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  1. I just took a look at the Princess web page. They have the exact same announcement.
  2. Thanks for the daily report. With six cats in the house everyday is hug a cat day.
  3. Thanks for the daily report. I’m marinating a beef roast for tonight’s dinner.
  4. They have a few itineraries for September and October. Some will need to be revised or cancelled. I’m concerned that our November cruise will get cancelled.
  5. This morning I saw a post from P&O that they are cancelling all sailings through October 15, 2020. Hoping that HAL doesn't follow suit but wouldn't be surprised. Link to their web page: https://www.pocruises.com/travel-health-advisories
  6. This past Saturday i got our port fees and cancellation policy refunds for our March 18 cruise. HAL cancelled on March 13, we were packed and ready to go!
  7. Thanks for the daily. Might have minestrone for lunch since the weather has cooled a bit. Dinner tonight is ravioli, thanks to Olive Garden’s buy one get one deal.
  8. Thanks for the daily. Good news this morning. Our March 18 port taxes and cancellation policy refunds posted to my credit card this morning.
  9. An interesting credit was posted to my credit card this morning. The port taxes and cancellation policy were moved to an open booking by the accounting department. My PCC figured this out. I was disappointed but told her to let it be, they had just announced the layoffs and she was stressed. This morning those charges were credited to the cc. I double checked the booking online and the credit was no longer applied. This was from our March 18 itinerary.
  10. As a graduate of Milton Hershey I found it interesting too.
  11. I saw this on my FB feed tonight. Hope the link works. A big shout out of gratitude to the leadership team onboard Zuiderdam and those in Seattle for getting us home safely! #halstrong #halbroughtushome #hope #encouragement #solidarity #southafrica #namibia #mauritius #seafarer
  12. I confirmed this with my PCC last week. For us final payment date is September 9. First penalty kicks in on August 9 of 99 per person. September 6 it jumps to 50% cruise fare. Since we have an aft corner cabin that is a sizable amount. I agree very sneaky.
  13. They have moved final payment date for many of the fall cruises. The cancellation penalty date has not changed. We have a November cruise as well and will use the cancellation penalty date as final payment date. If HAL does not announce a restart plan we will cancel.
  14. Ordinarily I’d probably pass on a cruise with no ports of call. Since I’m in my third month of “house arrest” I’d do it in a heartbeat if I didn’t have to fly. Especially if it was for about three to five days.
  15. IMHO the biggest thing they could bring back is clear and honest communication about itinerary changes and whatever else would be in the customers best interest to make informed decisions.
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