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  1. Greetings from the Eurodam as she is sails Noth West toward Alaska Having a wodeful cruise Thanks to Rich and all. Contriuters to this thread
  2. I am the Chaplain and will watch from the Promenade deck or the bow if the captain opens it. I hope to stop in at the Alaskan fudge store on Franklin St.
  3. Leanne, I will be on the Eurodam next Monday as she sails into Juneau. It will be my first Alaskan cruise since 2019 and my first cruise on a Signature Cass Ship since the shut down in early 2020.
  4. Catholics are bound under pain of Mortal sin to assist at Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of obligation. The Catholic religion is the hardest religion to live in but th\e easist to die in. We all die.
  5. I am a bit late today but thank you for the "Daily and Fleet Report."
  6. Goodf morning Rich Thanks for the Daily and Fleet report.
  7. Nice to know where each of the Ships are on this last day of May.
  8. However, the bartenders are Phillapino are many of the cooks and girls in the office.
  9. I think they have only 15 or twenty unfilled for this year. They fill about 300 or so per year.
  10. AOS USA learned of the change several days ago. I first learned of this tuesday afternoon. I doubt AOS knew ahead of time. I would suspect they they got the word on Monday or Tuesday.
  11. Colin: I always do this on my Vacation time. Canon Law gives all priests four weeks for vacation. As a senior priest I can get away more often.
  12. I was sad to learn of this new policy. as i understand it, priests already assigned will minister on the cruises. In the future i believe shot cruises will not carry a priest chaplain.
  13. Thanks for taking time to post the HAL fleet locations. Thanks also to all who vontribute to this thread.
  14. Jacqui: HIMSWLE will be the Priest on board the EURODAM June 15-22 on an explorer cruise to Alaska out of Seattle.
  15. All gave some and some gave all. to all service personel living and dead I say Thank You!
  16. HAL TRYS to have a priest on each cruise. The Priests are vetted by the AOS-USA. Each priest has to get a letter each year from his Bishop or, in case of an order priest, his Provincal stating the priest is in good standing and has the approval do this work. Each year the priests get a list of available cruises. Some charters do not want a priest and other charters want them. If a group brings their own priest, that man must be vetted by OSA-USA. Sometimes a cruise might go if a priest cannot be found to take the cruise. I hope this adds light to the discussion.
  17. Thanks for the report. I remember being on the RYNDAM and being in Sitka on Memorial Day in 2001.
  18. Rich: Thanks for the report. I see the Oosterdam is in Dubrovnik. That is one beautiful city.
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