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  1. Thanks for the Daily. Chiken pot pie sounds great. Not into Tacos. Off to the Doctors, I guess to get the stitches out. My best to all.
  2. I have to be careful Roy. I am still healing. I am not suppose to raise the arm up for a month. Being lefthanded, this makes for intersting times. I go to the Surgeon tomorrow. Thanks for asking.
  3. I used to get offers from HAL all thetime. These came in the mail. Since Covid 19 has come the silence has been deaffening.
  4. Rich: Thanks for the DAILY. It is taking the Oosterdam along time to get to Wellemstad. Must be floating. The meal and the drink sound inviting. Thanks to all who have contributed on this first day of Fall.
  5. I agree with you. Anybody who is dependent on anything to do with travel is hurting. And, in my opinion much of it is over-reaction based on fear.
  6. Rich: I, for one, appreciate all your efforts. Thank you doe the Daily Fleet report and eveything else you do for us who faithfully foolw this podt. Please keep up the good work.
  7. Great Comment John. You are the best. I love your sense of humor.
  8. It seems to be a nice morning in Juneau on this last day of summer.
  9. This was a fun read, though I did not psrticipate.
  10. I agree with some of these comments, The cruise ships are NOT the problem. Anyone who has traveled HAL knows the efforts that have benn made at sanitizing and avoiding desease and this was long before Covid 19.
  11. Thank you for the DAILY Rich. It will be nice to see three ships in the "C" Island of the ABC Islands. Maybe things will open up! I sure hope so.
  12. Someof the locals depend on Cruise business to keep going. I suspect this has been most difficult for them.
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