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  1. Ken, sorry for my ignorance but is that site solely for TA's? I can't open the other links, so any idea where us regular people booking on-line might go? Thanks obi wan kenobi!!
  2. I am 67 and overweight (guess watching those exercise videos don't help at all!!) but only take one medication for a hypothyroid condition. DH is 65 and takes meds for a partial heart blockage. We are a part of the medical community and believe in the safety of our vaccines, so YES, we will be getting the Covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available. Before I began working for a hospital, I would get a nasty flu around the first of every year. Once I began working for the hospital and received its required vaccines plus the optional flu vaccine, I never experienced those bad flu symptoms again, so I believe vaccines work! Yes, I do get mild illnesses rarely but nothing like I used to get before beginning the flu vaccine. I do understand people who are fearful and do not trust vaccines. I just wish there was a gentle way to convince them otherwise, maybe through better education and proof; I hate to see people forced to get them but I don't want them to be carriers either. Damned if you do and damned if you don't, I guess. We're all in this together! Please stay safe everyone and try to keep others safe if you can!! CHEERS!!
  3. Yes, we do that too! Recently, in Roatan, DH gave our tour guide the RCL logo baseball cap after we returned to the ship and I do believe he was more thrilled to get the ball cap vs the cash tip! LOL! He immediately put it on with a big smile and drove away!
  4. We're hoping for a "snowbird migration" cruise from Canada down to Florida for 2022! Fingers crossed!🤞
  5. Oh yeah, I say go for it! That's a great deal for sure! My DH hates paying extra for food since all meals are included in the fare but I really enjoy the specialty restaurants for the atmosphere, dedicated servers, and outstanding cuisine! Our family all enjoyed a special dinner at Wonderland as well but would not pay that price to eat there again unless it's included in the package. Read the fine print as Wonderland may or may not be included in the package. I believe Chef's Table (if there is one) is excluded as well.
  6. Welcome to CC! My tip is listen to Ourusualbeach (30 thousand plus)! He is our (at least my) cruise guru!! Cheers!!
  7. DH works for a local hospital here in Indy and he was told the flu shot would be available to its employees in late September this year. Our local CVS only says "flu shot coming".
  8. We have neighbors (last name Taylor) here on our lake in Indiana, who have a place in KY (family), as well as a place down in Marathon. He's a pretty avid fisherman (34-foot boat) and always invites us to come down when we're at our FL home in Eustis. I keep telling DH that we need to get down there! We've ridden our trike to the end of the Keys but never stopped anywhere along the way.
  9. Hope all goes well and we see you in February! Safe travels you two!😘
  10. Oops! I meant 2021. Retired brain mistake!😉
  11. We have a cruise booked out of New Orleans on Majesty in September 2022, which we L&S'd from this year. I assume, if MOS does not return, they would move us to another ship hopefully (but not Empress). Time will tell. Cheers!
  12. We booked our flights through Air2Sea way back in February for our Aus/NZ B2B2B next Feb/March when itineraries first came out. Only saw 2 options, both were non-refundable, so I snatched one, which includes United Air/Air Canada going over and Air Canada returning. Some parts are first class on UA, and Air Canada seats are economy going over and business class returning, which is probably why it was so pricey! Wish I would have waited for the later flights to come out, which would have saved me a lot of $$ and would have been refundable fares to boot! Hoping our cruise goes cause Air Canada is not known for refunds! Good luck to you! Cheers!
  13. I too think the Explorer 9 night is the way to go! The ABC's are wonderful and you also get Labadee with that zipline for your kids! Even though ship is only a tad smaller than the O class, there will still be plenty to do. We are booked on the Explorer for the 9 night this December 4th and really hope we get to go! Come and join our roll call if you pick this one! Cheers!
  14. RCI told me to expect at least a 72 hour wait for the new invoice, which showed up in less than a week. Pleased in Indy! Still waiting for my canceled cruise planner purchases though. Patience is definitely a virtue!
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