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  1. If you're going on February 15, here's our informal roll call: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2651003-serenade-of-the-seas-15-feb-2021-and-3-mar-2021/page/30/?tab=comments#comment-59319080
  2. DH and I will be on the Serenade next year for 39 nights (3 legs for Hobart 5 night/Aus 16 nights, and NZ 18 nights). Anyone know if each of us (D+) will get a laundry bag each week or just for each leg? This will be our longest time continuously on one ship, so I'm somewhat apprehensive about it but also very excited to do it!
  3. Yep! Add OJ for mimosas!! Cheers!!
  4. I certainly did not call you names but probably should not have said "coveted", so I do apologize for using that word; however, I did not deserve the "holier than thou" reference either, and did not say that tipping is "required". No hard feelings here, I hope. Just wanted to give my opinion but will try harder to patrol my wording in the future or refrain from commenting at all. Again, my apologies to you and anyone I may have offended with my comment.
  5. Aluminum cans with a screw top lid would be a great option for those wanting to drink water on-the-go or off-ship! Wonder if cost is the same as the regular cans with only the tab?
  6. Just wondering, what if that excellent server in the DL is not present on the last night? Guess you get to keep that coveted $20. We also tip a buck for each "free" drink in the DL and find it no trouble at all. Those servers do a great job IMO.
  7. I agree. You will need his original birth certificate with your name listed as his mother and your ID/passport.
  8. I sent an email to Mr Bayley a couple of months ago and actually received a phone call from his executive assistant thanking me for it! I was shocked and flabbergasted! He proceeded to tell me that Mr Bayley read my email personally and advised him to call me in appreciation! Hence, I do believe that he and/or his staff read all emails, which I assume may be in the thousands. I am no relation to anyone involved with RCCL and am not anyone special, so not sure why I received that call but I truly appreciated it! Kudos to Mr Bayley and RCCL!!
  9. Paid $50-$55 for each of our 4 cruises booked for this year. Bought them on a sale. Have not seen another price drop since then.
  10. Hi again! Glad you found our roll call for this cruise! Meet & Mingle registration has opened up, so don't forget to register for our free on-board party! Yep, Bob is right; if you pre-purchase something and the price goes down, you can cancel it, then re-purchase at the lower price. I had purchased a beach bungalow for Labadee originally at $264; price dropped to $183.99, so I canceled and re-purchased (easy). We have a dozen friends/family with us and most of us purchased the Deluxe drink package for $50 per person per day; I believe it's higher right now. Note that the package can be used for your beach day at Labadee too! If you're a snorkeler, Bonaire would be my choice! Hope to meet you on board! Cheers!
  11. We're booked on Explorer, departing from Miami, for the 5-night to Labadee and Nassau, beginning November 29th; then, staying on board for the following 9-night to the southern Caribbean with family/friends. We prefer the Promenade cabins on Deck 8 on that class of ship when cruising with friends, so we can look down at our designated gathering place (the Pub)! Maybe we'll see you on board!
  12. Decided to start collecting them and give them to our grandkids, nieces and nephews, who like to use them for pirate or leprechaun treasure. They could also be used as poker chips for those of us (adults of course), who enjoy gambling for fun (or not)!
  13. I've never seen anyone do that, so have no idea. However, I might go by the saying, "sometimes it's better to ask for forgiveness, than for permission."😘 On a side note, that just may give RCI the idea to add that activity for more $.😏 I say, go for it!!
  14. We will be on the Majesty in September with a stop at CocoCay and rented the Thrill Water Park cabana for $499 which also included 6 water park passes!! Did you get that price of $299 with water park passes on a sale or is that the normal price? If a sale, I will definitely keep checking my reservation to see if the price comes down! Thanks!
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