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  1. Thanks for the reassurance. I fret about a lot of things. 🙂 Hopefully, you've made it where I won't on this one.
  2. I promise I will. I'm a "rule follower" (as my husband will attest), so I will probably declare any mint candies in my purse. 🙂
  3. This is good stuff to know. I had no idea they were this particular. Thanks for the heads up. I'm concerned as I take a medication that isn't well known and am wondering how much flack I will received and what I can do to minimize the hassles. I will check with my pharmacy to see if I can get a copy of the prescription -- will that be acceptable? And for those with supplements that have no prescription, is a list of them acceptable to NZ Customs people? Thanks for all the help. Ann
  4. I would second a tour with Paul. His tour was absolutely amazing and we feel like we saw SO much of Halifax and a bit of Fisherman's Cove, where we had a terrific lunch. You might have to share the tour, but if you are the first to reserve, you have first choice in the seats you want.
  5. Since I rarely had a need for a straw, I guess I never found myself asking for a straw. We certainly never had to ask for one for our milkshakes. And if I had had to ask for a straw, that would have been no different than having to ask for sweetener for my iced tea, which I had to do a few times. Guess different things bother different people.
  6. Got off Insignia recently, and they had straws (plastic) for the milkshakes without asking. In other areas, straws were available/given. I'm perfectly happy drinking iced tea or diet Coke without a straw, but milkshakes are really hard to deal with without straws.
  7. We were there in early October, 2016 and my photos reflect that we had light sweaters on at times and short sleeves under those that showed up in some photos each day. The comment about waves must be fairly accurate, as we were supposed to dock in Portofino and tender, but got rerouted to Genoa because of wind/waves. We loved the weather then, and yes, there was a bit of rain, but nothing we couldn't handle.
  8. I agree with both comments. I do bring my own water bottle, because the ship's water is filtered as well if not better than most makers' bottled water. Not only would it help that bottles wouldn't blow into the ocean, but taking them into many of these countries and dispose of them where there isn't the available landfill space to deal with that much. I hope Oceania reads these boards and will consider this.
  9. We had a cruise that was in port by 6 AM but apparently there was some issue with the immigration people (or whoever clears the ship for disembarkation) and the first to disembark were at 10 AM. So I wouldn't take the chance on being able to cut it so close for a 9 AM flight. Perhaps you can find somewhere to store your luggage and take a quick tour of the city you finish your cruise in.
  10. So, back to the original topic. I can get motion sick WATCHING someone swing. So I wear SeaBands 24/7 when on a cruise (I get so used to them I forget to take them off if walking around a town). I also bring ginger capsules and Bonine tablets. If things are a little rough, I start taking the ginger (I don't wait for it to start making me feel queasy). If it gets really rough (and that's happened a few times), I take the Bonine. Only on one or two occasions have I felt the queasiness. I guess I could add gingerale on top of all that if I needed. It has never caused me to take to the bed or toilet. There have been some rough seas that have made me think I should get drunk to offset the rocking of the boat, though. j/k
  11. Ismail is a FANTASTIC butler!! We felt like he was family by halfway through our cruise. He always was a step or two ahead of us. :D:D:D:D:) We have another cruise in November on Insignia and are hopeful that he's still on board and is assigned to our cabin. Sounds like you had a great cruise.
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