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  1. Scriv

    Good Feet Insoles...do they work?

    It really is a good idea to buy these things at the beginning of your cruise, so that you can try them and see if they work for you. As you can see from the posts above, some people have found them excellent whereas some people like me did not. Changing the way I was walking caused other problems. Obviously I should have contacted a proper professional before splashing out quite a bit of money rather than following a Spa sales demonstration. I am not usually so gullible, but fell for the 'Lifetime Guarantee' to ' just take it back to your local store if not right '. This Guarantee proved useless as the 'local' store was Belfast (!!!) and you couldn't get your money back just a replacement product! I did make a formal complaint about this guarantee issue and I think they have stopped saying that now. Also, the insert was the 'Medium' size, so not even geared to my shoe size for all that.
  2. Scriv

    Tours St Petersburg

    We went on a fabulous 2 day small group tour with P&O - 13 of us in a minibus with a wonderful guide, You don't have to go in the big coaches. Price wise, it was much the same as the Alla etc prices especially if you have a loyalty discount to factor in as well. We covered so much - in fact so much that it has been hard to find something new to do when we return this year! I think it's the policy now in the port of St Petersburg that the P&O tours disembark first. The local independent tour companies are all good and very reliable though and well organised - so you will be fine whichever you choose. Not sure if there's a 2 day small group tour with P&O that also does the ballet? You may have to do a separate evening ballet tour for that - or one of the independent companies
  3. We went on the Pride of Panama cruise last November via Montego Bay, Jamaica and we were not asked for any certificates or proof of vaccines. However, my GP's Travel Clinic nurse looked up all the ports we were visiting and the current WHO advice for each and recommended updating Tetanus/Diptheria and Flu vaccines plus Hep A. I was advised against the Yellow Fever (live) vaccine as per current advice for over 60's and they issued a Yellow Fever exemption certificate valid for that cruise only at about £15.
  4. Scriv

    Drinks packages coming to P&O

    No I wasn't saying that .. I was just saying what our drinking pattern was, which overall would not be covered by or worthwhile with this package. I would imagine that both these would be included. Sorry wasn't clear.
  5. Scriv

    Drinks packages coming to P&O

    Hi Slugsta - doing well thank you. How about you? Next cruise is June. .. how about you?
  6. Scriv

    Drinks packages coming to P&O

    Well, this package is a total no - brainer to avoid for us as lovers of a nice bottle of wine at dinner, G&T's with Fevertree tonic, large glass of Peroni, the odd bottle of Crabbies and a nice cocktail or Prosecco or two.... Not all at once I hasten to add and not covered by this package, so no point.
  7. You won't feel out of place - a lot of us ladies dress smartly even on the Evening Casual nights and don't feel overdressed or out of place and a lot of men wear jackets and ties and look very smart too. Go for it.
  8. Scriv

    Dress Code - yes again!!

    Not heard that, Tarquin. In fact they have tightened up on dress code in the last couple of years.
  9. So - how about Fly Cruises? I must admit I am a bit jittery about booking a fly cruise to Europe this summer until I know what is going to happen? We would be flying TUI though - who are German - so maybe we will be OK.
  10. Scriv

    We're coming home .....

    Welcome Home Presto 🙂
  11. I agree with the others about the inside temperature being nice and warm - obviously avoiding any draughty areas near to open doors out to the sub zero outside . I made the mistake of not taking enough 'normal' wear and could have done with more normal daywear. It was a fab cruise, so much fun!
  12. Scriv

    Venice charge

    I'm sure I have read that Bergen were looking at restricting cruisers to 4000 a day... hmm, a bit hard if Iona wants to go there? Or any other cruise ship?
  13. Scriv

    Oriana Breakdown

    Just read their 'interview' and press link about their 'cruise from hell'..... think they would be wise to keep their heads down. They have a photo of themselves in the press link. Unwise, methinks, especially whilst still onboard.
  14. Scriv

    Venice charge

    There's a lengthy article in The Observer this morning discussing the whys and wherefores of this suggestion and the views and reactions of the locals. Just for info.