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    Another point to mention is that these balconies have an overhang, so have a partial cover and shade. Again, this is something that we actually like and choose to have, but a lot of people don't.
  2. Your card company is obviously not Nationwide from the speed of the response you got.
  3. I have wondered this.... there's already quite a bit of hostility in some ports against cruise ships.
  4. It's not just S75s that are slow moving with Nationwide. Our family is still waiting for full settlement of a cancelled villa holiday back in March where Nationwide are making the claim process very difficult and constantly referring back to us for more and different evidence they already have, depending on who you speak to. It's so frustrating
  5. Scriv


    We actually choose to book up on Lido deck - we enjoy being up high and at the front, tucked away and with brilliant access to the deck area, to the Breakers bar and across to the buffet. Can't say if it's rocky up there, as we don't really notice rocky weather unless it's really rocky - and then we love it.
  6. I chased mine and think mine was escalated as the balance had been charged to my credit card two weeks after I had cancelled it on line, so was an error on their part that they had it at all. I am waiting in the 'normal' queue for my other refund requested 4 April.
  7. Re : Mystical Mother....ref Trust Pilot Reviews .. '' and I know they are NOT P & O staff.'' I really don't know enough about the whys and wherefores behind the Trust Pilot reviews to comment , other than to say that I do know that those who have posted the reviews in support of P&O are genuine posters with strong sincere feelings and certainly not P&O staff posing as such.
  8. I'm not worrying about it - delighted to have the money. I don't need an email about it lol.
  9. I remain a P&O gal although they often seem to shoot themselves in the foot despite the best intentions. I have always happily booked direct with them too and have always found them to be fair and decent in the event of any 'issues', not that there have been many. I agree that the refunds process has dragged on and been very frustrating and there have been many issues of communication etc, but they are not the only business who have struggled with dealings with all these covid-19 refunds and they have been massively affected. I certainly do not subscribe to the conspiracy theory re P&O. I am still waiting for refunds from EasyJet from back in March and also an insurance claim for my villa holiday cancelled in Lanzarote back in March through Spain's lockdown - and also products ordered that didn't arrive for months. Anyway, refunds do seem to have been made now - I got my first one last night and await my second one in due course. Someone has said they'll have done them all by the end of next week, so fingers crossed for us all. I have 'dabbled' in 3 other cruise lines - the prize for the most appalling pre- and post -cruise shore admin and communication difficulties must go to TUI - but feel most comfortable with P&O and we like the P&O product best - and those who sail with her. We have made some lovely friends in the P&O cruising community. We prefer the more traditional, smaller (not too small) to medium sized ships and aren't at all tempted by Iona or ships of her ilk, so as long as P&O continue to cater for our preferences, we will be here as well - providing of course that there eventually comes a time when we will feel safe to cruise again.
  10. Just to say I didn't get an email telling me the refund had been made - just saw that it was on the card, dated 11 May. 🙂
  11. Got my full refund to the credit card too - dated 11 May and showed on card last night. Woo hoo They’re obviously on their way 👍
  12. That will be fine... but again, please make sure that you are not set up for auto payment of the balance!
  13. That's all we have all had, so don't worry....no one has had an acknowledgment. If you are lucky, you might have seen a very q uick pop up that said Thank you. But I haven't heard of P&O disputing that we have done it. Might i just add, make sure you haven't left your credit card open for automatic payment of balance!
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