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  1. Oh that's alright then. Thanks for the reassurance that I will have plenty of time in the dark and the panic to sort through the wardrobe and my personal effects - and the gin bottle. Think I will keep to my jim jams though as base layer🤣
  2. Jim jams - couldn't bear having to abandon ship or jump down a chute in a nightie. Modesty prevails even in an emergency😂. And for those who don't know me, I am a lady.
  3. True. Anyway, I'm not trying to work out anymore lol. Goodnight all x
  4. Yes, maybe. I am definitely not doubting the poor lady, just was trying to decide if there were others. The lady is actually pleased to hear there maybe were others, which will help her case.
  5. I know - now you may understand why I am totally confused. I've given up trying to work it out lol. Only reporting what I have read.
  6. I've checked back too on several forums - agree about Lisa's situation, but there was another group of 9 who arrived at 4 15 too, but who boarded. Lisa is hoping that their experience will help support her claim.
  7. There are a couple of incidents being talked about on other forums - one is a lady who missed her cruise because of the bad delays and a different group of 9 who arrived at the port at 4 15pm, but who boarded. Are these all separate incidents or is it all getting a bit mixed up?
  8. Back to the UHT milk provided in the cabins, I am very happy with the current sachets over the little tubs they used to provide. I used to take Filtered Milk so it would last longer, but it still went off. The sachets taste OK to me even though they are UHT - though it's usually a battle to tear the end without squirting it all over the place!
  9. Goodness, Jamesh, that must have been awful. I do hope your wife sees some improvement soon and you can begin to get over your ordeal and injury. Whilst once sitting by the canal, we witnessed a huge MSC ship sailing by. It was horrendous - it totally dwarfed the scene and was was surreal. As much as I have loved the experience of sailing into Venice, I do feel this is the right decision by Venice .
  10. Haha - have just read this. 🙂 Yes, we do, and are always the ones left behind as you all sail off into the sunset. One day...
  11. We had an unexpected overnight stay in Venice and it was fabulous - we stayed until late in the city and wandered about and had a lovely meal outside in a narrow atmospheric street near St Mark's. The next morning, we went in again after breakfast. This was October.
  12. There is also a HoHo bus from the port at about 20 Euro, but we took the shuttle bus and walked around the town, doing a bit of a circular tour taking in the city. Also nice to walk through the market and the gardens.
  13. Yes, the shuttle takes you to the centre, to the Market Square at the South Harbour near to the Esplanade Gardens. 🙂
  14. You really do not know which day it is until you are onboard I'm afraid.Sometimes the first, sometimes the second.
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