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  1. Since you made a thing of it, my DW drinks at least 5 cups of tea a day. Times that by say 7 days for a cruise and that equals about $70 to drink tea she likes. Do YOU think that is worth it? Cheers Len
  2. Can this site be viewed in other languages? Like is some one doesn't speak or read much English, can they change the language to what they are comfortable with? Cheers Len
  3. We are from NYC. WE hate the hot weather and will never do a cruise to the Caribbean in those months. Before we did our Baltic cruise we were set to do a Mediterranean cruise but when we checked temperatures, we saw, way too hot, so the Baltics it was. We used to vacation mid to late August and that is when we went and, for us, it was perfect. We had cool mornings and evenings and the days were warm but never hot. Now, if you read this forum, you will soon learn that no one is ever right about the weather there. Next year it could be in the 90's in September, but you just have to go with the averages. We wanted cooler weather and we got exactly what we were looking for. Seas were as calm as can be and we had little to no rain. (this was unusual, but we didn't complain.) Cheers Len
  4. Great Jen. Wasn't trying to make it look like a shout out. Glad you took it exactly the way I was trying to word it. A+++++ Cheers Len
  5. I have always brought small power strips without a problem, but, on reading, seems those days are over. Question though. We are always in an inside cabin. We always bring a clock radio with us and use a regular extension cord to be able to place it where we want for best viewing the time. So are regular extension cords allowed now? Can we bring a simple plug that goes into one outlet but lets you plug 3 things into it? Cheers Len
  6. We are also in the crowd that likes to look at it the night before, ask each other if we want to do this or that. Half the time we forget about it the next day unless it is something we really like to do. Funny though and many of the 'older' cruisers will remember this. years ago, they used to have a lot more things to do, like lectures about things other than shopping. They had sort of classes for educational things, they had more craft type things to do. On our last cruise on the Grandeur, I spoke to the Captain about having a sort of astronomy class up on deck, maybe after dark. he told me they used to do things like that, but alas, not any more. Those are the things we really looked forward to. Now it's trivia or towel folding. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: Cheers Len
  7. I am also a veteran and always look for a military discount. I agree with all the others that have said they are either very, very few, or basically non existent. AND it is just not limited to RCCL. Almost all the cruise lines advertise that they give military discounts but few ever do. As was said, the only one that does is Princess and funny thing, they really don't make a big deal of it in advertising. I believe they give $250 OBC for any cruise 7 days or longer. Tip of the cap to them. They put their money where their mouths are and do honor us veterans. Funny though, Carnival, the parent company of Princess, does squat. They all talk the talk but few walk the walk. Cheers Len
  8. When we booked our cruise, it asked for my name as it appeared on our passport. I have a first name, a middle name and a last name. But, for some reason, it took my first name AND middle name and came up with that as just my first name. I tried to sign in for hours using my first name and it never worked. Took me that long to see they had my first name as 2 names. OK so I maneuvered around that, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to change that to reflect just my first name. Nothing major, just a pain. Cheers Len
  9. I am troubled to hear that. We are booked on the Sinfonia in November and I don't need a wheel chair but I do walk with a cane. But rudeness is not limited to any one class of people. On many cruises from the USA, I find Orientals seem to feel it's their right to cut lines, jump in front of anyone not looking. Now I am not putting down any race or class of people, there sure are many Americans who could use a lesson in manners, but as I get older, I just see more and more inconsiderate people roaming this earth. Cheers Len
  10. We are sailing on the Sinfonia end of November, 2018. I booked this cruise in May, started the roll call, and, to date, it has gotten 7 replies and 5 of them are mine. And it is just not this cruise. I look over the entire MSC roll call page and rarely see anyone posting to any cruise. Is it the ship, the entire thought process, do not Europeans visit cruise critic or the roll call section? I've never seen anything like this. Cheers Len
  11. Hey Jenn Not to be a downer here, and I understand you seem to know what you are doing, but that type of thinking leads to Melanoma and early death. If you think by sitting in the shade you won't get sunburn or have the sun effect your skin, you are wrong. Take it from some one who has had 2 cases of melanoma, both caught early. I had grown up in the sun, and am paying for it now. It can, and will effect you, if not now, then later in life. I know it may be a bother, but PLEASE, use that sunscreen anytime you are out, even in the shade or on non sunny days. Not criticizing, just trying to warn you of something I've already been thru. Cheers Len
  12. My DW loves 'High tea' or whatever they call it now on sea days. It is a great break from other things. Myself, I am a veteran and the last couple of cruises on Carnival, they set up a couple of tables for us veterans (on the other side of the tea time). I understand how some just say, no big deal and pay for any tea that isn't regular, but, you know what, that really turned us off from Carnival a few years ago. Say what you will that it is only a minor thing, and yes it is, but it irks us to no end. My DW loves a cup of mint tea with dinner, even before bedtime, and yes she brings her own little collection of tea with her, and to share with others who also hate that they can't get a herbal or flavored tea bag. Believe me, it is NOT the money, but the nerve to charge for a tea bag. UGH Cheers Len
  13. You got that right. It is so easy to get the charms, put them on the bracelet and then wear it. After 2 -3 times, the bracelet looks already old. They do try and get you to buy another one, if you do your nuts. They aren't worth more than 50cents. We have so many, thought they would be nice for the grandchildren, until they wear one and it turns after a week. Embarrassing. never again. Cheers Len
  14. Looked at the web site and have a question, if you don't mind. I see that they list Princess and Costa. I own 100 and some odd shares of Carnival. If I do a 14 Costa cruise, am I eligible for 200Euro OBC? Cheers Len
  15. Thanks so much for all the helpful hints. I will keep checking for a possible early check in time. Cheers Len
  16. We are sailing on the Carnival Pride out of Baltimore , Oct 28 2018. I just did our on line check in and, since it's been a while since we cruised Carnival, I didn't know anything about this time to check in thing. The Pride doesn't dock till 10AM. We received a check in time of 1PM. Does this mean that I am unable to check in earlier, if we are there earlier? We are driving down from NY and we were looking to arrive about 11AM and hoping to check in as soon as they let people check in. Do they let people park right away or do you have to wait until many of the disembarking passengers leave? Now I don't know if the 1PM check in time is one of the first or other times have been filled. Anyone done this cruise and know when the first check in time is? One other thing, I am slightly handicapped in that I walk with a cane. I prefer NOT to have to use a wheelchair. Would that mean anything when we check in?. On some other cruise lines, they have a separate line for handicapped people. Is this so with Carnival? Any info would be much appreciated. Cheers Len
  17. Thanks do much for the info. Great. Will make our suitcases feel better also that we don't have to pack the suits and ties. Cheers Len
  18. Funny though, I come from NYC where you have, maybe, the best pizza in the world. I was stationed in Germany during my time in the Air Force and did several trips to Italy. Just couldn't wait to taste 'real Italian' pizza. It was good, but nothing like good NY pizza. But hey, we are always open to keep trying. We LOVE pizza. Your idea sounds great. As I said, we will be there very early Dec. Do you think we will still need to take a number then? Cheers Len
  19. Great site and it just makes us want to go there that much more. Thanks for the link. Cheers Len
  20. We are now considering a walking tour of Valencia. What would be the easiest way, or the quickest way, to get to the center part of town, from the cruise terminal. last year we did the HoHo bus but had a decent walk to the stop and the buses didn't start running until 10or so. Can we get a city bus to the center of town, a taxi and of what cost. Cheers Len
  21. Yes, that is what we were thinking about. Just something different to unwind from several days full of excursions. Some one mentioned the only way to get there was by taxi, which we don't mind but we were wondering how to get back. Are there taxi's available here to get back to the port? Cheers Len
  22. We are arriving in Messina off the MSC Sinfonia on Sunday Dec 2 from 9-6. I have done a search on this forum and it seems that going to Taormina is the best thing to do here. We have checked our cruise line excursions and they offer a tour of Taormina for about $70 and like a shuttle there to do your own thing from about $50. A couple of questions. We are seniors but fairly mobile, just my DW does get car sick on windy mountain roads. Would that be a probably on a trip like this? Where the ship's shuttle lets people off, is it hard to get around to most of the main sites from here, like is the area compact enough to just walk around and see most things? I am an avid photographer and would always prefer to do things on my own as I sometimes like to stay at a spot to try and secure some good pix rather than be told when to get back on a bus, but might a tour be better that trekking yourself? Is being there on a Sunday any sort of problem? I have also checked Trip Advisor, which lists several decent enough tours, but there is just the 2 of us, our roll call is completely dead and we just cannot afford a tour just for the two of us. We would love to join a tour but we don't see how at this point. So the cruise line thing seems the best option?? Cheers Len
  23. We will be docking in Valencia late November this year. We were in this city last year and did the usual touristy things, HoHo and several places on stop offs. I was wondering if there is anything outside of Valencia that might be worthy a day visit. We would need public transportation as we will not rent a car and we really don't want to go too far away, but we were just curious about this. Any ideas? Cheers Len
  24. If you are looking for something to do in Nassau, try the Bahamas ports of call board on this site. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forumdisplay.php?f=58 Cheers Len
  25. We sailed the Grandeur, for the first time, in December 2016. Turns out it was her 20th anniversary cruise as she was commissioned in December 1996. They had a wonderful party and the cruise was filled with a overly friendly crew, great service and we had a ball. We since have sailed her again this past February and are looking to sailing her again next year. A great 'older' ship but with a lot of class. Cheers Len
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