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  1. During our November cruise on the NS our last stop was HMC. The ship time did not match local time. Our next stop was Port Everglades to disembark. I was told by the concierge that they waited to adjust the clocks to allow more time for staff to take care of luggage etc to getting ready for turn around.
  2. We sailed on the Nieuw Statendam in the spring and had earned 6 spending credits. That gave us a total of 20 points to our next star level. I was thrilled because with only 51 points until 5 star we could get there by years end. I had reconfirmed several times after posting as I managed upcoming cruises. While checking on this month's update I noticed that my points status until next mariner level went from 51 to 52. I reviewed my spreadsheet and the spring spending points had been reduced by 1 point. Putting 5 star at least three cruises away. I contacted the Mariner Society when I saw the error and asked that they review. They updated me today and apologized for the error and restored the spending point. Now our December cruise could get us to 5 star! The point here is to keep track of your points as computer glitches happen. I'm sure it may not seem like a big deal to some but every point does matter when reaching for the next level.
  3. We may be joining you on this cruise. Will book next month while on Veendam.
  4. Thank you for sharing this news. The Rotterdam itinerary is very appealing.
  5. We left the NS on 10/17 with six ships in port. We were through security and at the gate by 8:30.
  6. Just off the NS and had breakfast in Club Orange. Not all of the food was cooked in the kitchen you see. Some came from elsewhere in covered plates like you get for room service.
  7. "Words with Friends" is an online game/app. It is a version of scrabble that you play with other people.
  8. I’m on board with you. I have the package as a free perk. We were both thinking we were glad we didn’t buy it. The service has been too unreliable.
  9. We are currently on board the NS and have tried the Club Orange for breakfast three days. First day service was spot on. Second day it was slow and difficult to get refills. This morning the speed of the food coming out was good, although toast came when we were nearly done. Also hard to get coffee refills. Good thing we got it as a suite perk. I’d be very upset if I paid extra for this perk.
  10. I like it silent too. I would like a banner.
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