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  1. As happy v says, the tourist info office with its free Wifi is just where you come through the gates off the ship and where you can buy the trips. I was impressed in Norway at being able to use a card for everything.... even the waffles and coffee at the workers cottage 😉 . Only thing you needed coins for in Stavanger were the public loos - we just legged it back to the ship haha
  2. Hi Presto2..... when you get off at Stavanger there are often lots of local tour/boat people outside the gate offering tours and boat trips, so I'm sure you will get one easily enough... if you have some time to kill, but don't want to go round a museum like the sardine canning and the oil museums ( both actually surprisingly really interesting 😉 ) , you could call in at the Worker's Cottage next door to the Sardine Canning Museum. It is free and small, but also interesting - then you can have a waffle and coffee in their little courtyard. That is in the old town near where the ship berths, up the streets with the clapboard houses. Enjoy :)
  3. Yorkshirephil - the P&O excursion with 6 hours free time is indeed on the programme this year and as returners to St Petersburg, we are booked on it. 🙂
  4. Check whether your passport needs renewing in the event of a No-Deal Brexit : https://www.gov.uk/guidance/passport-rules-for-travel-to-europe-after-brexit
  5. My amazing memory of watching the Northern Lights 'dance' in strong, vibrant colours was made on 1 March from Oriana's decks in the port of Alta. The skies were too cloudy the night before. It was unforgettable.
  6. Yes, just join the queue for the little train right on the quayside when you are ready. Have you considered getting a minibus from the quayside up to the Briksdal Glacier? Olden is a very well organised little place.. these mini buses take you up and down to the Glacier throughout the day and are organised from the Visitors Centre on the quayside. http://www.oldencruise.no/glacier-shuttle
  7. Yes, you just walk along the street in front of the museum and the house to a side gate/path leading round the back to the courtyard and cafe and back entrance to the workers house.. There is a cafe sign outside when it is open, so you will see it. 🙂
  8. Another little gem in Stavanger is the worker's house across the courtyard at the back of the sardine canning museum ...have a look round the tiny but homely cottage ( free access) and then have a very reasonably priced waffle and coffee from its little kitchen cafe. You can pay by card. The sardine canning museum is in the old town area next to where the ship docks, but you do have to be able to manage the steep cobbled street up to it and the steps.
  9. A nice little trip on the train and Olden a nice little place - hope you get the usual lovely send off from the quayside. We found cards very easily acceptable in Norway. Enjoy!
  10. Barbara - I will try to remember to find out when we are on board what trips are still available to spend the OBC on.... Barbara
  11. Thanks for all your tips, tring. Don't worry about looking out the river cruise details - we did one on our last visit along with all the usual sights and more and the palaces and churches etc. and like you, we also went in before opening time. It was such a wonderfully comprehensive tour - 2 full on days called Simply St Petersburg then and in small groups and our guide took us just about everywhere. Husband's favourite was the metro on a busy Friday afternoon at rush hour! This time, we are just going to wander low key and soak in the atmosphere of being at liberty in St Petersburg without a guide - and visit any cafes or shops along the way. And avoiding the main tourist places like the Church of the Spilled Blood lol. Not doing the Faberge museum either lol, nor any art galleries. This time, we just want a low key wander. Hope you find what you are looking for too.
  12. We are on Azura ... the excursion is called the St Petersburg Explorer and costs £44 pp. The optional extra Audio-pen costs £16 per individual or per couple. I will copy over the information to you on where we stop. One of the definite stops is Nevsky Prospekt. We visited all these places with a guide on our very comprehensive tour, but didn't have a lot of free time - which is why we have chosen this excursion this time, especially Nevsky Prospekt where the tour has 3 hours free time. Re the ballet, it will also be our very first ballet and we are going to the same theatre - and get the fizz at the interval 😉 From the P&O Website : Sit back and enjoy your first glimpses of the beautiful city of St Petersburg as you transfer by coach to St Isaac’s Square. While onboard the coach you will be given a map to help you plan your sightseeing for the day and once at St Isaac’s Square you’ll have free time to take photos of the local sights including St Isaac’s Cathedral (exterior view), The Bronze Horseman - an icon of St Petersburg or the beautiful panorama of the Neva River. Rejoin your guide to continue towards the Field of Mars where you’ll have around 1½ hours of free time. Once a parade ground for the Imperial Guards, this public park is now dotted with lilac trees and pretty, manicured gardens. A short walk from the Field of Mars will bring you to the Summer Garden, located on a man-made island it is the site of the earliest park in the city dating back to 1704. Also within walking distance you can visit the site of one of the city’s most striking monuments – The Church Over Spilled Blood. Your final stop will be in the heart of the city, Nevsky Prospect. Your guide will help you decide the best way to spend your 3 hours of free time exploring the many sights of this central area. Visit the famous Yeliseev’s Food Hall where the delights on offer look more like works of art than edible treats, head down to the Fontanka River and take an independent boat cruise or simply take a walk along the Prospect experiencing the daily life of any St Petersburg resident by visiting the local shops and cafés. To further enhance your exploration in St Petersburg, why not reserve the Interactive Audiopen, with its pre-recorded commentary, to compliment this tour.
  13. Tring - I have just booked my St Petersburg excursions for our cruise in June. I was like yourself in that we had such a wonderful and extensive 2 days small group minibus tour with P&O last visit that I was at a loss as to what to do this time, not wanting to recap too much. We have booked the evening at the ballet - Swan Lake - which is something we didn't manage to fit in last time and includes an evening out - and also the one that sounds a lot like you describe for the second day. It is 7 and 3/4 hours incl 6 hours free time. We are taken to 3 different locations on the coach, given a map etc and we have also ordered an interactive audiomap. Let me know if you want me to post more information on that one. I have already booked them as I wanted to be sure I got what I wanted.
  14. It's really funny.... I have just had fun and games booking excursions on line with TUI for a Marella cruise yesterday !!! Gremlins in the excursions systems????
  15. It really is a good idea to buy these things at the beginning of your cruise, so that you can try them and see if they work for you. As you can see from the posts above, some people have found them excellent whereas some people like me did not. Changing the way I was walking caused other problems. Obviously I should have contacted a proper professional before splashing out quite a bit of money rather than following a Spa sales demonstration. I am not usually so gullible, but fell for the 'Lifetime Guarantee' to ' just take it back to your local store if not right '. This Guarantee proved useless as the 'local' store was Belfast (!!!) and you couldn't get your money back just a replacement product! I did make a formal complaint about this guarantee issue and I think they have stopped saying that now. Also, the insert was the 'Medium' size, so not even geared to my shoe size for all that.
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