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  1. Awesome and great to know!
  2. Is the deck in 7128 still wider than the deck in the adjacent concierge rooms and in the other decks' PH suites?
  3. When in Mykonos a few years ago, my husband took the ferry to Delos (ship's excursion, as I recall) and truly enjoyed learning the history of the island and seeing the ruins (and that's not usually his thing). I, on the other hand, was concerned about getting motion sick, so walked around Mykonos. While I found it cute, I don't think I did more that about 2 hours before heading back to the ship. Wish I had gone with him. I can't tell you what to do, but wanted to share our experience.
  4. Fauci was one person and, IMHO (as a health professional), went overboard on his cruise comment. There are places within your own town/city that would put you in closer proximity to people than a cruise, and you have no idea who those people have been around. There are people in many places in the US alone who may have been exposed that you don't know about. Good hygiene, keep distance from most people, and keep wiping down those phones, tablets, and purses and wait for this to blow over. People canceling cruises for fall, etc. are succumbing to the panic that pervades society right now. As has been said, Oceania is allowing a cancel up to 48 hours before the cruise, so wait and see what is happening.
  5. From bitter experience: be sure your tour guide has checked the schedule for St. Peter's. Our tour guide was unaware of the fact that St. Peter's would be closing for a private service at 12:15 the day we were there. We had had a leisurely tour through the museum and were in the Sistine Chapel when they locked the door in discussion, so our group was unable to get in that day. Had she reversed the tour and done St. Peter's first, we would have been able to do it all in one day. As it was, it was with her for the museum and chapel, and a totally different guide after our cruise for St. Peter's and the roof. Once burned, twice shy. Ann
  6. Yes. They want them to be unplugged when you aren't in the room.
  7. No more slamming drawers?? YAY!!!! That's a plus right there.
  8. redshine, is that the only closet in the room? That would never work for the two of us.
  9. I'm having trouble seeing why this wouldn't work. Can you help me understand?
  10. Are you talking about the electric kind or the ones that use a bottle and reeds? I would think the electric ones would not be overly welcome because a) they are electric and thus a fire hazard and b) the vapor, as thin as it is, can leave a little film.
  11. My favorite was hearing people (sounded like native English speakers) wondering what time the animals were put back in their cages at night. Some people think the parks are just like Disneyland and that the animals are tame. And in Yosemite, they don't give trails near waterfalls the respect they deserve and some wind up falling into the fast-moving water. And then, there are those who take selfies and fail to look behind them and fall (sometimes to a not good end). Well, we got a bit off topic here. Back to Machu Picchu.
  12. Paul, but of course! Bison, too. Blows my mind.
  13. And I'm not seeing on the site anywhere that a guide is required. Perhaps they provide you a guide when you arrive? If that's the case, the only thing that has changed since we were there in 2015 seems to be the 4 hour limit inside. I see nothing about 3 and 2 hour slots on the website. Our guide made sure we knew the rules and followed them, but we were then allowed to explore afterward (and we were allowed re-entry, which is no longer allowed). Perhaps the discussion centers around which of the 3 trails the tour takes. There is one that takes in a good portion of the area. And I understand about people not respecting rules. We were in Yellowstone in 2018 and saw people (non-native English speakers) off the boardwalk in the geyser basins -- not only wrong but seriously dangerous.
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