleic Acid Amplification test no more than 72 hours prior to flight, you're good to go. Unfortunately, visitors can also opt to quarantine for 14 days instead of taking the test, and then you have the worry that others on the plane were positive, and will get that news in a few days...
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