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  1. Good Morning, thanks for the daily report. All seven of the cats in our house are rescues. The meal suggestion sounds good. We’ll be having chicken but no dumplings. Yesterday I spoke with our PCC and booked the NS for Christmas and New Year for this year. DH gets his second shot this week, hospital worker. I still have to wait but should be able to get it before final payment date.
  2. I am. Juan gets his second dose this week. I need to wait my turn but am hopeful about the J&J. One dose and tested against some of the newer strains. Fewer side effects too.
  3. Hi Jacqui, just off the phone with our PCC. We are officially booked for December 19, 2021 14 Day Eastern / Western Caribbean cruise. I’m being optimistic that we can spend the holidays on a dam ship. Could you please add us to the list? Thank you!
  4. Good Afternoon, thanks for the daily report. I do enjoy a good bowl of chili. Today’s dinner will be a beef roast with wine. I was feeling a little optimistic this morning and emailed my PCC to book a 14 day holiday cruise on the NS.
  5. Good morning. Today’s meal suggestion sounds good, especially since they promise a rainy day here. I’d be happy to open a bottle of wine today.
  6. I agree with @Gail & Marty sailing away. Use a credit card. The only time I use a debit card is at my own banks atm. That was advice from a financial expert and I follow it.
  7. CCL is up again this morning. I’m hoping that it continues to climb. At some point I’d like to sell shares to either break even or minimize the loss.
  8. Good Morning, thanks for the daily report. DH wants definitely would like it if the house was as warm in the summer when I turn on the ac. I enjoy sticky buns but will settle for the cinnamon rolls I got yesterday at IKEA.
  9. I could go for some of that today. When we are visiting family I stop in Bird in Hand Restaurant for their chicken corn soup. It’s soo good.
  10. Good Morning, thanks for the daily report. Cherry pie sounds good. Every day is love your pet day here. It was nice watching the NS sail into port this morning.
  11. Coming into port now. It’s a beautiful shot on the camera.
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