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  1. They had already paid for those 2 weeks of leaving early and asked my BIL for that $ back (which he is doing), so just wondered why they aren't going to stay, just for those 2 weeks. However, I do understand wanting to be close to family. I am glad that my DH is able to work from home!
  2. So glad Chris is well and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors!! Yes, his is the only U-tube vlog that I have ever subscribed to, as well! Really enjoyed all of them and look forward to more!! Keep in touch!! Thanks Chris!!
  3. My BIL is renting his house in Florida across the street from ours, and the renters are leaving 2 weeks early to drive back up to their residence in Michigan. They are both retired, so we're not sure why they decided to do that. One would think they would be better off staying where they are in Florida. They will probably have similar restrictions in Michigan I would think.
  4. Very sad to hear about all of this. Tom and I are in our mid sixties and in good health. We still are looking forward to cruising Aus/NZ next February, and pray that things calm down by that time, hopefully, sooner! Take care friends and hope to meet some of you next year! Keep the faith! Cheers!
  5. We're in our mid sixties and in good health, so no intentions of cancelling our upcoming cruises. If you'd like a response from your fellow cruisers on Oasis on March 15th, here is your roll call on CC: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2656571-oasis-march-15-2020/page/6/#comments
  6. I don't like a lot of stairs but, for now, am able to do them (slowly). We do partake of libations; I prefer vodka, tequila or rum, and DH prefers bourbon/whiskey or beer, so the pub may definitely be a hangout in the evenings. I will be sure to do breakfast at the bakery!! Thanks again! P.S. If you're close by on February 7, 8 or 9, 2021, stop in for a chat with us!!
  7. Thanks for your info. We are aware of no A/C and the bathroom situation. We intend to try it out, particularly for its charm and location. I think we can do without the A/C for 3 nights. Hopefully, they'll have fans if needed; if not, we may elect to stay out late somewhere with A/C! LOL! It's all good!!
  8. We've booked The Russell hotel in Sydney for 3 nights pre-cruise. Pretty pricey but looks like a nice hotel in a great location! Anyone had experience there?
  9. Hubby and I are booked on the Rhapsody from Barcelona on November 30 to Tampa on December 14, 2021. This will be our first TA and looking forward to it! We originally had an OV cabin on Deck 3; however, after reading more info on CC, decided to upgrade to an AFT cabin with a large balcony to enjoy those sea days! We prefer the AFT cabins to see all of the beautiful views on both sides! Cheers all!
  10. Same thing happened to us before we cruised a few weeks ago. We checked with the MTD staff and confirmed our dining times, which were still reserved for us. No problem but definitely confirm your times when you board! Cheers!
  11. If you're going on February 15, here's our informal roll call: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2651003-serenade-of-the-seas-15-feb-2021-and-3-mar-2021/page/30/?tab=comments#comment-59319080
  12. DH and I will be on the Serenade next year for 39 nights (3 legs for Hobart 5 night/Aus 16 nights, and NZ 18 nights). Anyone know if each of us (D+) will get a laundry bag each week or just for each leg? This will be our longest time continuously on one ship, so I'm somewhat apprehensive about it but also very excited to do it!
  13. Yep! Add OJ for mimosas!! Cheers!!
  14. I certainly did not call you names but probably should not have said "coveted", so I do apologize for using that word; however, I did not deserve the "holier than thou" reference either, and did not say that tipping is "required". No hard feelings here, I hope. Just wanted to give my opinion but will try harder to patrol my wording in the future or refrain from commenting at all. Again, my apologies to you and anyone I may have offended with my comment.
  15. Aluminum cans with a screw top lid would be a great option for those wanting to drink water on-the-go or off-ship! Wonder if cost is the same as the regular cans with only the tab?
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