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  1. When I have the time I like to check out web cams.
  2. Doone i agree. I wish it was a HAL ship sailing in. The APEX and the EDGE must be anchored in the Bahamas.
  3. Colin: You jest! I am not into Rock Music. I love your keen wit.
  4. I just went to the Junuau Web Cam--thanks for the link VMAX1700--and I swtched to the Ft. Lauderlale web cam and the ugly Edge was sailing into Port Everglades.
  5. RicH: Thank you for the Daily. I appreciate your efforts. Roy, thanks for the alternate meal suggestion andthe listing those in need of prayers.
  6. I like the renderings very much. Thank you for sharing them.
  7. I have had a busy morning . Thus I am a tad tarty in posting. I am sad that the crusing is paused to late March. The "30 day Pause" i into its second year and this sad. Rich Thanks for the Fleet report. To my fellow readrs of the DAILY, thank you for your contributions.
  8. I meant Jan 31st. I get 125 % on a future cruise or a 100% refund.
  9. Thank for the DAILY Rich. Thanks forll contributers to this thrad and I do like a Brandy Alexander particularly around the Holidays.
  10. I got notice that my cruise on Jan 32st has been cancelled. Since mine is paid for the are very generous in a future cruise.
  11. Since I am booked on the EURODAM inearly February, I am nervous about the EURODAM not being mentioned.
  12. I have sailed out of both ports. I have no complaints about either port.
  13. Prayer does not change things. It changes us!
  14. Rich: Thanks for the update. Thanks to all who have posted.
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