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  1. I've never noticed any noise from the deck above in our PH suites. Maybe I'm just getting hard of hearing ? (I doubt that).
  2. The one thing to know is that the only plug in the bathroom is for shavers and is very low voltage (or something along that line). Hair dryers have to be plugged in at the desk/dresser. So don't count on drying your hair in the bathroom.
  3. I lived in Michigan for 2 years and asked for iced tea for breakfast, lunch, and dinner year round. The looks I got were "interesting". They would be like "what's this woman thinking? It's the middle of winter and she wants ICED tea?" I finally got to "just give me a pot of tea and a large glass of ice."
  4. Thanks, all. We'll see what we come up with.
  5. Under "Manage Bookings" look for the "Dining" tab. You should see La Reserve under that -- second one down on my screen. One thing to know -- this is only on "O" class ships. "R" class ships don't have La Reserve.
  6. We've done La Reserve twice, and intend to do it on our next cruise, as well. We found the food wonderful (and fairly small portions when we did it -- maybe it's changed) and the wine was as described above --- good, not wow. The group we were in the first time really made it for us -- they mixed us up and didn't seat us in couples, so there was much more mingling. The second time, we were allowed to seat ourselves and the groups seemed to self-isolate. The people we were with the first time just plain had fun and we dined with several of them later on the cruise. Hope this helps some.
  7. We will be making a repeat visit to St. Lucia in March, 2020, and I'm trying to figure out what to see this time around. We did an excursion from the ship last time that was called Land & Sea to Soufriere, and it was great. We made stops along the way during the bus portion, including one at Morne Coubaril. Looking to avoid much repetition this time yet see something else. Not a fan of snorkeling, sooooo.... Any ideas?
  8. We were on Oceania in 2018 and did this tour. It was called Land & Sea to Sourfriere. We thoroughly enjoyed it, though it didn't stop at the mud baths (that was okay with me). We had a couple of snorkeling stops, and then a bus ride from Soufriere back to Castries. Well worth it, we thought.
  9. For additional reservations in the specialty restaurants, if we are willing to roll the dice, we simply call or go down as they are opening the day we want reservations and are able to get some. They may not be at the hour we really want, but we can get them. Enjoy. Ann
  10. As far as I can tell from the site, it's still two different cruises.
  11. A few years ago, we docked in Livorno, and I took a train to Lucca, walked around the city on my own, then took a bus to Pisa, did a few things at Pisa (didn't have time to go up the tower with our schedule), and took the train from Pisa back to Livorno. As I recall, took a cab to and from the Livorno train station. Much cheaper than an excursion and met some wonderful Italians on the train.
  12. Wally, we're on a Barcelona - Rome- Athens tour in Sept. 2020.
  13. Our cruise ends/begins in Civitavecchia, so I'm guessing your experience will mirror ours, Mura. We plan to do an independent shore excursion that day, so shouldn't be an issue, as long as we can disembark at a reasonable hour. Thanks for your help, as well as yours LHT28.
  14. Although we've cruised with Oceania several times, we are doing our first B2B next year. My question is: on the day one cruise ends and the next one (the one we stay on for) begins, when must we be off and do we have to check in again for the next cruise? I think I remember reading that we can leave our luggage in our room and won't switch rooms, but I read a post that made me believe we had to be off the ship, so just checking on that process. Is there anything else I need to know about a B2B? Ann
  15. Thanks for the reassurance. I fret about a lot of things. 🙂 Hopefully, you've made it where I won't on this one.
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